Rex Ryan disagrees with Woody Johnson on both quarterbacks


This morning, Jets owner Woody Johnson made a clear commitment to starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Johnson also said quarterback Tim Tebow will be with the team for three years, the balance of his rookie deal.

This afternoon, coach Rex Ryan indirectly but unmistakably disputed Johnson’s account, as to both players.

As to Sanchez, Ryan said the fourth-year starter will remain the starter.  But Ryan wasn’t nearly as clear about the future as Johnson was regarding Sanchez.

A lot of things can happen,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “And I’m not going to deal with what ifs because . . . I’m telling you right now [that] he’s our starting quarterback this week, barring injury.  And things happen.  I feel really confident in Mark. . . .  I’ve never wavered on him.”

Ryan revisited the issue later in the media session.  “He’s our starter.  What do you want me to say?” Ryan said.  “He’s our starter.  He’s our starter this week. He’s our starter.”

The key words seem to be “this week,” and the reason for Ryan’s reluctance to give an open-ended commitment to Sanchez is obvious.  Even if the team doesn’t plan to bench a guy, sometimes the threat of benching a guy helps get the most out of him.

It’s a tactic that Ryan has used twice in the past two years.  And Ryan admitted to it in his 2011 book, Play Like You Mean It.

“I started giving our backup quarterback, Mark Brunell, more snaps in practice just to let Sanchez know I wasn’t kidding around,” Ryan wrote regarding a rough spot Sanchez hit in 2010.  “Now, it got Sanchez’s ass going sideways a little bit.  He wasn’t happy at all.  When he was in my office, he was pouting a little about it, but I could give less than two shits about that.”

As to Tebow, Ryan also was less absolute than Johnson regarding the question of whether Tebow will be on the team for three years.

“When we traded for Tim, we understood his contract situation,” Ryan said.  “We brought him in because we think Tim’s a good football player.  With that being said – and this goes for any player – we think the guys will be with us throughout the length of the contract, but if, you know . . . there’s no guarantee there that if there’s , you know, whatever, an opportunity to help your football team. . . .  If we see fit . . . whatever’s in the best interest of our team. . . .  I guess no player is totally guaranteed that they’ll be there.  But clearly he’s a guy that we thought a lot of and that’s why we traded for him.  And still think a lot of.”

Ryan surely can’t think a lot of Johnson making commitments that don’t mesh with the strategic objectives of the football operation, and that’s one of the reasons why some teams insist on having only “one voice” speak for the franchise.  Since the “once voice” approach likely isn’t practical in this day and age, the folks who do the talking for a team need to be equipped at all times with comprehensive talking points — and they need to know how to stick to them.

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52 responses to “Rex Ryan disagrees with Woody Johnson on both quarterbacks

  1. “He’s our starter. What do you want me to say?” Ryan said. “He’s our starter. He’s our starter this week. He’s our starter.”

    The key words seem to be “this week


    Are you joking? He just said starter 4 times. If anyone thinks that situation isn’t volatile and can’t change from week to week, they’re morons. This is a digging into someone’s words, a habit I see a lot around here.

  2. 2 tidbits:

    1) Rex has to stick with Sanchez. They came in together and Rex has always supported him and hyped him up. If Sanchez fails, so does he.

    2) The Jets having one voice is laughable.

  3. Man can the media just lay off of Rex already? I am a 30+ year fan of the NY Jets but now I am more sick and tired of all the press and reports about nothing than I am about the team’s record.

  4. Is Rex starting to try to blow his way out of New York? Its not like this scenario has not happened before with another close relative named Ryan bud.

    Didn’t the Jets guarantee Sanchez’s and Tone’s contracts next year? Is there something in Tebow’s contract that he would remain for three years.

    It is simmering,getting ready to boil. This is not going to end well

  5. How long does Mark Sanchez have to be not good before Rex Ryan realizes that Mark Sanchez is not good?

  6. I’d say Rex better worry about his own status for next week if he starts disagreeing with the owner.

  7. For his 3 1/4 year career Mark Sanchez has completed 54% of his passes and has almost a 1/1 TD:INT ratio. And the Jets gave this guy a pay raise. Hot garbage.

    Tim Tebow’s career numbers: 47% completions but he provides a 2/1 TD:INT ratio. Still garbage but better than Sanchez.

  8. I am not a Jets fan.

    However, blaming this whole thing on Sanchez is a joke. Mark CLEARLY threw two perfect balls to open receivers against Houston, and his WRs (which Woody and Tannenbaum provided) let the ball hit them in the hands, and wind up in the defenses possession. They blamed Schottenheimer last year.
    Who is up next?

    The joke is the leadership.

    The fish stinks at the head.

  9. This problem is not going to go away unless the Jets go on a long winning streak.

    So my guess is, it’s not going to go away.

  10. I can see the headlines in the NY rags tomorrow…”Ryan Actively Shopping Tebow”…there is no worse head coaching position in the NFL right now, not even close.

  11. Rex Ryan is trying to play both sides to the middle… He is staying true to his Quarterback, but leaving an open end, that way he saves his job.

    What Ryan doesn’t know is he already has one foot out the door.

  12. Rex is to Sanchez, as Billick was to Boller.

    Your tenure as HC depends on your QB’s tenure as a starter. Rex pulls him out, he’s pretty much asking every NFL team who would be interested in a new DC next year.

    And the answer is of course Baltimore.

