Rex Ryan on T.O.: Never say never

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Terrell Owens made his latest bid for attention/a job in the NFL on Monday night when he directed a tweet to the Jets letting them know that he was available to join the team any time they called.

Owens sent out his tweet a short time after two of the current Jets receivers helped raise some doubt about their ability to help the team. Darrelle Revis critic/Jaguars washout Jason Hill dropped a well-thrown deep ball from Tim Tebow and Clyde Gates, who joined the team just before the first game, hurt his shoulder bad enough that he’s having an MRI on Tuesday. You can criticize T.O. for many, many things, but he’s got a good sense of timing.

And he also got the attention that he was seeking since Rex Ryan was asked Tuesday about the chance of Owens joining the team. There’s no reason to get your popcorn ready, but Ryan didn’t totally rule out the chance that Jets fans will need to get in touch with Orville Redenbacher. Ryan said that you “never say never” and that the team would consider all options.

That’s hardly a ringing endorsement of the idea, but Ryan did slam the door on a Plaxico Burress inquiry last week so it isn’t just a stock answer.

“I said no before about Plax. For that decision, we went with Jason Hill. But you’re going to look at everything,” Ryan said, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday. “We don’t know what the severity of the injuries are or anything else right now. But I could say a definite for T.O. and anybody else out there that’s not on our team. But again, you look at your situation, let’s see how Gates is. I don’t think the injury’s going to be a major injury so I would assume we’d go with the same crew. It would just be good to get Stephen Hill back.”

It doesn’t seem like a likely solution, but as long as the Jets keep losing wide receivers there are going to keep being question about famous unemployed players at the position.

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  1. Wow. Talk about the final statement from a team to it’s fans that says “yes, this season is officially in the toilet and now it’s just a clown show”. That’s just what Sanchez needs, T.O. barking at him after every play for not getting him the ball.

  2. How about an Offensive line, Na lets draft a so so pass rusher, O how about a running back, na Greene is awesome, how about we fire the GM ding ding ding winner!!!! Next year the NFL will make teams spend 95% of their cap money, so we don’t need a penny pinching GM we need a player talent GM, but what do I know?

  3. Put Tebow at QB. Bring in T.O., Chad, and Kellen Winslow.

    If you’re going to self-destruct, DO IT RIGHT!

  4. No team that wants to avoid becoming dysfunctional in the locker room would take TO.

    Oh, wait.

  5. The Jets could have signed Jabar Gaffney a week ago but the Dolphins beat them to it.

    Last week Rex said that the Jets would not be signing Plaxico because he is too slow but it seems like the Jets organization is too slow when searching for a WR

  6. So Rex and the Jets have blackballed Plaxico because they think he is/was a bad influence on Sanchez yet are completely open to welcoming T.O. to the team.

    Logic doesn’t quite add up here.

  7. Don’t go to NY. Come to Jax, T.O. Come make this hurricaine a cat-5. Laurent Robinson’s head hurts from counting his money and we need a role model for Blackmon. He can’t seem to get open, and you can. Come shepherd the young man.

    C’mon Gene! The boss is in London. Go get T.O., cut Ebon Brittle and let’s get crazy for the rest of ’12. It is a guaranteed 10k ticket sales a game. Better than taking off the tarps for the Bears’ fans.

  8. From Rex Ryan guaranteeing Super Bowls to the anointed savior, “Sanchise,” the NY Jets are an absolute joke. Acquiring T.O. would be fitting…

  9. Rex, you gotta love him. Does anyone think a mediocre coach of a mediocre team would be able to make that locker room into a champion or whether it makes a difference what over the hill WR they bring in at this point. He can’t coach!

    It amazes me the national press keeps talking about his defensive genius, 21st in the NFL last season and 20th right now. He’s a joke folks.

  10. It’s officially 2am, that good time buzz isn’t so good time anymore, and that lady at the bar that looks a little like Joey Buttafuocco is starting to look not so terrible.

    Someone call a cab for Rex and get him home before he goes something really stupid.

  11. That’s actually funny. I haven’t been able to be mused by him since his foot fetish videos.

  12. they might as well try chad johnson out hes goofy but he doesnt attack your offensive players hes still going to be better than those soup cans they brought off the street , owens will make sanchez worse off then he already is

  13. Might as well see if Barry Sanders or Jim Brown or Jerry Rice or Joe Montana want to have some fun for half a season. They’d all probably be upgrades over existing “talent”.

  14. Now everyone knows why baltimore took harbaugh over him!! And now jets fans can finally see the fluke of back to back afc championship games! Said it before last year started and again this year the jets are a joke and the clown show starts up again! All the jets are good for is selling papers! Whats next jets fan kim k as a cheerleader?!?

  15. The defense played well. Kept the score within 6 with the last drive to win the game. When Keller comes back, the offense will be better. Plaxico WAS productive last year. Bring in T.O. for a workout and interview him.

  16. I was always a Rex fan, but I am slowly changing my mind. If anyone watched that debacle last night, and can’t see that Tebow is much better than Sanchez, they are worse than blind, for a blind man could even see that. Sure they have lots of problems, but the QB is a no brainer.

  17. So much dysfunction with the New York Jets. Is everybody sure that Daniel Snyder isn’t a part owner of the franchise?

  18. Just sign him! What do the Jets have to lose? They are terrible and they have ZERO WR’s. At least T.O is a guy that wants to come in and make a difference, thats what they need

  19. Jets have more issues then QB..O-Line and D-Line are Awfull..I thought the Steelers was doing bad in those area’s, atleast we have Ben.and pro bowl linebackers to help those flaws..and the ppl that think Tebow is ya answer..Wrong!! Denver had a much better offense for him to work with. He has zip in NY. Just would make him look even worse. Make some trades in the off-season and salvage what’s left.

  20. Why isn’t Tebow used in short yardage more? Are they trying to fool the other team? They are only fooling themselves if they think Sanchez is a better option in that situation. I’m one of the people who don’t care for Tim Tego much, but he is more than capable in short yardage.

  21. The blackballing of T.O. is a little bit ridiculous. Everyone wants to talk about his antics and blowups on the field. If you people actually watched him play at all in Buffalo and Cincinatti, you realized that there wasn’t any of that. He just went out on the field and produced. In Cincy, he produced to the tune of 72 catches, almost 1000 yards, and 9 TD’s before he got hurt. Granted he’s a little bit older but he’s a freak of nature from a physical standpoint. If you don’t think that he couldn’t help this team then you don’t know football.

  22. geniusfan – that isnt why they passed on Plax. Rex nor the team ever said anything bad about Plax. They said they wanted a younger/faster option.

  23. So Jason Hill is who they choose? SMH they could give Plaxico and Owens a 1 year deal..they have the Cap space. Just makes no sence.

  24. “rollonthree says: Oct 9, 2012 3:23 PM
    The blackballing of T.O. is a little bit ridiculous. Everyone wants to talk about his antics and blowups on the field. If you people actually watched him play at all in Buffalo and Cincinatti, you realized that there wasn’t any of that. ”

    Did you catch his recent stint with the UFL? He wrote in the contract that he didn’t have to play on road trips which screams diva. Then he was fired from the team he partly owned. To top it off, he’s begging for a job on Twitter. No, his problems and egomania haven’t gone away.

  25. How can TO destroy the Jet’s locker room? I mean, can it get any worse?

    Go ahead and sign him and then watch as Tebow throws low at his feet when he’s wide open. That sort of entertainment is well worth the contract that they pay him.

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