Chris Johnson: Titans are not a good team, not even close


The Titans are 1-4, with one win coming by a field goal in overtime, and four losses coming by 21, 28, 24 and 23 points. So it’s not exactly breaking news that they’re not a good team.

But it is news when their highest-paid player, running back Chris Johnson, says publicly that not only does he know the team isn’t good, but he sees no reason to think the team is close to turning things around.

“I don’t believe we’re close right now. You look at the games and how we’re playing, we don’t look like a good team. I wouldn’t sit here and say we’re close,” Johnson said.

Johnson says the Titans need someone to step up and change things.

“We need somebody in this locker room to make plays and give us a spark,” Johnson said. “I feel like I’ve made some plays, but the situation of a spark has got to come from somewhere and getting a spark that can be big for this team.”

The reason the Titans gave into Johnson’s contract demands last year was that they thought he’d be that guy to provide a spark. But Johnson has been held under 25 yards in four of the Titans’ five games, is averaging just 2.9 yards a carry, hasn’t scored a touchdown all season and lost a fumble in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings. Johnson is not a good running back. Not even close.

80 responses to “Chris Johnson: Titans are not a good team, not even close

  1. This is the first thing CJ0K has said in two years that is actually accurate. The Titans are terrible.

  2. “I feel like I’ve made some plays, but the situation of a spark has got to come from somewhere and getting a spark that can be big for this team.”

    Interesting that he feels he has made plays. It is a borderline delusional way of thinking. I don’t know if he is referring to playing Madden or if he just doesn’t realize it is not 2009 anymore.

  3. Chris, you’re the highest paid player on the team. Why don’t YOU step up and be that spark. Your underachieving behind is the reason the Titans “aren’t a good team” in the first place.

  4. When is Tenn. playing the Jags?

    Don’t worry Chris –
    I can assure you that you guys will look like a good team in that game.



  5. One way to start becoming a good team is to get the running game going. Maybe try shutting up and moving the chains, CJ0.5k

  6. Oh come on, all the Titans need is a decent running back, one or two receivers, a tight end, a defensive line, and a cornerback or two. That’s it. Then you’ll be good.

  7. Don’t be harsh on Chris! He’s been blinded by GREED!!!!! Even tebow averages a greater avg per run than CJ2-rich to care!

  8. “We need somebody in this locker room to make plays and give us a spark,” Johnson said.


    Like who? VY? Kerry Collins?

    Yeah, you blew that already.

  9. Everyone fails to realize how good Vince young actually was with the titans, though he was a head case he made the offense of the titans a big play waiting to happen, they were less predictable, and the flaws of the o-line where masked because Vince was so mobile. The bottom line is Chris Johnson broke out because the offense was catered to the talent around it and having a dual threat qb puts defenses at a standstill when trying to read what’s going on, truthfully when the Titans got rid of Vince Young they got rid of winning for a long time, like him or not Vince was a consistant winner…

  10. You aren’t so hot either. Get the big pay check, foolishly it appears, and then BINGO. Put up Pop Warner numbers and then rip your team mates

  11. AP was on a terrible team the last two years and you didn’t hear a word from him AND he still put up numbers. Amazing that at one point we were arguing about who was better.

  12. I’m just waiting for the Titans locker room to explode.

    Just like VY, when CJ is gone next year we will hear and read stories on how CJ was as a “teammate”.

  13. “like him or not Vince was a consistant winner…”

    really? because he was in tennessee for five years and they only had a winning record twice. and one of those years he didn’t start a game.

  14. With the no. 3 defense in total yards and no. 8 in scoring, the Steelers defense should be able to hold the Titans from putting a lot of points on the board, the way the Titans have been playing. Big Ben, the 6th rated passer in the league with 8 TDs (and should have had 2 more against the Eagles but his WRs made mistakes) and only 1 INT, and a 100.6 rating, along with a rejuventated running game, should not have trouble putting points on the board against the Titans.

