Philip Rivers has seemingly lost his late-game mojo

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There was once a time when Philip Rivers was the guy you wanted on your side, trailing late.

But that seems like a long time ago.

Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego points out that the Chargers have seemingly lost their knack for comebacks, unable to replicate the touch Rivers showed earlier in his career.

In 2010 and 2011, the Chargers had eight chances to win or tie with a game-ending drive, but lost all eight.

They won only twice since 2010 when they trailed in the fourth quarter.

Rivers used to be among the best. From 2006-09, his 13 game-winning drives in the fourth quarter were tied with Brett Favre for the most in a quarterback’s first 70 starts.

They were 8-1 in games decided by eight or fewer in 2009, which not coincidentally is the last time they made they playoffs.

Since then, they’re 7-11, including Sunday’s night’s loss at the Saints.

Rivers doesn’t have the same kind of talent around him he had in the past, but they’re not untalented. It’s just a different talent.

So maybe it’s Rivers who needs to change the way he does business, to get back to his old ways. Or it might be that a relationship with coach Norv Turner, which was productive for so long, simply has run its course.

26 responses to “Philip Rivers has seemingly lost his late-game mojo

  1. Another record was broken on Sunday night, but was not mentioned:

    Norv Turner becomes the first head coach in NFL history to be outcoached by an interim to an interim head coach.

  2. Two reasons why the Chargers lost on Sunday
    1) Norv
    2) Turner

    Please FIRE him quickly, oh yeah, AJ Smith can also walk out the door. Poor choice Spanos by keeping them. You should hire Cowher, the man deserves another chance. He has an ego, but so what? It’s been proven that he’s a winner.

  3. I’m sorry but just exactly how many clutch throws did he make on 2nd and long just to have them brought back on BS penalty after BS penalty? While it’s true they have not enjoyed as many come from behind wins as in the past let’s not forget that he had his team at the 50 yard line with 2 minutes to go and a 1st down before the refs got the call to gift wrap a win for New Orleans in the very game I’m sure motivated this article being written.

  4. Temperment. He doesn’t think or behave like the top tier NFL QBs. He’s capable of having great games … and also capable of throwing out stinkers.

  5. I had no horse in this race. As an unbiased observer, I am disgusted because I felt the officials decided that Rivers would not beat the Saints. That call on Gates was ridiculous.
    Every Sunday, the NFL is starting to remind me more and more of the NBA officiating. Fans have come to accept that as part of the game. “Oh, they won’t call that on LeBron”. Why the heck not?!?!
    At least with WWE, There is no illusion that what I am watching is real.

  6. It’s amazing that Norv Turner is a head coach anywhere. Other than Kevin Acee, no one can defend it with a straight face. He gets out coached constantly. The real problem is the Spanos family is full of crap and we’re all being played. No one in their right mind would hire Norv Turner as a head coach, yet alone keep him as your head coach after all this. Unless you want to move to Los Angeles. We have 3rd worst stadium in the league with the most obstructed view seats. It seats over 10k more than the average stadium, yet we have the 5th highest ticket prices in the league. With this economy how can you justify charging people for such a disappointing product on the field in such a dump of a stadium? It makes me sick to my stomach to think about, but the decline of this team is playing right into them moving.

  7. Considering the AWFUL officiating in that game, we shouldnt even be worrying about that late game magic.

    They didnt even let Rivers put together a game tying/winning drive by all those phantom calls.

  8. No horse in the race either, but I gotta agree with
    Truetrue85 and Donottellmethatnameistaken.

    Those calls were BS. Chargers would have tied
    that game.

    Only other thing I would say is that someone on
    the Chargers sideline has gotta see their left
    tackle dragging his leg. Never shoulda been left
    out there. His 2 allowed sacks and strip sack cost
    them the game. Was it Gaither ? He was playing
    on one leg. Not sure what his injury was, but how
    do you let him stay out there ?!

  9. This team is not that bad folks. Sure they got embarrassed against Atlanta, and without a BS roughing the passer penalty the Bolts put the game away with a pick 6, leading 31-14 late 3rd. If the bolts get beat Monday against the F*ing broncos then it’d time to panic. Until then, buckle up for a roller coaster season ending atop the AFC West. Go Bolts!

  10. hey big part of the problem is the offenses line. Rivers is great in the pocket but when he throws off of his back foot he does not have the accuracy that he has when not being rushed. I I am hey big supporter of aj but when you neglect the line and you do not protect your quarterback or running back you lost me especially send the chargers have not had talent on the line 4 a number of years

  11. Penalties are what stalled the last drive, the Gates PI was just a bad call. & Gaither should have come off the field on the last play. The Melvin Ingram personal foul was a killer, as it cost a a 31-14 lead instead of 24-21. That was the difference, & there is a lot to like about the Chargers:)

  12. Turner has a RB in Ryan Mathews tearing up chunks of yards all game, and in the critical spot he sits him on the bench on the final drive to prove a point about a fumble 3 games ago???

    The coach is a big reason to blame… he’s an epic disaster.

  13. “Philip Rivers has seemingly lost his late-game mojo”
    As good as Eli is in the 4th quarter, one could argue that Eli has both guys share of “mojo”!


  14. I don’t care either way either but it is unbelievable that SD lost that game. I was behind on my DVR watching it and they were ahead by a lot when I saw a comment online that they ended up losing. My response was how did Norv Norv THAT one up??? Not only did Nrv Norv it, but the refs were stunningly bad. PR DID make big time throws on that last drive that got reffed away.

  15. Pretty sure Eli screwed up his 4th quarter against the Eagles two weeks ago.

    Always helps when you have 18 men on the field (11 players, 7 refs) as the Stains got to play with on that final drive.

  16. AJ Smith has done a good job of putting a roster together that has talent. The problem with the Super Chargers is the head coach Norv Turner. Until the Chargers get rid of Turner, this team will struggle in big games.

  17. You can complain about the refs all you want, but SD has demonstrated an inability to win big games over the past two seasons.

    They could have won in Chicago last year, but Rivers threw some boneheaded interceptions to put the game out of reach.

    They could have won in Kansas City last year, but Rivers fumbled the snap to set up the game-winning field goal.

    And finally, when they needed one win to clinch the AFC West last year, the whole team played like garbage and could barely score points against a terrible Lions defense.

    Honestly, it probably has more to do with Norv than Rivers.

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