Tebow gets seven snaps, exits in goal-line situation

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The Jets continue to stumble when it comes to devising the proper strategy for using quarterback Tim Tebow.

Amid rampant reports and speculation that the Jets would make extensive use out of Tebow on Monday night against the Texans, Tebow was involved in only seven snaps.

And, as Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com points out, Tebow exited one play after a 13-yard run took the ball to the Houston three early in the third quarter of the 23-17 loss.  Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez returned, he threw a pair of incomplete passes, and the Jets settled for a field goal.

So what did Mr. There’s Only One Person That Carries The Ball Right Here have to say after the game?  “I was hoping with a few opportunities I could have punched one of those in,” Tebow said.

That’s the closest Tebow has come to saying anything other than what he thinks he needs to say.

What about the fact that Tebow was warming up extensively before the game?  Per Cimini, Tebow said it was out of boredom.

Again, that’s a mild departure from the Buddy the Elf script.  Though Tebow has yet to take a giant step out of character, the combination of frustration, boredom, and the unrelenting New York media eventually could get Tebow to crack.

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  1. Great picture of Tebow celebrating some personal success during another team loss. Classy.

    As for the “proper strategy” for using Tebow, maybe they did get right. After all, three different NFL coaching staffs (McDaniels, Fox, Ryan) have worked with this guy every day and decided he doesn’t belong on the field. When will the media understand this?

  2. egh. Enough already about Tebow cracking. Even if he does – who cares.

    Now, wtf was Stankfoot thinking leaving low release point in there? That’s the question.

  3. Amid speculation? Who speculated? Media is upset that the Jets do not take their advice..you know.. guys that never played.. never coached.. were never player personnel directors … you know the self appointed know it alls…

  4. just a gut feeling, but i think the jets coaching staff aren’t playing tebow because of their offensive personnel. in denver, tebow had a fast, fluid offensive line who could move and run block, receivers and tight ends who could block – and that’s what you need to run a tebow offense. the jets have none of that.

  5. Mrplow3,

    The Jets tried Tebow in a goal line situation a couple of weeks ago and he took a loss on the play. Make sure you factor in speed and quickness into your physics equation. Your math isn’t adding up on the field. I mean Tebow is such a bad QB that Sanchez is keeping him on the bench. That speaks volumes. Tebow had his moment last year, but his career will never improve from this point forward. N0 matter how badly he wants to play.

  6. As a Texans fans I was stunned they did not leave in Tebow to run the ball at the goal line.

    Why did they even trade for this guy if not to use him in those situations?

  7. Just plain lousy play-calling.

    Not Sanchez or Tebow’s fault. We need a new offensiive coordinator, plain and simple.

  8. Tebow has been running for TDs in goal-line situations since he was 10 years old. He’s built exactly for that situation. To take him out was plain-old stupid- even if it worked.

    I’m trying to find out why they even picked Tebow up if they don’t use him for goal-line situations. I mean, why pick him up as an option? You could have just let the Jaguars pick him up. They surely needs him right now.

  9. This is one reason why I believe Chad Henne is a better QB than he’s shown. Sparono and comnpany used to do the same thing in Miami. Henne would get on a roll, then they’d bring in the Wildcat and lose 3 yards….killing the drive.

    Tebow would have a better chance at getting in than Sanchez.

  10. Ok….I think Tim’s public image is nicely polished…..but truthfully the guy sounds like an arrogant dick in the linked video, and in the incident when he told whatever CB intercepted him that “you know you got lucky.”

    I guess the humbleness his church preaches only has to be superficial.

  11. Pulling Tebow at the 3 was pretty stupid. I hate the Jets, but I dislike poor play calling even more in a close game like that. Your 47% passer Sanchez was exactly what you would expect, and they “settled” for a FG, and the loss.

    Ask Sanchez today would he rather have had the touchdown from Tebow, or the pat on the back from Ryan while he says “maybe next time”?

  12. This is exactly why people say Tebow is not a real NFL QB. Think of what we are arguing here. Who should get a goal line carry from the 3.

    He simply is a FB or TE that WANTS to play QB and has been allowed to for years. But there is no more hype…he is NOT an NFL QB. Plain and simple. He is a gimmick play or a FB play…no two ways about it.

  13. Do you not understand why the NFL moved Tebow from the Broncos to the Jets? It was to get him OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT. Every Sunday, he talked of Jesus. Tebow was the centerpoint of the NFL. IT’S TOUGH TO SELL BEER WHEN THE STAR OF THE GAME IS TALKING ABOUT FAITH. The NFL wants its superstars in the limelight: Brady, Manning, etc. These guys sell jerseys. Tebow is perceived as BAD FOR BUSINESS. That is exactly why you have not seen him featured on the Jets, and you will not, unless Sanchez gets hurt, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE JETS STINK IT UP.

