PFT Live: Who is to blame for Jets’ failures?

The Jets still don’t know how to use Tim Tebow, despite reportedly elaborate plans. Mike Florio states what everyone is thinking: The QB circus in New York can’t continue next year. Plus, the Cardinals and Titans both have running back issues, so could they help each other out?

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2 responses to “PFT Live: Who is to blame for Jets’ failures?

  1. Tony Sparano and his stupid play calling for Tim Tebow.
    It’s no different to when he was in Miami, he tries to out think himself, I don’t know what he is thinking.
    Last night was so strange, and Steve Young said it when he called it “cute”. That’s what it was. Talk about a bunch of peculiar plays. 12 men on the field twice, there is no excuse for that, except they had no idea what Tony was doing.

  2. First, Sparano is in over his head. To my knowledge he has never been an OC or called plays in the NFL.

    Second, the owner never should have brought Timmy to town. Clearly Rex agrees with John Fox and Josh McDaniels – that he doesn’t belong on an NFL field.

    Finally, please add TO to this mix. Then the Jets could have two of the most divisive players in the league in the lockerroom and it would be fun to watch!

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