  13. Wow now it’s to the point that these tebow sicko’s pull out a couple words from a quote that he was already ask once about and was clearly tried of the question. Now o he is not happy with his player come on just understand tebow sucks let me say that again tebow sucks and won’t start period done of course intill this is posted again I’m sure soon.

  14. Man can the media just lay off of Rex already? I am a 30+ year fan of the NY Jets but now I am more sick and tired of all the press and reports about nothing than I am about the team’s record.
    welcome to the what the rest of us have to listen to

  15. This switchout system the Jets are employing doesn’t seem like the most effective use of Tebow’s talents. It loses the element of surprise. If Sparano wants to confuse defenses, he needs to have both Sanchez and Tebow on the field at the same time, with Tebow lined up as a receiver or RB. Have them switch positions at the last second. Defenses will never know what’s coming.

    As far as I know, there’s no rule against two QBs being on the field at the same time, although one of them may have to wear a regular helmet without the communication equipment. If two QBs can’t be onfield at the same time, then designate Tebow as a WR. No rule against WRs passing. He might balk at that, but it could be interesting.

  16. What is the big deal with Ryan? Throw Tebow in for a couple series, if for no other reason than to grab Sanchez’s attention. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Tebow does something positive.

    Ryan is being a knuckle head…NFL = Not For Long….just like that one dude said earlier.

  17. How long does Mark Sanchez have to be not good before Rex Ryan realizes that Mark Sanchez is not good?

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    They stuck with Vernon Gholston, with zero production, for a really long time. Obviously, there’s an issue with dumping players that suck.

  18. When the owner is involved, all of a sudden, in your area of responsibility, he is trying to tell you something. Better listen, Rex.

  19. The jets have 20 million reasons to play mark.It’s tuff to admit a mistake that huge.I have not yet to hear Tebow yelling about not playing.only others who want to make a racket over this issue bring it up.just play ball and all this stuff will line team team go jets.

  20. Good luck finding any NFL head coach that would guarantee the starting job for the whole season to any player at any position.

    Article is just the same tired old Tebow stirring.

    Please find something new to write about. It’s not hard.

  21. @ RexCanCoach

    Maybe if good ol Rex didn’t constantly seek the spotlight he wouldn’t get so much press. I bet you wouldn’t mind it he was yacking after winning the super bowl.


  22. tick…tock…tick…tock…

    Clock is tickin’ towards Tebow Time…

    …and a few minutes after that it’ll be Unemployment Time for Ex Ryan.

  23. The thing is this shows the owner and coach clearly aren’t on the same page until they get their stories straight it shows this team is going in two directions it also shows a little but of a lack of respect for his coach its a story of an owner trying to keep butts in the seats and a coach trying to find some way to win

  24. Last November, after the Jets lost to the Broncos and Tebow, Rex said “Mark will be our starter as long as I am head coach.”

    Of course this followed two years of Rex “guaranteeing” a Super Bowl victory for a young quarterback who’s college coach didn’t feel was ready for the NFL – so its not like his players took anything their head coach said seriously.

    If Rex has any shred of credibility he will resign and prove himself to be a man of his word for once – heck, he should be fired for making such bone head guarantees and personnel commitments period.

    But since it’s so fun to watch Rex and the Jets wallow I hope Woody gives Rex an ACTUAL long term contract and not Rex’s version of a “guarantee”

    Can any player take their head coach seriously after all of this?

  25. Here is the real problem – how do you accurately judge a qb with lousy receivers and no pass protection?

  26. It’s clear they never had a real plan for using Tebow. He gets stuck in a few plays a game at random, like they’ve got a prize wheel and when his name comes up he’s sent onto the field.

    Really, it’s been totally the worst of both worlds: Sanchez gets tugged out for a play here and there, messing with his already shaky focus, while Tebow doesn’t even break a sweat and contributes nothing to the cause.

    Obviously they thought Sanchez would play well and that Tebow could be a decoy and maybe run in a few close to the goal line. But they haven’t even used him enough to make him an effective decoy. 1 of 2 passing for the year with 14 rushes in five games? Nobody is spending any time prepping for Tebow.

  27. Third time I wrote this just this week…..

    Rex needs to stop commenting on every little thing! Stop reacting and giving sound bites and the press will move on.

  28. Even Tebow’s close personal friend and next door neighbor Jesus would say, “Enough about the d*%^$d Jets already!”

  29. How many NFL qb’s have played in 2 NFL Championship games besides Sanchez:
    Tom brady
    Peyton Manning
    Ben Rothlisberger
    Aaron Rodgers
    Eli manning
    Thats not bad company, am i missing anyone?
    Just stating the facts, he’s 26 years old

  30. Nice to see Ryan stop giving guarantees. No player should feel comfortable with their job. Especially, a 49% completion QB who was happy to be in the game till the end, but still lose. No ice or blood in those veins.

  31. I will agree sanchez has regressed but fans are to quick to give up on a guy. 49ers fans gave up on alex smith years ago but the organization stuck by him. Once the team brought it a quarterback friendly coach things turned around quick, and now he is probably in the top half of qbs in the league. I know jets fans want a qb, but hypothetically would you take kolb, gabbert, locker, fitzpatrick, weeden, wilson, ponder, cassel, freeman, or tannehill over sanchez. Even if you would none of those guys can come in and do any better with this offense. This team needs a lot more than just a qb. Drafting another one will not solve all your problems

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