Ireland still eyeballs NFL game

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With the Jaguars preparing to announce the team they’ll face in the first of four games to be played at Wembley Stadium in London, another city in Europe is hoping to host a game as soon as 2013.

The Sunday Times of London reported this past Sunday (which makes sense, given the name of the paper) that the government is in talks with the NFL regarding the playing of a game at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland.

“We started working on this after we heard the NFL is holding two fixtures outside America next year,” said Croke Park manager Phil McKenna, via  “Normally they hold one, and that’s in Wembley in London.  We’re making a pitch for the second fixture to be played in Croke Park.  We’ve spent some time with the NFL, we’ve shown them how the setup works.  It’s in their hands now.”

The talks have been facilitated by Steelers chairman Dan Rooney, who has served as Ambassador to Ireland.  And Dublin proved its ability to stage a major American football game when Notre Dame host Navy there last month.

If Jaguars owner Shahid Khan is intent on building a fan following in Europe, he should want his team to be involved in the second overseas game in 2013, either as the road team or as the home team.  The biggest logistical drawback would arise from the fact that the Jaguars only have one bye week to follow a game played out of the country.

Of course, the Jags could always stay there for a full week, play two games, and then take their bye.

24 responses to “Ireland still eyeballs NFL game

  1. I doubt Jeff’s eyeballed much football, have you seen how bad the Dolphins have been lately?

  2. Why do keep forcing the NFL in markets that it likely won’t ever catch on. Give them the pre-season games, when they start selling those out, then we should MAYBE talk Regular Season. However, I don’t see a point in taking a game away from a season ticket holder in the states, just because some big wigs across the ocean, see how much money is involved in the NFL, and decide they want some of it too.

  3. Mr. Edison why do you keep wasting your time with that “light bulb” — these kerosene lamps work just fine! Let’s just leave things the way they are. Surely what we don’t understand – something new, something different, something pioneering – cannot be any better!

  4. Hard for the Jags not to ignore a sold out stadium out of the country instead of jumping threw hoops to make sure they sell enough tickets back home .The sport may not catch on completely ,but it’s like the circus when it comes to town people buy tickets to see it just to see what it’s about it creates revenue for the franchise

  5. The ND game was at Aviva Stadium not Croke Park. Aviva Stadium is where the NFL would play. Its brand new and state of the art. Plus I doubt the people of Croke Park would allow the NFL to play there. That ground is almost sacred

  6. Ha ha ha ha.

    That’s the daftest idea I’ve heard in a long time.

    Maybe 5 thousand attendance. 10 thousand if the pubs are shut.

  7. Dublin makes as much sense as London. They love sports and the Notre Dame / Navy game went over well. Something about Guinness and football together just seems to work well.

  8. It will never catch on over there. Anyone that’s ever watched rugby or Irish hurling knows football isn’t rough enough for them. There was a rugby player that lost a testicle the other day before the half, and he finished the game. The NFL has guys out for the season with broken fingers. Let’s see what happens if they cut off beer sales after the 3rd quarter in Ireland.

  9. FirstVictory comment of the month lol !

    realfann you are clueless about Dublin. Its a great place and they would sell the game out. Of course you’ve probably never been more than 20 miles from your trailerpark so I understand the attitude.

  10. The Steelers and Bears played at Croke Park in the preseason in 1997, so there goes the whole Irish won’t allow NFL in Croke Park theory.

  11. I say we should permanently export the Jags to Europe, they score about as much as a soccer team anyway.

  12. Okay, Mr. Rooney. Then send YOUR team over there for a home game.

    What’s that? You don’t want to? Then quit getting other teams to lose a home game by playing overseas.

  13. The FL team owners should have one home game overseas each season during Sept. when it is just miserable for 1pm or 4pm games. And it would slightly reduce the season ticket prices.

  14. Why get Rooney and the steelers to be the negotiators for a potential game in Ireland? Rooney and the Steelers are about as relevant as David Lee Roth these days. Get a real team to represent America overseas, not a team full of ‘roided up social security collecting mongoloids and sex offenders.

  15. I’m irish and obviously a steeler fan, also play competitively and fanatically follow gaa, the sport played in croke park, so a few points:

    1. Croke Park opened it’s doors to soccer and rugby and other sports starting in 07, by removing the foreign sports rule when the aviva was being developed which was highly contentious given the conflict history with Britain in the past even including a massacre in the stadium itself (as i and most of the country are actually progressive, I’m proud to say it got the green light and some of the most memorable moments in irish sporting history were created there in the few years the venue was needed.) So there won’t be a problem getting it played there especially with Rooney.

    2. Capacity is 82,300 4th largest stadium in europe, however it is only 3/4 all seating as picture may show so if temporary seating needed, which was used for the soccer games, this will be slightly reduced but the stadium should still exceed aviva where the notre dame game was which can fit 50,000.

    3. The following over here is only increasing. Yes you will sell it out, with or without the fans in the u.k and other parts of europe who will travel if it’s they’re favourite team (We are actually closer than America for them).

    4. Despite these I do understand why americans want their home games to stay, it is their sport, i’d feel the same. this is just to prove that games in Ireland would work.

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