    Take the Steelers and give the points, easy money. I expect the Steelers to score over 30 this week.

  15. Anytime you lose by double digits to the Vikings, it pretty much confirms you suck big time.

    If it weren’t for the Lions, the Titans would be this year’s biggest bust.

  16. When he was crying for more money before his contract extension I remember reading countless posts of “pay the man” and “he’s earned it” etc….
    Apparently the Titans are paying for past performance. He done.

  17. When will Johnson finally admit that he is not good anymore? The cops should be called on Johnson for robbing the Titans, their coaches, and all of the fans. The guy needs to be benched and CUT. He is Lendale White PART DEUX

  18. Wow. Just, wow. I don’t even know where to start…but will give it a try. Johnson should be arrested for theft, because he’s stealing money from the Titans every time he cashes a game check. Runningbacks throughout the league can thank CJ for ruining any leverage they might have had (somebody should ask MJ Drew what he thinks about Johnson). Johnson is a horrible teammate…blaming his poor play on everyone but himself. If he’s such an elite runningback…..better than Adrian Peterson, why isn’t Johnson providing the “spark” his team so badly needs? I’m guessing its because: a) he takes no pride in his job. b) he’s completely selfish c) he’s a dic# head d) all of the above. Think I’m gonna go with d) all of the above
    My question is this: which AFC South team is going to finish last…Colts, Titans, or Jaguars?

  19. CJ2YPC strikes again….you are supposed to be the spark dummy. No leader says “somebody has to step up”. YOU just step up. When he has a good game it becomes “I’m great” and when he gets under 30 yards it becomes “bad blocking”. Get over yourself Chris! He is only saying this because he wants out. No team will be foolish enough to offer what you are currently making. sheesh!

  20. I saw this the other day and it fits so perfect.

    Chris Johnson should be arrested for robbery and attempted murder.

    He stole Tennessee’s money and then threw them under the bus.

  21. So the highest paid player who coincidentally is at a skill position is not required to provide a spark? I thought the Titans were stupid to pay him the money anyway.

  22. I’m embarrassed that he’s even on my fantasy team. The entire Titans organization must be equally embarrassed having to hear to their new team spokesman throw everyone but himself under the bus. Show some class Johnson.

  23. I blame the Titans management for giving this guy with no character that huge contract. Just about everyone knew but the Titans that CJ1/2K would be worthless after he got his cash. Shame on them. They deserve it. Its like the old joke about the guy asking the snake if he planned on biting him and the snake says no. The guy pets the snake and the snake bites him. The guy says you promised you wouldnt bite me and the snake answers “what did you expect Im a snake”.

  24. Could you imagine Jay Cutler and Chris Johnson on the same team ???? WOW, that would be a WHOLE lot a finger pointing going on with those 2 on the same team.

  25. “Speechless, I must say when you get paid everything else goes out the window..Guess that is a business decision.”

    Not every running back does the cash and grab. Marshawn Lynch for example, he came to Seattle and earned his paycheck and now that he has it he is working even harder for each yard. When our front line can’t open holes for him, he makes his own. That’s what good running backs do. Chris Johnson doesn’t even compare. If the offensive line is such a big part of the equation then they should be the ones offered big money incentives.

    Titans need to cut CJnoK.

  26. “We need somebody in this locker room to make plays and give us a spark,” Johnson said”

    Ummm….. that would be YOU, the guy they’re paying mega-bucks to, CJ

    28 yards a game is laughable. Embarrassing, even.

  27. Chris Johnson is a one-trick pony that had one good season and got paid for it. Hopefully, the Titans will use their next first round pick selecting a running back that performs more than talks.

  28. Not taking sides but the title would suggest that he was more blunt than he really was in his quote.

    That being said Chris Johnson just needs to stop saying questionable statements and just work on getting better. The blocking for him may not be a good as it can be, but what about when he is trying to get a touch down run on plays he should stop dilly dallying around?

