Roethlisberger thought Eagles were dirty, but OL protected well

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The Steelers were able to keep their cool late, and pull out a win over the Eagles.

But that wasn’t the temperature throughout the game.

After stoning the Eagles’ pass rush all day (no sacks, just three hurries), the Steelers offensive line said they could sense frustration as they leaned on the Eagles.

After one of the rare pressures, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger popped up into the face of Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham.

“Yeah, Ben was mad. He thought they were going after his head,” Steelers guard Willie Colon said, via Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “They were cheap-shot artists all day. They were hitting us in the back. I know I lost my cool once or twice. It is what it is. You have to play through it.”

The Steelers offensive line did just that, protecting well and opening running lanes, despite the fact Colon was called for four holding penalties.

Running back Rashard Mendenhall was able to run for 5.8 yards per carry, and the protection they offered Roethlisberger was priceless.

That came after Steelers line coach Sean Kugler ranted at his men prior to a practice last week.

“He said he was embarrassed that we were ranked No. 32 in rushing in the league and that we should be embarrassed, too,” Colon said. “We’re talking about the Steelers, not the Saints. We’re supposed to be able to run the ball. We were responsible for that ranking, we had to own up to it and we had to do something about it.

“I like to think we did.”

It’s a group that has been maligned through the years, and Roethlisberger’s own mobility has as much to do with him avoiding some pressure as their protection, but they stood firm against the Eagles.

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  1. Not gona comment ..ima wait on all the Raven fans to wake up 1st and tell us how the Steelers are the dirtiest team in the NFL!

  2. Glad to hear someone finally lit a fire under their behinds, but they still looked middling to me. The ground was certainly better, but still nothing more than just ‘ok’. Lots more work needs to be done, and I’m still convinced Mendenhall is simply NOT the answer.

  3. For the Steelers to call any team dirty is laughable. As for the pass rush, the defense kept the Steelers point total low. Unfortunately Vick celebrates Christmas every week by giving red zone gifts to opponents. It’s hard to outscore anybody that way.

  4. Hello … we’re talking the Eagles here. Every year the best team in the NFL. What did the Steelers expect? This is how they are. This is how they’ve always been. Dirty. Get used to it.

  5. Ok I’ll admit it: I thought it was pretty cool to see a QB jump up and get into the face of a DE (they were actually similar in size IIRC).

    Ben has a predilection for drama, but I think this time around it was pretty clear. I saw a bunch of extra-curricular activity with Eagles defenders “givin’ ’em the business.”

    I like the fire, just hope opponents don’t learn to ignite it at inopportune times for an advantage.

  6. Ummm Ben…. You are on a team with a LB that CONSTANTLY goes for the head and brags about it and you have yet to complain about that.

  7. Here we go again. Another week of football and another player is calling a team dirty.

    Just shut up and play already. These players nowadays talk way too much.

  8. I think it’s hilarious all these guys call players and teams “dirty” when they aren’t playing again this year. Like RGIII and the Rams or Dallas and NYG with the Bucs. Man up and say something when you know you’re going to see them again.

  9. Babin and Cole are two the dirtiest players in the league. They always take shots on the QB. Either high or diving low coming out of their “track” stance in the wide nine.

    Did anyone see the kid Coleman for Philly? He is quickly becoming one of the dirtiest safeties in the game. They call him out on the Cmon Man segmant last night for jumping on the pile and landing on a guys back.

    Eagles = paper champs

  10. This might be the first case of an OL throwing a QB under the bus. The article has no quote from BR to that effect, it’s just Colon saying BR felt that way. Much as I despise BR, that’s not fair that Colon outed him like that.

  11. James Harrison plays for your team. You have overpowered women constantly. And YOU are calling others dirty. Shut up!

  12. Best way to get revenge on a team that is using “dirty” tactics during the game? Go on a game winning drive at the end and send them home with a loss. And no sacks against Ben. Nice.

    Funny how the subject of this story says “Roethlisberger thought…”, yet not one quote from him about any dirty play. But Ben will get ridiculed by haters in posts on this story. Funny.

  13. So is that his excuse for the 15 holding penalties? Sounds like somebody needs to call the waaambulance!

  14. @bobbyhoying says:
    For the Steelers to call any team dirty is laughable. As for the pass rush, the defense kept the Steelers point total low. Unfortunately Vick celebrates Christmas every week by giving red zone gifts to opponents. It’s hard to outscore anybody that way.
    – Brown had the DB smoked and dropped a pass in his hands in the end zone
    – Cotchery tripped 2 yards in front of the goal line untouched
    – Wallace dropped a pass that would have gone down the left sideline for a TD
    – Officials did not call holding in the End Zone against the Eagles on Wallace
    – Officialls did not call interference on the Eagles on A. Brown in mid center field
    – Two of Vicky’s fumbles were knocked out by the defense, he didn’t just hand the ball to them.

