Chiefs owner Clark Hunt defends his fanbase


Chiefs right tackle Eric Winston had his say about Chiefs fans Sunday, and stood by it Monday.

The guy who signs Winston’s checks weighed in today, defending the bulk of his customers.

While Winston raged about the cheers he heard when quarterback Matt Cassel went down with a concussion, Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said those cheers came from a small few.

Hunt issued a statement, via the team’s official website, which said:

“Over the last few days, there has been a lot of talk about our fans, and I feel like it’s important to set the record straight.

“I know our fans. They are passionate, hardworking, loyal, educated football fans, and they are the heart and soul of the Arrowhead experience. They know cheering an injury to anyone in any stadium is unacceptable.

“I want to make it perfectly clear:

“A small few who may have cheered when Matt went down do not accurately represent the best fans in the National Football League. Period.”

As Winston said when he acknowledged it wasn’t 70,000, it doesn’t matter if it was 7,000 or 700. One is too many.

40 responses to “Chiefs owner Clark Hunt defends his fanbase

  1. Either Clark actually does care or he just knows what good PR is. Whatever it is, it shows that he’s at least paying attention, which is more than what most people give him credit for.

  2. “As Winston said when he acknowledged it wasn’t 70,000, it doesn’t matter if it was 7,000 or 700. One is too many.”

    give me a freaking break. so you’re saying if ONE fan cheered the injury, that KC deserves this continued criticism? that is INSANE. its football, and there are drunk fans. this is going to happen, and it could happen in any city. you guys really need to step down from your box already.

  3. “One is too many.”

    Talking about KC fans? Agreed. There isn’t even one person in the world that would be delusional enough to make themselves actively root for this team.

  4. I believe a good part of the reason the fans were cheering when Cassel was hurt was the fact that Brady Quinn was seen warming up and preparing to enter the ball game, something, that without the injury, was apparently not going to happen! That there was going to be a change at quarterback was, in my opinion, what prompted the cheers, not that they were excited to see an individual hurt. They just knew that an injury was the only way the change was going to occur!

  5. I was at a Patriots game in the late 80’s when Tony Eason got hurt and many fans including myself cheered because we preferred to see Steve Grogan instead.

    I want to personally apologize to Mr. Eason today because I was wr-wr-wr-wr-wr-

  6. I don’t know how it’s going to get there, but somehow Philly fans are going to wind up getting bashed in this thread for no good reason.

  7. People are dreaming if they think they can silence the all too vocal silent minority. Those types of people always find a way to be heard and everyone is making a big mistake even acknowledging their existance. Expect to hear from them a lot in the future.

  8. know our fans. They are passionate, hardworking, loyal, educated football fans

    Which is why Clark should clean out his front office. And I don’t mean by picking up candy wrappers.

  9. But when a few bad apple Raiders fans throw batteries or someone is stabbed in a parking lot, the entire Raider Nation is maligned and the organization is demonized. Of course Hunt is going to stick up for the fans, he needs ticket sales. You might notice how he seemingly neglected to come to Cassell’s defense. The QB is a payee not a payer. This is not news, it’s a PR stunt.

  10. KC still have a football team???

    I thought the only claim to fame was the name of the AFC trophy and that whole “matriculate it down the field boys!!” thing.

  11. In related news….Clark spent the rest of the day counting the $27M he is under the Salary Cap.

    What a joke of a man.

  12. This damage control should have came Monday when the the whole country was talking about it. But as someone said, it probably just made Clark’s Dallas morning newspaper.
    To little to late and no mention of any of the real issues surrounding this team.
    Take charge or sell!

  13. There are dumb fans out there for every team.

    Look at all the people that bought Tavaris Jackson jerseys over the years…

  14. While its tactless to cheer under any circumstances when a player is injured, let’s get real.

    Thumbs up if you think Chief fans were cheering because they desperately want a change at QB

    Thumbs down if you think Chiefs fans were cheering because they take pleasure at seeing members of their team suffer head trauma

    Let’s end this stupid media cycle demonizing Chiefs fans as something they are not.

  15. Clarks biggest problem is his GM and staff are not good at drafting the right guys. Same way in free agency. They could have gone aggressively after Mike Tolbert or Michael Busch. But what do they do???? They sign the often injured Peyton Hillis who by the way is injured again and has missed the last 2 games. So now they continue to wear out Charles who is getting 30 carries a game (way tooo many for a 199 pound back). Same way by signing Cassel to a 6 year deal. What a disaster that has turned out to be.

  16. It’s comical you clowns on here taking the moral high ground against Chief fans. Most of you idiots just troll these articles to bash any team you don’t root for. I see such spelling gems like Cheifs, prolly and supposebly. He’ll, I doubt most of you geniuses have a high school education . News flash: I don’t care what you morons think of us! What are you going to do? Not move to KC because you don’t like us? Waaaa, hurt my feelings

  17. Does anyone else think Winston sounded a bit feminine & over-dramatic when he made his statement? It reminded me of a teenage girl, “OMG!” “Can you believe what they did?”

  18. Fans can be brutal to their sports teams when they dont perform its part of the game albeit a classless part.

  19. These are statements that should have been put out on Monday, not today. And, they should have put a muzzle on Winston on Monday as well. Instead Winston speaks to the Houston press, and keeps this thing going. Worst run team in football. Embarrassing!!! At least we have a QB change, for now.

  20. Clark Hunt is a little too late in addressing the KC fans. His words may have mattered had they came out of his mouth Sunday eve or Monday when this was blowing up on tv or the internet but not now…and the release today is a simple footnote. Thing is, us Chiefs fans already knew what the deal was…that there were a few drunken buffoons cheering Cassel’s injury. We also knew that while the underlying sentiment within Eric Winston’s non-eloquently put statement was right (don’t cheer for an injury) – his method of delivery and broad brush strokes were completely inaccurate. The fans knew this. So Clark’s words don’t resonate.

    All his words today showed was that he knows that he is (and has been) alienating his fans and that he better kiss their collective booty in the most non financial way possible.

    When it comes down to it…it’s money. That’s the only reason he came out today. Not because he wanted to ensure that the collective psyche of his fan base was okay…just their wallets.

  21. Glad you weighed in on this thing, Clark but where ya been? Let’s see…you’re 1-4…the team is playing horribly…you’ve got a crisis at QB…the offense is in shambles. This boil on the Chiefs tailbone has been festering for days. Think it’s time to circle the wagons yet??

    Why hasn’t Scott Pioli weighed in as well? Seems to me like it’s time for a full court press.

  22. I heard from a friend that traveled there from Baltimore that there were 15K empty seats or so. I guess there weren’t 70K there. It was evident it was more than a few, it was loud & pronounced on TV. You stay classy KC!!

  23. I admit it, it was me! I was cheering. Now damn me to hell for my actions! The world can now begin turning again!

  24. “A small few who may have cheered when Matt went down do not accurately represent the best fans in the National Football League. Period.”

    True story. It does represent Chiefs fans though.

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