Rex: “No question” Sanchez is still his starter

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Jets coach Rex Ryan replied “Yeah, no question,” when asked if quarterback Mark Sanchez was still his guy.

But the questions continue to mount about his ability to lead a short-handed offense.

Sanchez completed fewer than half his passes for the fourth straight game, which makes the speculation about Tim Tebow natural.

But Ryan refused to give Sanchez a long-term commitment, having said he still judges quarterbacks by wins and losses more than stats.

“I’m not going to get into the what-ifs and all that,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “We’re not preparing to lose, that’s for sure. We’re thinking we’re going to win starting this week.”

“We’re planning on winning,” he added. “We’re planning on having success. I’m not getting into the what ifs.”

Through five games, Sanchez is 31st in the league in passer rating at 66.6 (after the 666th Monday Night Football game, get the Tebow followers on alert).

He was plagued by drops last night, but that’s going to be a reality he has to deal with given the Jets current state. Getting tight end Dustin Keller back, which seems close, would probably help him as much as anything.

Of course, there’s a sense of inevitability about Tebow’s ascension, so it might not matter.

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  1. For a while I thought this was loyalty to his players, which can be admirable, but now I just think Rex hates to admit he makes mistakes.

  2. I was surprised that Jets scored any points, and I’m not a Jets hater. Sanchez isn’t great, but who could do better with what’s left of that team?

  3. Tebow’s option offense makes an anemic offense with no weapons mediocre. (See Denver last year)

    That would be a huge improvement for this Jet’s team.

  4. In a related story, Jerry Jones has repeated his belief that Tony Romo is the greatest QB ever in the history of the NFL.

  5. “Through five games, Sanchez is 31st in the league in passer rating at 66.6 (after the 666th Monday Night Football game, get the Tebow followers on alert).”

    Not to freak anybody out, but, last night’s loss came exactly 666 days after the Jets’ first loss at the New Meadowlands Stadium (which occurred on 12/12/2010, a 6-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins). I’m just sayin’

  6. “But Ryan refused to give Sanchez a long-term commitment, having said he still judges quarterbacks by wins and losses more than stats.”

    Well then Tebow should have been the starter since week one.. higher win % and crapier stats.

    Maybe this is a hint from Rexy on what’s to come.

  7. just a gut feeling, but i think the jets coaching staff aren’t playing tebow because of their offensive personnel. in denver, tebow had a fast, fluid offensive line who could move and run block, receivers and tight ends who could block – and that’s what you need to run a tebow offense. the jets have none of that.

  8. This isn’t Sanchez’s fault. Their offense is bland and they have NO weapons. Also that “good” defense is FAR from it.

  9. In other words….. let’s keep the drama going because that’s all we got going for us fellas.

  10. If youre going by wins and losses, not stats…and if you dont care if your qb completes 50% of his passes or not, then TEBOWS YOUR MAN.

    I saw that as a staunch tebow hater (as a player, he’s a good guy off the field), he’s not that talented but he has heart.

  11. Tim Tebow deserves better then the Jets…. Yes I said it…. He deserves a better team then the Jets. You have a fat arrogant foot in the mouth coach and your team is full of nobodies… I don’t think Rex wants to play Tim because he knows he will outshine his golden boy Rex. Pathetic

  12. All the garbage printed about Tebow makes ‘the experts’ sound as stupid as Rex Ryan. If the media is comfortable with that comparison, that says more about the industry than it does about Sanchez’s poor stats. But keep on mind the Jets have the same record as the media’s beloved Packers. Maybe Tebow can help the cheese heads out?

  13. “Through five games, Sanchez is 31st in the league in passer rating at 66.6-”

    What more needs to be said? You can’t hide from the truth…. which is Sancheeze is a poor QB.
    But, please keep him in, we all need more wins 😉

  14. Last year the Jets won more games than the Broncos who did not finish with a winning record.

    Also, here’s where Timmy ranked last year:
    attempts – 33
    completions – 35
    yards – 31
    TD’s – 28
    passer rating – 40
    completion i% – 60

    Sanchez still has a way to go to get down to those numbers.

  15. as die hard pats fans, i want to thank rex ryan for his unwavering choice of sanchez, his inability to create a depth roster and his abilty to continually keep the locker room turmoil alive.

  16. Pride kills all of these GMs/ Coaches when it comes to draft picks. You made a mistake. Admit you were wrong and move on, dont waste 3 extra years trying to make something work when every NFL watching fan can easily tell that Sanchez simply does not have what it takes to start in the NFL.