  15. Does this guy ever stop complaining. Swept and Tebowd, youd think they learn to shut up and just play football

  16. The only real “dirty” play I saw was Ryan Clark launching at Celek’s head a few seconds after the whistle had blown. That would have been called unnecessary roughness 30 years ago, let alone today. And then the guy embarrasses himself by arguing the call.

    After seeing that play, hearing someone on the Steelers calling another team dirty causes a major eye roll.

  17. This is not about what Ben said or did as usual. It is what he allegedly said to a team mate. A smart person would pick that up and not comment on it here. So the comments above are from the mentally challenged and steeler haters. Even the biggest raven trolls won’t comment on it. Come on people read the articles and make logical arguments or if you can’t at least say something funny.

  18. “I think it’s hilarious all these guys call players and teams “dirty” when they aren’t playing again this year. …like NYG with the Bucs.”

    Funniest post of the year! Yeah, Eli must have nightmares about the Bucs! “No, no, no, Coach. Don’t make me play against Tampa the whole season! I don’t want to throw for 500 yards and three TDs every game!”. Eli and the replacement refs spotted Tampa three TDs and the Giants STILL won going away. You need to learn to actually watch the games before posting. NFC South is becoming a clone of the AFC East. One good team and three chumps.

  19. I sure get tired off two-thirds of my comments being deleted despite them having no vulgarity or personal attacks.

    Do the mods here just have a list of S/Ns to auto-delete or what?

  20. Whining is to be expected from the Steelers. They play in the same city as the penguins and have learned well. By the way Big Ben wasn’t available to make comments himself as he was out raping another woman after the game.

  21. Exactly! Steelers kept that score low because of their own mishaps, had NOTHING to do with the Eagles defense! And penalties kept Eagles drives goin.
    Maclin and Jackson were basicly invisible, Avant too!

  22. Pittsburgh whining about dirty play is laughable. One of the most disgusting and unprofessional teams in the league has the nerve to call the Eagles dirty? And yes, the Eagles are a dirty team. But Pittsburgh needs to shut up. Don’t whine if you play at the dirty level of your opponent EVERY game yourself!

  23. @ravenator, are you about to brag about your touchdownless 9 point game against the mighty Chiefs or struggling to beat the winless Browns by 7 ?

  24. Great game to watch. Both teams had big plays as well as mistakes. I was counting on it coming down to a last second field goal. Just wish it was the Eagles making the kick.

    As for players calling other players dirty, it’s virtually a lock that some of your own teammates are just as bad if not worse.

  25. Big difference between hitting a player too hard during a play or unintentionally hitting helmet to helmet while making a tackle and jumping feet first on a players back, throwing a players shoe off the field so he has to retreive it and come off for a play, and hitting a QB in the head after hes thrown the ball.

    At least the Steelers “dirty” plays (if you can call them that) come between the whistles against players with the ball.

  26. For the Harrison comments, he was selected the Defensive player of the year, and then suddenly he’s the poster child for being a dirty player? It’s pretty clear to anyone who can be objective, Goodell needed a poster child for changing the rules, and Harrison obliged him with a few border line hits. Each of us has a player on our team who straddles that line, and plays fierce and hard. There are other players in the league with more helmet to helmet hits, and more personal fouls than Harrison, yet Harrison was the one singled out. It’s difficult to be a defender in the NFL these days. A offensive player ducks, or shifts, and what was going to be a chest shot, is now a head shot. Or two players collide, and the defenders helmet touches the offensive players, and it’s a flag and a fine. There’s a huge difference in intent, and incidental contact, but the NFL, (Goodell) is calling everything and acting as if every hit is intention. He’s a lawyer, he’s building a case against future law suits by ex-players.

    Bottom line, the Steelers and their players are no dirtier, than the Ravens or Eagles, or Lions or any team you care to choose. Sooner or later one of your teams defenders will be singled out for a borderline hit.

  27. Is it just me or does it seem that every week one team is crying about another team playing dirty? I think the new rules in the nfl are making players pansies. I don’t remember players complaining of dirty play every week a few years ago. This is football if you can get away with playing dirty then why not? This is a mans sport. Can’t take it then don’t play.

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