Kyle Williams is looking forward to another chance against the Giants

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There are plenty of players on both the 49ers and Giants who remember last year’s 20-17 Giants win in the NFC Championship Game, but it is hard to imagine that the memory of the game burns hotter for anyone than it does for 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams.

Williams fumbled two punts that the Giants recovered and turned into points in that game, including the game-winning field goal in overtime. Williams wound up getting death threats from unhinged “fans” of the team and there were a lot of questions this offseason about his ability to get past the mistakes. The 49ers stuck with him all the while, he’s done a good job as a returner when Ted Ginn is out of the lineup and caught a long touchdown pass from Alex Smith in last Sunday’s rout of the Bills.

Now Williams is getting another chance to face the team that helped cause the worst day of his professional career. The Giants come to Candlestick in Week Six and Williams admitted that he’s had the date circled on his calendar for a long time.

“After what happened last year, I definitely want to get back at these guys. … We look at it as if they had something we should have had,” Williams said, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group and Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

We would go with the Giants having something that the 49ers could have had because it’s hard to argue that the 49ers should have won the game after Williams’ fumbles. That’s all the more reason for Williams to pay special attention to this weekend’s game, something he’ll share with the NFL viewing public who are sure to be watching the marquee game on Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Game wasn’t on KW, it was on the offense. Every mistake we didn’t make all year, we made in that game.

    What cracks me up is that despite the two deep territory turnovers and inability to get outside production, the Niners STILL almost beat the Giants.

  2. The 49ers New York State of Abuse tour will conclude with one last humiliation before the 49ers turn their attention to the division. The 49ers o-line is ballin’ hard right now and is where it all begins. Big Blue is going down!

  3. Get back at the Giants in a regular season game? It won’t count until they meet in the playoffs when it really counts.

  4. Even if you’re not a 49er fan like me, it’s hard not to root for Kyle Williams in this game. Everyone loves a comeback story. I think another storyline is the first look of Brandon Jacobs in a 49er uniform going against his old team as well as Manningham.

    Although last game had the 49ers defense man handling Manning and leaving him standing on his head, the same was done to Alex Smith. I just want to see if we have ONE DB who can hold Victor Cruz this time around. He flat out humiliated every CB we had one by one last year

  5. All these 9er fans talking trash. Congrats on that regular season win last year you turds. I personally recall the NFC Champinship game. The Giants will not rollover liek the Jets and Bills did.

    You pathetic fans are all up Alex Smiths rear end after bashing him for years. As for Kyle Williams, nothing he ever does will replace him choking in the NFC Title Game. Win a championship this CENTURY you losers.

    Remembering Leonard Marshal ending Joe Montana’s reign and LT recovering a fumble that ended your 3peat bid.

  6. They played them in San Fran twice last year. My Giants are going to abuse the Niners at home. Vic’s gonna run circles around Rodgers just like last year. Eli Manning is the most clutch quarterback in the NFL

  7. kennyblanco… Both SF/NYG games last year were in San Fran, smart guy

    And Kyle Williams… Another in the line of players who think their team was too good to lose to the Giants. Too bad, so sad.

  8. kennyblanco16 says:Oct 9, 2012 4:16 PM

    sd1024 says:
    Oct 9, 2012 4:07 PM
    How ’bout the 49ers play these guys in NY sometime???

    They beat them at home last season, smart guy
    That was kind of the point. The game was in SF, “smart guy”.

  9. Will beating the Giants really make the 49ers feel better? It’s a regular season game. The Giants won the Super Bowl. It took me 9 years to get over the Giants loss to SF with the BS botched field goal / pass interference. Regular season wins didn’t do it. It wasn’t until the post season win that I felt like the Giants got retribution.

  10. Giants would have won by 20 in the NFCCG if it weren’t for Kyle Williams’ successful returns. That dude flipped the field for SF several times that game. Not to mention, he stripped Osi’s fumble recovery on that ridiculously called reverse end around (in a rain storm), converted the only 3rd down conversion for that pathetic offense and could have had an easy 80 yd TD bomb if Alex Smith had an ounce of talent that one 2x SB MVP Mr. Eli Manning has.

  11. The Giants are looking forward to another chance against…. wait, who?

    The punt returner who can’t return punts? They didn’t let that guy go after last years debacle? Good for him, the Giants are looking forward to diving all over his muffed punts.

  12. This should be a real good game, I really have a lot of respect for the Niners being a Die-Hard NYG fan…. They are fully stacked with some of our old players on their roster… We’re banged up but shall the best team win! No excuses…. We always find a way to win so we will see. This should’ve been a Sunday Night game also..

