Report: League looking into Slauson hit on Cushing

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When Jets guard Matt Slauson hit Texans linebacker Brian Cushing in the knee on Monday night, no flag was thrown.  But the league office still could call a foul.

Jarrett Bell of USA Today reports that the league office is reviewing the hit for possible discipline.

If Slauson is punished, it would be a surprise.  NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos, a former game official and supervisor of officials, tells PFT that the hit was legal.  If Slauson had struck Cushing in the helmet/neck area or with a helmet, the play would have broken the rules.  Currently, however, there’s no prohibition on going low at a defensive player on a blindside block.

So while the league should review the play to ensure there was no violation, the league should conclude there was no violation.  Unless the widespread subjective belief that the play was “dirty” has relevance to matters of league discipline, which it shouldn’t.

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46 responses to “Report: League looking into Slauson hit on Cushing

  1. Why????

    Injuries happen. What is this whole thing coming to with the fines and investigations???


  2. I’m not sure what the deal is. The Texans’ whole offensive blocking scheme revolves around chop blocking. I think it’s ridiculous to be upset with Slausen when that injury could easily have happened to a Jets defensive player.

    this is coming from a Colts fan.

  3. Looking into doesn’t mean a damn thing. The Jets are trying to hurt people and succeeding a la Reggie Bush and now Cushing. The league doesn’t care because if they did they would have come down on the Jets for the “hot sauce” comment earlier. Also they would have come down on a former assistant under Greg Williams who now coaches for the Titans who said ” make them bring the gator”. Which if you read the comments made by Goodell supposedly that was one of the comments he is suspending the players in the Saints bounty gate for.

  4. Even as a Jet fan I know that hit was dirty. Slauson speared Cushing in the knee with his helmet. Thats some lame stuff there. Hope Cushing gets back fast. Hell of a player and much more than I can say about Slauson.

  5. so his majesty should ban and suspend everyone involved – banish the coaching staff and ruin the season of the team and the fans – really, it is after all to develop any sense of consistency…

  6. With hits like this, the player that caused the injury should be suspended for the same amount of time (or maybe a game or two more) as it will take the player who suffered the injury to recover and start playing again.

    In this case, Slauson should get the rest of the season off, just like Cushing. It would teach Slauson (and other o-linemen around the league) a very important lesson.

  7. Legal hit or not, it was dirty.

    Why is Roger Goodell only interested in the long-term health of players from the neck up?

  8. The fact that the play in question is legal is the problem. They may not be able to go after Slauson’s hit, but going forward if the league really wants to go after player safety, this rule should be changed. Cushing had no chance to brace himself for this hit and it is just an injury waiting to happen.

  9. You can’t even sneeze on a quarterback and you get flagged, fined, and possibly suspended. Why not do the same for a defensive player?

  10. I’d rather the league focus on protecting knees than heads. Guys come back after a few weeks from a concussion, but your season is over with an ACL tear.

    I think they’ve gone too far on head injuries and not enough on lower leg injuries that are the real problem when it comes to stars missing games.

  11. Freddy Jackson and David Nelson of the Bills were knees and the Jets, namely Landry.

    I wonder if Sean Payton, sorry Rex Ryan had anything to do with these injuries??

  12. stairwayto07,

    you forgot to mention that 7th Ring as a thing youre “still waiting for”.

  13. Kubiak said in his presser that the hit could be illegal if Slauson was blocking towards his own goal line, meaning that the rules state he has to be blocking towards the goal line they’re facing at the LOS for it to be legal. No lineman should be blocking in the opposite direction anyways.

    And for those saying the Texans do this all the time – at least they cut block straight ahead and not from behind as this clearly was.

  14. The move to cut block a man from behind should not be allowed period, the cut block from the frontside is bad enough, making it worse by allowing players to cut block from behind

  15. to Patriotinvasion

    Seems like the evidence is piling up among the legion of retired NFL guys who are suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease or other early onset dementias due multiple concussions over the course of their careers. Head injuries deprive the guys we love to watch on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays, deprive them and their families of the reasonable quality of life and relationship we all hope for in retirement.

    Knees are more easily repaired and quality of life more adequately medically/surgically restored.

    (from a pats fan who until moving to NC 13 months ago lived on North Street in Foxboro)

  16. I don’t know wut game most of yall was watching but how was it from behind…. just because he wasnt looking n didn’t see it coming makes it dirty… the texans cut block on the backside every zone play but because one of there supposed stars ends up gettin hurt its a big deal get outta here now if it was a jet def linemen u couldn’t be hearing none of this b.s…. the cut block is dangerous regardless going at the knees on a guy as he’s running is dangerous….

