Report: Jets not interested in T.O.


As to the possibility of signing receiver Terrell Owens, Jets coach Rex Ryan publicly said Tuesday, “Never say never.”

Privately, the Jets are saying never.

Rich Cimini of reports that the Jets aren’t interested in Owens.

Instead, they’ll wait for rookie second-rounder Stephen Hill to get healthy.  And they’ll hope Clyde Gates isn’t seriously injured.  And they’ll continue to believe Jason Hills is a better option than Owens.

And we’ll continue to think they’re not doing everything they can to win by not at least giving Owens a look-see.

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53 responses to “Report: Jets not interested in T.O.

  1. If T.O. was to somehow someway convince the New York Jets to sign him to anything, we could be witnessing the biggest joke of an organization in all of sports.

  2. I am truly shocked, especially since he has such nice feet. Can’t believe the sexy Rexy is not interested in those peds!

  3. i personally think that T.O. is the missing link to the patriots 4th ring,

    hes not randy,

    TO will go over the middle and make those tough grabs,

    jets are whack, so 4 years ago,

    not hot in the streets, washed up, who cares abt them

  4. You kidding me? TO is completely washed up. I’m so sick of hearing about the Jets. They are uber irrelevant.

  5. Great, another story about a team won’t be relevant this year, but with a twist! They’re not interested in a player that won’t ever be relevant again…

  6. mjbulls45 said:

    “TO will go over the middle and make those tough grabs”


    Yeah four years ago…

    Now he has alligator arms.

    But his arms should be perfect length to reach out of a drive thru window…

  7. Ironic.. They beat the crap out of us effectively losing the top pick in the draft…to us

  8. Come on, Jets. Think of the fans! We would all enjoy seeing the circus of Tebow to TO and the ensuing meltdown!

  9. TO is totally irrelevant. Hearing him talk about what teams he wants to join matters as much as hearing Eddie Money discuss what county fairs he wants to play.

  10. That’s fine if you or I as fans believe that the Jets should or should not take a look-see at TO. I don’t believe that it is fine for this site to go after the Jets for not going after him because TO equals ratings for two Jets games scheduled for later this season.

  11. “And we’ll continue to think they’re not doing everything they can to win by not at least giving Owens a look-see.”

    I guess 31 other teams don’t care about winning. TO has had numerous “look-see’s” and hasn’t been signed. He’s old. He’s done. Move on.

  12. After watching TO in the preseason, he’s still got some gas in the tank. He was consistently getting separation. Had the dropsies, but still has the wheels too. Seahawks should have kept T.O. and sent the incredibly slow and next to worthless, Braylon Edwards, packing. T.O. would be the Jets’ best receiver though.

  13. Not interested? Is it because they don’t want to bring in a player that could be a distraction or somehow undermine their starting QB?

  14. They have enough of a circus there with Tebow…they really don’t need to make it worse.

  15. Jets have to rule out T.O. That would take them from 95% circus to full blown status. On that note can it really get worse Rex? If you are not looking at legitimate options you are intentionally tanking for draft positioning. Stephen Hill will most likely have a very bright future but he is still very raw and on the shelf. Jason hill is the guy you use as your 6th receiver…. Which is quite evident when he was the 49ers 6th receiver even when they had no depth outside of Crabtree 3 years ago. At least explore for a trade because if you wait around for draft positioning you will most likely just aid your replacement, not yourself.

  16. They’re waiting….they’re hoping….they’re dreaming! Are they gonna give up an entire season to try to save face? Go find some healthy receivers idiots!

  17. I don’t know what logical person would think TO would be a good fit for that team. The locker room isn’t the most solidified, they’re currently a losing team, and the QB situation is unstable.

    How would bringing TO, a guy who couldn’t beat out B. Edwards in Seattle, give them a better chance to win? You might think they need to bring in another WR, but I don’t think TO is the answer.

  18. All this chatter about TO, when Chad Johnson is 4 years younger, and last time I checked, didn’t poison a locker room with his “me-first” attitude.

    Chad will be remembered for egregiously donning a yellow jacket on the sidelines with the words “HOF ???” on the back. He’ll never even sniff the Hall Of Fame with his numbers, but otherwise, he seems to be genuinely humbled by his fall from stardom, and may be appreciative of a team rewarding him with another chance.

  19. @beerbudsnbevo & mjbulls45
    Last time we ALL checked, the Bears were not in NFC championship game the last 4 years. But Jets in 2 AFC games in the same time frame. We’ll see the Jets with Tebow in SB before we see Jay Pick 6.
    T.O. ‘s problem in pre -season was catching deep balls, NOT over the middle. He still has the balls. Boulders compared to yours. What the 3 of you have in common is a big potty mouth.

    Last time he play in NFL he still put up over 800 yards in 7 TD’s in only 12 games. Still making catches over the Middle. Put a gag ball in T.O.’s mouth , he gets 1100 yards in full season.

  20. The Jets are the one locker room in the league a cancer like Owens could go and not make it any worse. Hence the only team that should consider signing him.

    But hey if Tannenbaum and Rex think either Sanchez or Tebow will thrive and win with that crappy beat up receiving corps they are delusional.

  21. Good to see that someone else is passing up on an opportunity to get better and it’s not just my Jaguars. Usually it’s my Jags that say, “Nah, we’re OK with mediocrity”.

  22. Start over and move the earth to draft Geno Smith.

    Or draft Barkley, who is a poor man’s Sanchez/Leinart, and be irrelevant for another 6-7 years.

  23. 31 other teams aren’t interested in the old geezer either. A handful of them are even worse than the Jets & they pass on him too.

  24. They are clearly tanking the season already. Rex fired in offseason. Draft a new qb. Pick up old retread norvell turner. Andy Reid goes to San Diego. Gruden to Philly. Don’t forget where to send the check.

  25. With various teams in need of Receivers, the total lack of interest in players like T.O. and Burress league wide makes me wonder if there was a “memo”, or other device from Park Avenue, directing teams to take a pass on these kind of trouble making players.

  26. “and I’m not interested in the Jets” says countless losers who nonetheless feel the need to not only read the article on the Jets, but also post a comment. All between 10pm and 2am for that matter. Sweet life gents.

  27. Weren’t the Jets supposed to be better than the Giants for next ten years starting last year? Good call Rex.

  28. Huge Jets fan. Signing T.O. wouldn’t solve anything. The roots of their issues run much much deeper. How could the writer of this or anyone else say he deserves a looks see??? There are many teams closer to winning than the jets with WR issues and haven’t brought him in—no one will

  29. Enough with the obsessive T.O. talk. Why can’t everyone accept the fact he can’t play anymore?

  30. Why doesn’t TO just give up and come to the realization that his football career is over? If he hasn’t finished his degree yet, he should go back to school go like the former diva WR Andre Rison. Football was obviously his life and it would be kind of sad if he was such an attention grabbing, immature individual.

  31. @badintent- you wrote: Last time we ALL checked, the Bears were not in NFC championship game the last 4 years. But Jets in 2 AFC games in the same time frame. We’ll see the Jets with Tebow in SB before we see Jay Pick 6.

    You can’t REALLY believe this can you?
    The Bears are a much better franchise than the jets and have been for a long time.
    Are you going to hold onto those 2 AFC playoffs games for the next 40+ years as something of meaning? Last we ALL checked, they didn’t give rings for losing in the playoffs.

  32. Move on already, tired of hearing about the NY Jokes…Sexy Rexy wants to lose every game coming so that he can have a shot at Geno Smith.
    I could see the headlines now, USC Trojans replaced by WV Mountaineers…

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