  29. The production of Deangello Williams, Jonanthan Stewart, and Chris Johnson will cost many other RB’s big money when their contracts expire over the next few years

  30. Having a featured running back eating up a huge portion of your cap while averaging about 25 yards a game doesn’t strike him as being at least PART of the problem?

  31. Adrian is hands-down better with a rebuilt knee, bum ankle and a fat contract. Apparently CJ’s fat contract is weighing him down physically and mentally. Don’t forget that this is also the dude wants to race Bolt… and says he can win.

  32. That’s why he gets paid the big bucks? To tell his team they are no good? Maybe if he was a good TEAM player… But he’s not even close. He’s just another overpaid and overrated athlete that can’t keep his mouth shut. Bench him for a few games and then trade him to the ‘Jects.

  33. Just another reason to start paying these ‘professional’ athletes a lot less money. Teams should start paying for character, as well as talent. There should be ‘character clauses’ in all NFL player contracts and if they can’t keep their mouths shut or act like they have some class, they don’t get paid. It’s a team sport and he is not being a team player.

  34. I’m still available as GM. Hire me and I’ll get you the players you need to win, or don’t complain. You signed the contract with the GM and players in place, and if you want to improve the situation then talk to the powers that be and encourage them to make a change for the better.

  35. Quick questions for those that know about the Titans, 1. Does Munchak really know how to be a winning head coach.
    2. Does the OL really open up holes for the run ?
    3. Does Roos and Stewart really care about CJ.
    4. Does the OC really have a clue.
    5. Titans have zero leadership to be more than 7-9 this year.

  36. i like how this article is just trying to add more problems with the titans, like when you read the title of it you think wow a player shouldnt say that about his own team but when you actually read the article the author mixed johnsons words around to make it aound like he was talking bad about his team. typical media

  37. @jimfix — “like him or not Vince was a consistant winner…”

    really? because he was in tennessee for five years and they only had a winning record twice. and one of those years he didn’t start a game.


    Yeah, cause a 30-17 record as a starter TOTALLY sucks…

    Wait – what??

  38. A lot if the blame should go to Johnson….at the same time if your getting hit a yard behind the line every time, then a lot of the blame does have to go to the line… also the qb can audible out of the run play when he sees them stacking the line…. overall it’s just a bad offense…. Not just CJ2K!!!!

  39. Your 4 worst career rushing games have come against Pit, so I can see you asking for someone else to pick it up.

    Do your job you get paid to do and shut it.

  40. Chris, you’ve told everyone for years that you’re faster than Usain Bolt (despite an only moderately successful track career yourself). Why not just quit football and shoot for the next Olympics?
    Then, you’d be a legend in your own mind in TWO sports… and ultimately a failure at both.

  41. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a 1-4 team like the titans is not all that spectacular. What’s stunning to me given the 4 losses is that they were able to beat the lions at all. They have the worst defense in the league, giving up about 36 points per game. Combine that with a pedestrian offense scoring only 17 and you can’t expect to win many games. A lot has been made about chris johnson’s effectiveness (or lack thereof) on this website, but it’s pretty hard to run when: 1) your offensive line cannot generate any push whatsoever in the run game; 2) your quarterbacks are either too inexperienced or way past their prime; and 3) your OC is pretty lousy. Granted, they had a tough start to the season (patriots, chargers, lions, texans, vikings), but in their losses they haven’t even been close to competitive. Many of those offensive points have come in garbage time when the game was virtually over.

    With the Chris Johnson situation, he probably needs to be traded. I think he could go on to have a successful career on another team and everyone would quickly forget about his ‘ineffectiveness’ on the titans. Right now, though, the coaches are losing the locker room and cj is becoming a more toxic version of himself. At this point, I’m not confident they can beat the jags or colts.

  42. He got the cash and keeps talking trash, only now about his own teammates. Not exactly the way to lead, Christine.

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