T.O. tells Jets he’s available

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In the event the receiver-needy Jets weren’t already aware that Terrell Owens is among the free agents available at that position, T.O. decided to give them a reminder.

During Monday night’s game.

“Hey JETS!!! I’m available! I’m ready, willing & able! Call my agent [Jordan Woy] & let’s make it happen,” Owens posted on Twitter at 10:29 p.m. ET Monday.

The Jets possibly are resisting due to concerns that Owens’ presence would confirm the existence of a circus in New York.  But pretty much everyone who’s paying attention already knows it’s a circus; adding T.O. would be the equivalent of slightly expanding the big top.

The bottom line is that they need help at the position, if they want to be competitive.  Owens showed during his preseason stint with the Seahawks that he can still gain separation on defensive back — and that he still will drop a ball from time to time once he does.  It still makes him better than no-name options like Jason Hill, the player whom the Jets ultimately signed to replace injured No. 1 wideout Santonio Holmes on the roster.

If the Jets hope to win as many games as possible in 2012, they’d dump Hill and add Owens.

52 responses to “T.O. tells Jets he’s available

  1. Oh Jets please do, popcorn hasn’t been the same since the T.O. circus left the NFL. Plus all you need is one more MOUTH on that team.

  2. Yes T.O , I think the entire football world knows you are available , now go away !!

  3. Everybody knows he is available. He needs to understand, nobody wants him. Age, whining for the ball, throwing teammates under the bus, lack of reliability and an overall bad attitude are several of the reasons why. Pleas shut up and stay gone T.O.

  4. I am confused on Jets personnel choices… you have people out there like Donte Stallworth, TO, Brylon Edwards and others they still choose the receivers that cannot catch when they are open and not get open when they need to. Jets have no threats on offense and have to scramble for everything. Kudos to them for scrambling but they need skill players on offense (receivers, Tight Ends and running backs).

    If you aren’t going to shore up the skill positions then let Tebow cause chaos and make things happen in unorthodox ways. I don’t like Sanchez but he does not cause confusion he plays the position like a “normal” QB, with the skills they have they need chaos.

    Thought they played their hearts out last night but they don’t have the skills to be competitive. If Rex really believes this is his best team ever, he needs to go as a coach because he can’t evaluate talent. I believe that was for the media and behind close doors he is begging for help.

  5. I am an Eagles fan and live in Central Jersey. I have never actually laughed at an NFL team’s on-field product until now. The Jets are a mess. Sanchez is going down in flames and part of it is that he has no one to throw to.

    I thought it was a joke last week when Rex dismissed the idea of signing Plaxico in favor of signing younger, faster and unproven stiffs.

    It is time to sign T.O., or someone similar, if they have any chance of having a winning record.

  6. So is Chad, Plaxico, Kellen Winslow (really a receiver)….. So many to choose from!

  7. The Jets possibly are resisting due to concerns that Owens’ presence would confirm the existence of a circus in New York.
    To that statement, Rex & Sanchez is the circus of New York. IMO, TO could compliment that circus amongst that QB rival.

  8. Terrell Owens is part of a different type of Circus. Owens is Barnum & Baileys and the Jets are Uncle Rexy’s Zoo Crew, 2 different levels that don’t mix. I would rather see Owens retire and never play another game than play for a team like the Jets. T.O. already played for the only New York team that counts, Jersey is not a good market for a home anyway. Its bad enough Favre tarnished his career there, T.O. stay away!

  9. I still don’t understand why they didn’t re-sign Plax… was it a locker room thing? He wasn’t in pre-leg-shooting gmen form but he was still a serviceable red zone threat who had a handful of good games.

  10. They need to go get somebody. They should go get Plax, Chad and T.O. And draft some folks from prison to get in the O-line.

    The Jets are in trouble by attrition.

  11. This is how you know you’re blackballed in the league. The Jets have receivers that wouldn’t make some rosters getting significant playing time over giving T.O., Chad, and Plax a shot.

  12. Hey Jets!! I am also available! I can’t really throw or catch, or turn around in under 3 seconds, but I do know how many men should be on the field at any given time, and to not keep trying to pass directly over the 6’8″ defender with a 3 foot vertical leap. Let me know when your HC spot opens up.

  13. We confirmed the existence of a circus in NY long ago, so may as well give him a shot. Tebow at QB and TO at receiver. As bad as that would be the ratings would be huge.

  14. I hope Rex Ryan is thinking about it. I wanted him to sign up Ranny Moss, but he’s been taken.Tobow should be the QB. Rex should stop feeling sorry for Sanchez. Bench him.

  15. They should sign all of them- TO, Chad Johnson, Plaxico, Kellen Winslow Jr, all of them.

    4 pro-rated, veteran’s minimum deals. Then have a contest- the last 3 weeks of the season, the fans get to vote one of them of off the team based on performance/attitude, distractions, etc., and whichever one is left gets an invite to training camp the following season.

    Between that and the competition for the #1 draft pick might actually keep things interesting at the end of the year.

  16. I doubt TO is much better than the “no name” wideouts on the roster. With all else being equal, it’s better to develop a young player that may or may not have a future, than to bring in TO, who definitely has no future. The only exception would be to bring in a vet that can help school the younger players – but TO isn’t that type of vet.

  17. Instead of using such a public forum as Twitter, that just draws attention, he should have wrote a letter to the GM and coach to ask for a job. I think TO can still play and the Jets need a decent WR

  18. T.O. not a bad player he just talk to much he talk himself out of a job. You just can’t go and tell the coaches and everybody else what to do. T.O. you not the only player on the team, you just go on the job don’t speak til spoken to, if they don’t throw you the ball that’s alright to be a team player not the team jerk.

  19. T.O. drops a lot of balls, I don’t see how he is going to help a team that’s passing issue was definitely drops on Monday Night.

  20. There is nothing sadder than a prima diva that has hit bottom and resorting to begging for a job. All those years (when he was good) people who had to put up with his nonsense are now silent.

    Like the country song says, ” If your phone don’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.”

  21. Please please please do this, Jets! TO needs a paycheck, Woody needs better ratings, Sanchez needs a receiver, and we NFL fans always enjoy a circus.

  22. Hey Jets…I’m available, too. I don’t have any arms and I’m confined to a wheelchair, but my “Little Rascal” electric wheelchair can help me create separation, and the basket on the front is a huge target that even Mark Sanchez can’t miss. Call my Mom…she’s my agent…and let’s make this happen!!

  23. No matter what the media wants, it’s just not gonna happen.
    Get over it already.

  24. Getting open wasn’t the reason the last team dumped TO, it was his not catching the ball. If the Jets want short term help at receiver, why not sign one that already knows Rex’s system….like Plaxico

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