  17. Rex stated emphatically that Sanchez would always be the starter “as long as he was head coach”

    Making promises you can’t keep – like guaranteeing Super Bowls – is not only stupid, it undermines a coach’s credibility with his own players.

    While going with Tebow would be just one more broken promise by a coach with zero credibility among his own players, if the team wins neither the players nor the fans will care that Rex has no credibility.

    It’s only hubris that keeps him from making that move today.

  18. Rex Ryan …. do u know what career suicide is? Thank you for single-handedly torpedoing this Jets team.

  19. Rex Ryan. Woody Johnson. Tim Tebow (Not the person, the QB).

    Anyone really wonder why it’s a mess.

  20. 49erstim says:
    Oct 9, 2012 11:49 AM
    This isn’t Sanchez’s fault. Their offense is bland and they have NO weapons. Also that “good” defense is FAR from it.
    Overall, true. Sanchez is probably at best an above average QB (which worked fine when they YJ could run well and played great D) but he doesn’t make bad situations better. He’s not good enough to. So…not his fault. That said, the NYJ D played well enough against one of the best offenses in the league to win last night.

  21. Jet fans have no further to look than Ryan Tannehill to see what a young QB is supposed to look like.

    He’s a rookie and is making some rookie mistakes but it is clear that he has “it”, potential, poise and courage.

    The same can’t se said for Markie.

  22. Truth is REX said as long as he’s the coach of the Jets that Marks his guy.
    But what he needs to understand is that with Sanchez in there hes gonna lose his job.
    Put in tebow REX.
    Their passing stats would be compairable.
    BUt Tebow would add to the ground and pound and make more things happen with his legs considering theres no time to pass the ball.

  23. I am starting to believe that Rex Ryan is all mouth and not the coach I would have hoped. You play in the NFL to win, not to prove your point. True the Jets have a lot of injuries right now but why not give a running QB the chance to open up defenses by running around a bit. Sanchez has talent but the notion that he needs a “smooth running offense” to motivate his team is nonsense. He simply isn’t an inspiring QB ala Tony Romo. Football is entertainment and right now Jet fans aren’t feeling all that entertained. Rex, keep quiet, put in Tebow and at least make it worthwhile for all those believers who pay your salary.

  24. I knew this post was coming it is just sad I mean how can you people say he is going to start. He barely plays in the games this whole tebow thing is a media creation. So go ahead and keep writing these point less posts. Just know that people with sense understand that what you are writing is just for reaction. So I give some because somebody has to have sense. So yes I am expecting one of the other writer to bring a tebow report saying he is close to starting. Just know that people with a level head know that it is BS and probably those sources are fake.

  25. I think we have to start focusing on the bad team and coaching instead of the players. The team around Sanchez is mediocre at best, and Sanchez is below average. Sounds like a common denominator is Mr. T.

    Tebow can be a weapon for Jets, but throwing him in the game when Sanchez gets hot, is a mistake(see plays after Tebow plays..what is his QB rating?). That’s bad coaching.
    Time to clean house.

  26. you could put the manning of your choice behind center for the jets and even they couldnt score that many points with the jets’ poop offensive line and not-very-talented receivers and Keller hurt.

    remember, when Sanchise was a rookie they had a better OLine and better receivers and he was pretty darn good.

    the play itself really isnt mark’s fault. what IS his fault is the way he reacts to these crappy situations. but the bad play itself has more to do with the tools at his disposal (you can read that both ways and they’d both be correct)

  27. Sanchez is just a symptom of the disease that infects the Jets. It starts at the top…who do you think has assembled the “talent?” That would be the GM. Where is a good runningback? It’s kind of an important component if you’re team’s offensive identity is going to be “ground and pound.” A halfway decent offensive line usually helps as well. A little depth at wide receiver would also be a good thing to have. Then, there’s the QB mess. They were already having problems with Sanchez regressing. So, to fix it they brought in Tim Tebow….yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense!
    Which leads me to the next issue: Rex Ryan. No one looks at the Jets and says, “Damn! Sexy Rex is one hell of a coach.” He is a joke…with all of his predictions, not wanting to kiss the Pat’s rings, blah, blah, blah. He allowed Santonio Holmes to poison the locker room last year. He’s babied Sanchez and massaged his ego at the expense of Sanchez’s growth as a QB. Rex has Tim Tebow, but doesn’t know how to use him (here’s a hint: when its 1st and goal at the 3 yard line, leave Tebow in the game). The Jets “wildcat” is a joke. They burned 2 timeouts because no one knew what the hell was going on. The Jets best play of the game was when they took out Brian Cushing’s knee. So, hate on Sanchez all you want…but he’s just one of the many things wrong with the Jets.

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