  14. It’s amazing how much hype there was attached to the Tebow signing, most of it promulgated not by the media, but by the Jets themselves. They talked in about all the exotic possibilities that Tebow presents, and how he’s a unique weapon that would be a difference maker for them….and now 5 games into the season it’s clear they have no clue how to use him. Once again, Rex Ryan’s ego writes checks his ability can’t cash.

  15. This just makes no sense and is so jets. The one thing Timmy can do is run for short yardage. So, the jests take him out to put in the pick machine.
    Tony hasn’t a clue as an O.C. and am glad he’s there.

  16. I am hear to eat crow. When I’m wrong I admit it. I had Sanchez, before the season started, being replaced by game 5 (if he did not produce and the Jets had a losing record).

    Sanchez made it and looks to start game 6 wherever that is? My bad.

    I will say this in his favor, his receivers looked clueless. Its not all on him. One guy fell flat on his face, one guy just watched the ball go by rather than even attempt to catch it and there were a few more passes that were just flat dropped so it ain’t all him.

    The Jets need more than just a Sanchez replacement they need coaching to get these guys to run the right routes and play the game.

  17. I dont know if Tebow would have been an improvement between the 20s./ But coinsidering the Jets made it to the red zone twice, including once to the 3(and using Tebow for one just one run?) and came up with a net point total of ZERO (gave away a FG on the INT return, and scored a FG on the second one), one would have thought Tebow could have easily scored 10 points with those 2 opportunities and maybe 14 if he was inserted in the full red zone package instead of the confused bungling from snap to snap where they were burning timeouts.

    It is inexcusable that the Jet blew a great chance to upset the Texans who inexplicably let the Jets remain in the game with some bad secondary play.

  18. Nothing against Kaepernick and Im a big Niner fan, Tim doesnt have the horses in front of him that Colin has so it makes sense that Kaepernick would out-Tebow Tebow. If Tim was behind the line in San Francisco, there would be no reason to throw the ball more then probably 10 times a game. Between the 1-2-3 punch of Gore/Jacobs and Tebow and then the occasional slash running of Hunter and James….that would be a completely unstoppable backfield. BORING AS HELL TO WATCH….but completely unstoppable.

  19. Guess what.as a diehard jetsfan and season ticket holder from Florida. Rex will be on his way out because of Sanchez.. Sanchez can not read a defense yes he has a shaky line.and less talent at the receiving core but you have to step it up as an elite QB at this level ….highpasses and unacurate passes cannot happen.Cumberland / Cromartie…adjust your passes away from Mr. Watt……….audible your runs away from him….Rex love him so much he and Sanchez will be else where….Renowned is not the future but brings a different style and passion. He’s. a winner no matter how you look at it……….go jets jets…..

  20. As a Dolphin Fan, I never thought I’d feel sorry for Jet’s fans, but I do. We had to experience Tony Sporano’s incompetence for years in Miami so we feel your pain. Sporano knows NOTHING about running an offense. He didn’t even design the Wildcat in Miami, his old O.C. and WR coach did that. He is a QB killer (ask Chad Henne). Sanchez should hope to get traded or released so he can play in an offense that understands the NFL.

  21. Has anyone noticed that for Mark Sanchez to exit the game from around the 10 yard line, he has to sprint about 40 yards to get to the sideline, then after the 1 Tebow play, he has to sprint another 40 yards to get back to the huddle?

    I just always see him out of breath now, and that cant be a good thing in the huddle before a big play near the goal line..

  22. I don’t know what the media wants more, Tebow to play, or him to not be the good person everyone says he is. I think it’s pretty clear that this is just who he is. He’s human, you know he wants to play. Why can’t we just leave it at that instead of trying to make news when he said he wished he would have scored?

  23. i dont understand the logic of bringing him in for the express purpose of building hype around a set of plays that you obviously arent going to run much of for a player that you obviously dont intend to use much. teams arent using/wasting time preparing for plays and a player that only gets used sparingly and gets taken out even when he makes a great play (thinking of when he came in for one play against us and ran for 22 yds, never to see the field again…even when the game was out of reach). your offensive weapons are dropping like flies and the season is going to slip away from you soon. why bring in the distraction and circus that is tim tebow for such limited benefit?…especially when the coaching staff is the reason he’s limited.

  24. Tony Sparano is responsible for this offensve mess.
    He was no different in Miami, he isn’t going to change. That game last night was a joke with all the trick plays, no wonder Steve Young called it “cute”.

  25. “Though Tebow has yet to take a giant step out of character, the combination of frustration, boredom, and the unrelenting New York media eventually could get Tebow to crack.”

    I hope so. that would be entertaining!

  26. I am starting to hear clown music in my head every time I read an article about this team.

    Why in the world did they trade for this guy? Did they really send a draft pick to Denver for a guy to be the “personal protector” for the punter?

    I’m not much of a fan of Tebow as an every down QB, but he certainly has positive attributes to bring to the team and the Jets are utilizing none of them.

