PFT Live: Fans side with Winston in Rapid Reaction

Kansas City Chiefs fans reportedly cheered QB Matt Cassell’s injury and that got lineman Eric Winston fired up. Do you support what Winston said? We take some of your thoughts in this Rapid Reaction segment.

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4 responses to “PFT Live: Fans side with Winston in Rapid Reaction

  1. I am so tired of seeing this mans face. What a huge discrace to Kansas City. Oprah Winston should be fined by the orginization. You will see what the fans really think next home game when he is booed the second he hits the field. “PTF fans” are not “Chiefs Fans”. Look i agree with what he said BUT it did not happen that way period. If it happened it would be one thing but his ears were still ringing from getting beat so bad, that Matt took a big hit.

  2. My only issue with Winston’s comments are throwing the entire fanbase under the bus, which he came out the next day and clarified that he didn’t mean all 70k were doing it but of course no one in the national media is running that clip. I won’t be surprised if he is booed by some (mostly the people who cheered Cassel in the first place) in a few weeks when the Chiefs return home, but I won’t be one of them because I agree with the message he was trying to send.

    The legs on this story have gotten out of control being covered by places like Good Morning America and Inside Edition that aren’t even sports outlets that want to vilify an entire city’s population based on second hand info of what a couple thousand drunk and frustrated jerks did which to me is just as bad if not worse than the incident itself.

  3. Anyone notice what a turnstile Winston has been the last two games? Maybe he should shutup and block. It was his missed assignment that got Cassel nailed in the first place.

  4. One needs to simply look at the picture above this article.That rather large KC fan wearing the #25 is most certainly clapping his hands. Cassell is on the ground, no trainers, and Quinn surely doesn’t have his helmet on yet.

    Face it, those KC fans, and you know who you are ,should all personally send Cassell good wishes.

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