Brandon Jacobs admits frustration at not playing yet


Normally, you’d have to peel Brandon Jacobs off the ceiling for a game like this week’s 49ers-Giants matchup.

But because he hasn’t done much to contribute to the effort, the current 49ers and former Giants running back was subdued when asked about the rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game.

It would be different if things were different, put it that way,” Jacobs said, via Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “I don’t have any thoughts on it.”


Jacobs’ reaction has everything to do with the fact he hasn’t played this year, after a preseason knee injury.

He said he was ready to play last week, but when he was held out it clearly put a damper on a normally fiery personality.

“How many times have you seen me [on the field] this year?” Jacobs asked rhetorically.

Asked if he was well enough to play, Jacobs replied:  “I feel great. I feel phenomenal. My leg is as fresh as yours.”

He admits friustration, despite the way the season’s gone.

“Oh, very,” Jacobs said. “Because I don’t know anything. I don’t know what’s what. But I’m hanging in there, I’m working every day, doing what I have to do. Let’s say I’m just working and doing what I have to do and that’s that.

“I’ve learned over the years when you open your mouth and say certain things, it hurts you, so I’m just going to shut up and keep working.”

And if he didn’t play against his old team?

“It would disappoint me a lot,” Jacobs said. “But like I said, it’s not my call.”

Coach Jim Harbaugh said earlier in the day “Nothing’s wrong, except nothing’s wrong.”

Now he at least has something to worry about.

27 responses to “Brandon Jacobs admits frustration at not playing yet

  1. The Niners should trade Jacobs to the Cardinals, they need a running back or 2. Baloney John, he was never a beast at 265 lbs – not a bad player, but could have been a lot better/physical.

  2. He can’t be frustrated at anyone by himself, he chose to go for more money than the right situation when signing with the 49ers.

    If he didn’t tippy toe so many times behind the line more team would have after his services, he thought he was a scat back trying to be cute instead of using his size to his advantage.

  3. Posters on here obviously never played a down of organized football in their lives. Jacobs wasn’t brought to SF to solve any running back problem. He was brought there to put SF over the top from a mental, lockerroom, been-there/done-that standpoint. As long as that egomaniac Harbag suits up one scrub over Jacobs for no other reason than to show how smart a coach he is, SF is not tapping into Jacobs’ greatest attribute and the reason they signed him in the first place…heart and experience.

  4. @justintuckrule, anyone who brought Jacobs in trying to get a mental or locker room edge would be mistaken. If he had those attributes, the Giants would have kept him. Harbaugh knows what he has, which is a complainer on team that is playoff bound. Jacobs needs to shut up or he’ll get cut.

  5. You have only been held out 1 game while have been healthy. shut up and wait, obviously the niners are doing fine without you. dont be the braylon edwards of last year and get cut.

  6. Gore and Hunter are 1 and 2 RB’s in the NFC for yards per carry. Maybe he should have stayed with the Giants….oh wait they have the 3 and 4 RB’s. Oh well, I still hope he gets on the field a little.

  7. As a 49er fan all I can say is that while I’m mystified by the fact that they aren’t using Jacobs and Moss the way I thought, I wish Brandon would just be patient and not practice the art of complaining without you know, actually complaining.

    They haven’t needed him, but I believe Moss and Jacobs will eventually have their time to contribute.

  8. I like Jacobs.

    Everyone gets pissed at players and coaches who have “big mouths” – WHY? So what? – They’re natural born competitors. Every player in the league should think they’re the best player in the league and want to start over EVERYONE. If Jacobs was a Raven and he felt he could start over Rice – That’s natural.

    He’s a good RB who could be starting right now on a few teams. Just sucks he is a RB on a stacked team with 2 guys who have been there a few years already.

  9. Brandon Jacobs was one of those guys that talks bigger than he plays. I watched the Giants the last few years and 214 lb Bradshaw ran with twice the power between the tackles.

    I hope twinkle toes gets more carries in division games just means their beast Gore is gashing everybody.

  10. davikes says:
    Oct 10, 2012 8:06 PM
    @justintuckrule, anyone who brought Jacobs in trying to get a mental or locker room edge would be mistaken. If he had those attributes, the Giants would have kept him. Harbaugh knows what he has, which is a complainer on team that is playoff bound. Jacobs needs to shut up or he’ll get cut.


    giants have a locker room full of lombardi winners, why would they need another one? niners had none, so they brought in two.

  11. Once LMJ is active, Jacobs will be an afterthought. I can’t wait to see LaMichael James play for the Niners.

  12. Before everybody goes off on Brandon Jacobs for saying he has a big mouth and all that……Harbaugh already commented about Jacobs stating even though HE (Jacobs) says he’s ready Harbaugh said you could see a little hold over from his injury. Harbaugh is protecting his big man from himself so that he can completely heal. Jacobs just wants to be a part and contribute to the success. And it’s likely Harbaugh intentionally is saving this game against the Giants as Jacobs’ inaugural game in a new uniform.

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