  27. “the combination of frustration, boredom, and the unrelenting New York media eventually could get Tebow to crack.” = wishful thinking by the media

  28. The Jets offense looked terrible out there with a lot of confusion between Sanchez and the overhyped fullback sometimes out there at the same time. The Jets out-thought themselves.

  29. And how funny that Tebow threw a perfectly thrown bomb last night … right in the breadbasket … and it was flat out dropped. Nice one, Jet.

  30. If the Jets coaches used Tebow properly (you know, like letting him run the ball when its 1st and goal from the 3 yard line), we’d all be talking about how the Jets upset the Texans. Tebow isn’t ever going to be a very good traditional QB. However, he can be a great weapon….if the coaches know how to use him. It’s painfully obvious the Jets don’t. Yes, the fake punt worked beautifully. But Tebow could have done so much more if given the chance last night. I’m almost certain the Jets would have gotten a TD if they’d kept Tebow on the field in this situation. He can’t throw the ball well, but Tebow is hard to bring down when he only needs 3 yards. I’d like to thank the Jets coaching staff for helping us win the game.
    BULLS ON PARADE!!! JJ Swatt strikes again!

  31. The Jets have an incompetent HC and GM. Their season is lost. Thanks to them, the Jets are neither steak or sizzle just D List performers.

  32. “They ran Tebow on first and goal from the three and he got stuffed.”

    No sh*t, Sherlock. Do you stop running just because a runner got stuffed on one play? They had two more downs and considering they have difficulty scoring, I would have made it a 4 down thing.

    Not to mention, the coaches seemed confused on what playcall to relay to the field before that play. And let’s not even get into wasting a person on Sanchez in that specific situation. Houston didn’t fall for the decoy WR thing. You get to the 3, Tebow is your best choice to get the ball in on 4 tries.

  33. What ever happened to that “nyjalleffinday” guy that used to comment on these posts? I seem to remeber his trash talk after all of those Week 2 Super Bowls the Jets won the past few years.

    2009-2012 NY Jets – the first and only Week 2 (and offseason blabber) NFL Dynasty in history.

  34. I don’t get some people, do you watch the games or just like to comment? He WAS kept in after that longer run to the 3 yard line and on 1st and goal tried it again and he got stuffed for a 1 yard loss. Actually he got stuffed for a loss quite a few times this year cuz everyone knows that he can’t throw at all and the D just focuses on stopping the run. The media is so pissed that the Jets aren’t doing what they want and starting Tebow. Best thing Rex ever said was “We won’t let the media dictate his playing time” and they are sticking to it so far, but they’ll continue trying like heck to get that changed and play the most over hyped player of all times.

  35. I think the Jets players are getting sick of Ryan’s blow hard style. Every year under Ryan the team underperforms a little more. There are talented people on that team but they just don’t have good leadership.

  36. Sounds like to me the Jets are more afraid of the media attention if Tebow would had scored than of losing.

  37. Sucks to be Sanchez. Sucks to be Tebow. Neither one seem to be the answer. Sanchez just looked awful and seemed to be Hell bent on passing to Watts all night instead of his own receivers.

    Rex seems simply clueless as to finding an answer. Maybe another job for him is the answer.

  38. righton989 is correct . . . to a point . . . you need to include the offensive coordinator in the discussion . . . . .does anyone wonder how Sanchez would do if he had an offensive line and receivers that could start on any other team . . . . it isn’t easy to throw when you are running for your life or your receivers would all be special team players on other teams . . . . what if Sanchez could play with the Packers offense for a week or two . . . just wondering

  39. Nobody tells Rex what to do. I think he puts Tebow in these ridiculous one off situations to show us all how right he is for sticking with Sanchez

  40. Tim who? Every time you blow smoke up this non-starter’s butt, you spit on Pat Tillman’s grave. Shame on the NFL and shame on the people who perpetuate this disservice to a true, American football HERO – Pat Tillman.

  41. Tebow would represent an upgrade at QB for the following teams this season:

    STL, CLE, KC, MIA, JAX, SEA, CAR, BUF, TEN, ARI, MINN & DAL all could use better QB’ing and leadership…

  42. Time for Tebow to dethrone Satan(aka. The QB with a 66.6 rating) and fulfill his destiny of setting the Jets back another 40 years.

  43. crappygovernment says:
    Oct 9, 2012 3:42 PM
    Tebow would represent an upgrade at QB for the following teams this season:

    STL, CLE, KC, MIA, JAX, SEA, CAR, BUF, TEN, ARI, MINN & DAL all could use better QB’ing and leadership…

    Tebow couldn’t hold half these QB’s jock straps!
    You honestly would rather have Tim Tebow over Christian Ponder!! Cam Newton isn’t having the season he had last year, but I would rather have Cam Newton in Tebows bread and butter goal to go situations. I would easily pick Bradford, Tannehill, Fitpatrick and Romo over Tebow.

    Tebow is not a real QB. When you have twice as many rushing attempts as passing attempts you’re not an NFL QB.

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