No Polamalu or Woodley for Steelers Thursday night


After finally getting a pair of key defenders back last week, the Steelers will be without two this week.

The Steelers have ruled safety Troy Polamalu (calf) and linebacker Lamarr Woodley (hamstring) out for Thursday’s game at the Titans, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Neither practiced Wednesday before the team left for Nashville. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin termed Woodley’s injury “mild” on Monday.

Linebackers James Harrison and Stevenson Sylvester were listed as probable, along with running back Rashard Mendenhall.

Harrison and Polamalu came back to play for the first time last week. Polamalu didn’t make it through the game. But while Tomlin said he wanted to rotate Harrison in to keep him fresh in his first game back from knee problems, Harrison played every snap against the Eagles.

22 responses to “No Polamalu or Woodley for Steelers Thursday night

  1. I’m starting to think this is the end of the road for troy. But man its hard to believe. Cause watching ryan mundy back there is really painful. Hes not very good. How about giving will allen a shot. Lets see if he has what it takes!

  2. The Post after the game will be:

    “No Polamalu or Woodley for Steelers Thursday night, No Problem”

    Big Ben leads the Steelers to 24 first half points as the Steelers go on their way to pound the lowly Titans…

  3. Was just thinking Monday night that it seems lately every NFL play ends with someone rolling around on the ground injured. It’s certainly not unique to Steelers–nor to Polamalu. Anyone can aggravate a calf injury. As long as Troy’s still a game-changer while he’s on the field, I’ll keep him. Hate to lose Woodley (and it’s LaMarr, not Lamarr). But at least they’ll have 10 days to recuperate after tomorrow night.

  4. Boy that was quick. Thanks for the one game this year Troy. Perhaps next year you can make it through two games…Please retire before you stain your awsome legacy…

  5. Why do people act like Troy should retire every time he gets hurt? Its the same for Ed Reed. As long as they’re healthy everything is ok, as soon as there’s an injury it’s time to retire.

  6. @jarvis1104…hasnt been just 1 injury dude. This is on going. Im sure most of it is because of how tenacious he plays. He now is on the bench mire than he is playing. We’ll see how this season plays out. But right now this could be his last hurrah if he doesnt play the 2nd half of the season and stay healthy. Time to start grooming his replacement. Whoever that is. We dont know yet.

  7. Stick a fork in Troy. Woodley will be next to rustup in classic Steeler fashion. Too old and way overrated. Losing to the raiders, pathetic. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them lose tomorrow as well.

  8. If you watched the game, Troy looked very fast and covered a lot of ground. It was sad to see him pull up again.

    Let’s hope it is just a setback.

    Ed Reed has at least 2 season ending injuries per game. Let’s hope Troy lasts a few more years like Ed, they are fun to watch.

  9. It was to fast to rush troy back i can say…his body isn’t young to heal fast anymore…shoulda waited…..but why are you guys so quick to throw him under the bus..i don’t think yall see the way he cuts into his turns..he cuts super hard..that could keep a strain on him..i just think he shoulda waited…but the old panic button washed up sloppy talk needs 2 hush….we lost 2 the raiders we did…but see where we stand in December!!!!!

  10. @steelersownyou Troy has his small injuries but he played & started all 16 last year. 14 games before that. I’m a die hard Steelers fan so I’m somewhat partial but I see the glass half full

  11. Ravens defense is so awful. Troy and woodley could hobble out there hurt and play better than that horrendous ratbird defense is! Cant wait til ben embarrasses that terrible ratbird D

  12. @jarvis1104…Troy missed 5 games last year with achilles injury. And has missed 2 of the 4 games this year. And will miss tomorrow night game as well. I lovem like the rest of steeler nation but im starting to see the writing on the wall.

  13. This will be only the 24th game Polamalu has missed in his nine-plus-year career.
    According to ESPN, the Steelers are 13-10 without him; but, according to 93.7 The Fan, that record is 12-11.
    Either way, Polamalu’s availibilty has been crucial to the team’s success over the years.

  14. Shocking bobzilla saying something about his mancrush. Polamalu. Where you been hiding you defense cheerleader? You in hiding after ben stormed the troops from behind cause the defense failed again! Thats his 25th come from behind victory. Only brady has more! Soak it in hater!!!

  15. Polamalu will go down as one of the best safeties to ever play the game, ben will always just be a “good” QB. Troy is elite at his position, Ben is not.

  16. Ok Raven fans… Let’s say you are right and he is done…

    I will always remember him in the 4th pick sixing Flacco to go to the Super Bowl ….

    Can’t remember Reed pick sixing in 4th qtr of Afc championship against Ben on way to Super Bowl Win…

    All players get old… Head to head none was better than 43.

    Troy era 2 rings in 3 trips. Balt 0 & 0.

    Sorry, I think I just ended the conversation.

  17. The calf injury is most likely related to the Achilles injury from last season. Terrell Suggs will be dealing with this situation soon enough, considering he has much more down force on the Achilles than Troy does from a body weight perspective. Troy’s injuries recoccur to often to be optimistic. Remember Sean Spence ? Had he not had the injury in pre season, the defense would have that fresh spark with Spence on the field. Next season, Sean Spence lights a Steeler Defense bon fire.

  18. I’m surprised Ravenator bothered to rear his head this week since his bold prediction for last week turned out to be 100% wrong. Again.

    Still can’t get past how Troy Sterling Moore’d you two years ago huh? I think Flacco’s wrist still hurts from that smack down.

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