Jim Harbaugh wants the 49ers to stay paranoid

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We got a vintage performance from Tom Coughlin on Wednesday when the coach of the defending Super Bowl champions reached into his well-worn motivational bag of tricks to opine that no one thinks his team can beat the 49ers.

Jim Harbaugh has responded with a good performance of his own. The 49ers coach isn’t too comfortable with everyone saying good things about his team in the wake of two straight thrashings of AFC East foes and referenced Andy Grove’s book Only the Paranoid Survive when discussing the mindset that he wants his team to have when everyone’s blowing smoke up their rear ends.

“Nothing’s wrong, except nothing’s wrong. It’s scary good — scary good. The law of averages say that you’re not going to keep getting the breaks, not going to stay at that spot. But if you understand the concept of scary good, then you got a chance,” Harbaugh said, via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com “Stay on your toes, keep your guard up, stay paranoid and come out here every day and do what you believe in, which is the preparation.”

It seems that Harbaugh would like to be able to play the nobody believes in us card that Coughlin played so deftly, but the fact they are favored and at home would make such an attempt even more dubious than Coughlin’s. At least to the outside world. All that matters is how this plays in the locker room and both coaches have shown a pretty good ability to push the right buttons at the right time.

Harbaugh also addressed Coughlin’s claim about everyone picking the 49ers to win the game.

“I think that’s probably an exaggeration,” Harbaugh said, via Tom Rock of Newsday.

Good stuff. Hopefully it only gets better when the two teams hit the field.

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  1. “I hate to be defended in the newspaper. As long as all that is said is said against me, I feel a certain assurance of success. But as soon as honeyed words of praise are spoken for me, I feel as though that I am one that is unprotected against my enemies.”

    R.W.Emerson, via JH

  2. I’ll be shocked if this is NOT a good game. Eli is usually scary good when it matters most and the Giants know how to play some D. I hope Manningham has a nice day vs. his old team.

  3. If any player on either team needs extra motivation then they need to be cut. In the end I see the 49er defense stopping the Giant offense more times than the Giants defense stops the 49er offense. 49ers by 10.

  4. No Jim an exaggeration is… well I think those have been overly documented by now. Truth be told most people are foolishly giving the Giants no chance. Coughlin’s bit is still over the top because he acts like they are just being blatantly disrespected vs the fact they haven’t played to their potential but that can also change on any given Sunday and everyone knows the Giants can go from cryogenic to white hot in the blink of an eye. Regardless of what happened in the NFCCG or so far this season the game is very dangerous for both teams. I will say this though in that the Giants better start off well because I can’t see the niners letting the giants come back if they go on top quick like CLE and TB did. It’s not meant as disrespect to the Giants as much as it is just a completely different caliber in defenses

  5. Harbaugh isn’t “playing a card”. He’s maintaining a theme that he started when the Niners started getting good last year–that success will lead to failure if you let your guard down and stop working hard.

  6. I’ll be sitting at the 30 yard line 16 rows up with my harem feeding me grapes while I watch the gladiators tussle.

    Nobody seems to mentioning the fact that the G-Men have ZERO run threat against the Niners. Fangio goes dime all day and Eli throws at least 2 picks. Niners should win convincingly. In fact – I don’t see them losing another game this year.

  7. There was equal 49er hype prior to the Vikings game. Nobody gave Minn a chance (that I heard of anyway) and we see how that turned out. That being said, that may have been the proverbial “wake-up call” for the 49ers as they’ve looked even better the last 2 weeks than they did the first 2 weeks. Niner fan here and if there’s one team I have a tough time dismissing so readily, the G-men are it.

  8. Zero ha?

    Did Bradshaw have 20 yards or 200 yards last week? The Giants don’t need to rush for 150 yards on SF. They can pass on that suspect secondary all game, just as they did both games vs. SF last year. Counting on Eli INTs is laughable.

  9. These two teams have respect for each other because they’re both legit.

    The 49ers have been bad for almost a decade, but Jim Harbaugh has turned this ship around. Even if you don’t like his personality, a reasonable fan of the NFL has to give him credit for results. And this team is as dangerous right now as it’s ever been – the 49ers’ offense is poised for a breakthrough and just became the first in NFL history to pile up 300 yards passing AND 300 yards rushing in the same game.

    The Giants have won 2 Superbowls in the last 5 years, and Eli owns Brady as badly as Brady used to own Peyton. They underachieve at times, but a reasonable fan outside of the NFC East has to admit that the Giants have been the best team in that division, and come playoffs one of the best teams in the NFL, for at least that long.

    Both games last year were close, and this one should be close too. Hopefully the remaining fans of both teams who don’t yet have respect for the other will gain it, after a third installment of the contemporary renewal of one of professional sports’ most memorable and enjoyable rivalries.

  10. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Oct 10, 2012 7:17 PM
    Zero ha?

    Did Bradshaw have 20 yards or 200 yards last week? The Giants don’t need to rush for 150 yards on SF. They can pass on that suspect secondary all game, just as they did both games vs. SF last year. Counting on Eli INTs is laughable.
    A little insecure? (have to post three times!!)
    Let the Gints beat someone of substance not Cleveland, Tampa, and Carolina.
    Lost to two quality teams in Dallas and Philly.
    Puhleez. Get outta here.

  11. eli just managed to have 300 yds in the NFCCG in 58 attempts and he had 2 INT in the week 10 loss..but i guess thats considered “being able to pass all over that secondary.”

  12. This game is going to be a classic. The one matchup that scares me is the Giants secondary vs The Niners wideouts. Giants offense vs Niners d is strength vs strength. Glad to see the Niners back from mediocrity. Wish my team was 100% but oh well, man up G-Men!

  13. I don’t have a dog in this fight (sorry Vick fans) but it should be a good game. SF is a very good team but the guy who posted they are not going to lose another game this season…. I wouldn’t bet on that. They’ll probably go 13-3 or 12-4. They’ll have trouble with NE. The Giants may get them. They’ll lose one division game. If Cutler can avoid his usual it’s dark out and I’m playing on the road problems, the Bears might threaten them. Not disrespect to SF they are very good but they are not without flaws.

  14. 49ers will be Super Bowl winners is year. Are there any more Harbaugh brothers to coach the Jets? We need a real coach. Enough talk.

  15. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Oct 10, 2012 6:57 PM
    the Giants don’t get behind on good teams. They spot bad teams points. Or have you not been paying attention?

    they “spot” bad team points? you sir are Mr. wrong and need to pull your head out of your a$$

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