  17. SOOOOO the very guys who get fined, penalized and/or suspended for hitting qb’s low, qb’s high, qb’s 1 second after they throw the ball, rb’s out of bounds, defenseless receivers, wr’s when the ball is uncatchable, or anythng else imaginable, get absolutely no protection from the legal on the same hits they are not allowed to perform?

    I love a wide open game more than a defensive struggle but the rules of the game are getting out of control.

    The NFL is a fraud on so many levels and it goes back further than Goodell. Protect players my ass, then stop selling videos with big hits…

    FOr as much as a ihate NE and Tom Brady, the league is better when he is playing, but the same is true for JErome Harrison and D players too

  18. NEXT: Pass Interference $4,500
    Holding $3,000. Etc etc

    How many guys do they pay to watch tape to look for fines. Or does Merton hanks and his extra long neck have the ability to catch everything

  19. Billsfan…

    ” FOr as much as a ihate NE and Tom Brady, the league is better when he is playing”


    Of course you would. But you forget , injuries are part of the game . For every star player that goes down with injury, there is someone else just as hungry waiting in the wings also ready for their turn to be a star. It’s the way its always been. If it weren’t for injury to Drew Bledsoe ( a star QB at the time) then Tom Brady might not have gotten his shot at stardom.

  20. Very dirty hit on Slauson’s part… The whole being able to clip defensive players should be illegal! Especially when it’s coming from blindside. It’s very dangerous!

  21. The rule says you can’t clip anywhere but in the tackle box… this wasn’t outside that box by much, but it WAS outside it, and therefore, contrary to the flat statement by Florio and so many others, illegal. It’s never called, but it is illegal.

  22. The block was within the rules.. If he wasn’t a star on a defense getting a lot of publicitiy NO ONE WOULD CARE. It drives me Bonkers with fans begging for penalties/flags/ fines/ suspensions… All of the above you be embarrassed!

    Zone blocking schemes are all the rave. Majority of teams that do them have chop blocks within the package. It happens and for this outcry for it to quit it crazy! People are trying to baby GROWN A** MEN. Different types of plays have different risks.. Yes a chop block is dangerous, but these ticky tack fouls calls or this crap about making any play or penalty reviewable just shows your own ignorace! The game wouldnt even resemble what it is today and would be so boring!

    Footballs IS NOT a contact sport!.!.! IT IS A COLLISION SPORT!!!

    A part of football is watching man vs man. Or Beast vs Beast. We root for the little guy but why? bc its rare they win.. This is the only team sport in the world where everyone has a duty and is involved in everyplay and that not everyone is qualified to play..

    What many of you forget is that a major part of footballs appeal is the RISK OF INJURY! Not saying people root for it, but realistically the hard hits. The leaping grabs.. The Finishing of runs.. The swiping of balls out of the QB’s hand while in motion.. the full speed hits! Thats when AMAZING football moments happen. So dont find yourself being a hyprocrite and cheering the exact plays you want to be called into question.

    * The hit did seems a bit away from the play and uncalled for but perhaps he committed to the hit just before the running was stopped. I played college football and I realize the dangers and so do many of my friends in the NFL! Thats a risk weve all taken as athletes and especially in football!

  23. rschildy says:
    Oct 10, 2012 7:53 PM
    Knees are more easily repaired and quality of life more adequately medically/surgically restored.

    (from a pats fan who until moving to NC 13 months ago lived on North Street in Foxboro)

    If one has a chronic knee problem after football, they can get a knee replacement. If their brain has turned to mush from too many concussions……

    – I know North Street in Foxboro very well. I’m from Oak St. Small world

  24. I think this description from USA Today is pretty accurate: “Replays show that Slauson initially glanced with Cushing on a high block, moved past the linebacker, then turned back and cut him with a low block from behind ”

    Missing your block initially and then turning around and desperately launching into a players knees is not:
    A cut block
    What the Texans do
    Legal outside the tackle box

    Finally, hitting anyone in the side or back of the knees, when they cannot see you and defend themselves, begs for a rule change no matter what you call it.

  25. Stupid video. If it is legal, it isn’t dirty. Dirty is with intent to injure. Backside blocking is a legal technique that is taught by OL coaches. Those who never played football – but report on football – should educate themselves.

  26. I agree with jskill3. The only way he was going to make contact with him and try to get him blocked was to do what he did. What was he suppose to do. Run around in front of him and take him head on. If it is not illegal then why the problem. I am sorry someone got hurt but that is how things go. Heck Warren Sapp made a living going after offensive players on turnovers, blindsiding guys away from the play just to feel like he is a tough guy and he is working for the NFL now.

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