  13. As a 49er fan I obviously want to win, but yeah, we aren’t getting back at anyone unless its by beating them in the playoffs.

  14. I’m not a fan of either team but I do know even though the Giants are super bowl champions that means nothing. They’re an average team in the regular season who are 3-2 this season after being 9-7 last season. No team is scared to play them.

  15. Giants and Niners were a GREAT rivalry in the Parcells and Walsh days and into the Seifert days. Niners would have been the only team in league history to three-peat had Roger Craig not fumbled in the ’90 Champ Game. That was a BRUTAL contest.

    Does anyone remember the 1991 Monday Nighter at Candlestick when Ronnie Lott gave Phil Simms the choke sign after the game and Simms went ballastic? That’s what rivalries are all about. Bad blood all around.

    These modern teams don’t have a clue what a good rivalry’s all about. ll they do is praise each other every time they can. Let’s hear some vitriol and have a couple of haymakers thrown for old time’s sake!

    Phil Simms was a choker!

  16. jason49er says:
    Oct 9, 2012 5:21 PM
    As a 49er fan, I’m looking forward to another chance at the Giants with a healthy Ted Ginn Jr.
    Clearly you didn’t read my earlier post. Williams was half of your offense in the NFCCG. If Ginn plays and doesn’t flip the field at least twice like Williams…guess what….SF still would have lost.

  17. @justintuckrule

    I didn’t know we need to read your posts to gain knowledge on football. Please don’t lecture anyone on their knowledge of football given your partisan 3 posts just on this article. To say either team could have won the NFCCG game by 20 like you did earlier is just idiotic. That was a tough, hard-nosed football game played by two good teams. A break either way was going to decide it, and the Giants got that break.

  18. As a Giants fan I’m sure this game will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. 49ers are very tough and stingy, and have more weapons. Giants still miss the play making and presence of Nicks, but have shown that the WR group is deep. Niners run the ball great and stop the run. This really will be a great test to see how the Giants are. Game of the Week IMO.

  19. @SF fans – your idol Bill Walsh even knew the Giants owned SF. 1988… quote the great Phil Simms, SF “laid down like dogs” to the Rams in the season finale to keep the Giants out of the playoffs that year even though playoff seeding was still up for grabs.

  20. The Niners got pounded by the pathetic Vikings and all there wins over teams with losing records- Jets, Bills, Lions and Packers. Giants will handle them and niners will choke under pressure again

  21. With all due respect the last “fumble” was a great special teams strip. Great, hard fought game last 2 times. Let’s see another shall we.

  22. Woulda,coulda,shoulda!!!!!! Giants won get over it ….. It’s a good thing for him Ted ginn is healthy and he won’t be fielding punts but as s giant fan I wouldn’t mind seeing him back there….

  23. bigblue5611 says:
    Oct 9, 2012 6:47 PM
    The Niners got pounded by the pathetic Vikings and all there wins over teams with losing records- Jets, Bills, Lions and Packers. Giants will handle them and niners will choke under pressure again

    Because the Giants impressive run of opponents were so much better, the 3 teams they’ve beaten have a combined 2 wins. And Giants lost to Michael Vick and Tony Romo for crying out loud lol.

    If you think the 4-1 Vikings are pathetic you obviously haven’t been paying any attention, it’s 2012 now you can start paying attention to this season any time now.

  24. Nobody is mentioning the Bradshaw fumble with 2 1/2 minutes left that the refs ruled his forward progress was stopped. Even though the whistle blew after the fumble! That would have sealed te ball game too. Giants had trouble beating the Browns…49ers are going to beat the Giants ass! Can’t wait for this game

  25. last years giants team was the worst team to ever win a superbowl. they will be lucky to even get to the playoffs this year. i cant wait for sunday when the niners kick their teeth in. its not going to be a close game. there are going to be a lot of injuries too. on the giants side of the ball. Welcome to Alcatraz vagiants.

  26. Giants are, essentially, a mediocre team with over rated defensive players who complain about not having fun (really?); but they have Eli Manning. That one great player gives them a chance against everyone. O-line better protect him this time. Giants fans should pray David Diehl doesn’t come back for this game.

  27. Niners couldn’t even get a first down there last 5 possessions and were 0 for 12 on third downs but still think they deserved to win the game…….comical

    The niners were the worst 13-3 team the league has ever seen losing to a 9-7 team at HOME-pathetic

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