Rex Ryan saw nothing dirty on play that ended Cushing’s season


Jets guard Matt Slauson has taken some criticism for taking out Texans linebacker Brian Cushing low and from behind on Monday night, causing a torn ACL that ended Cushing’s season. But Slauson’s coach doesn’t think he’s a dirty player.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said on ESPN Radio that he saw no reason to believe that Slauson was trying to do anything illegal on the play.

“What I saw on that tape, I don’t remember that specific play, but I would never question our guys as far as trying to injure someone or try and do something not in the confinement of the rules,” Ryan said, via the Star-Ledger.

Ryan suggested that getting hit in the knee from behind is an unfortunate consequence of playing football, and that Cushing was just the victim of a bad blow, not a dirty blow.

“I never saw anything specifically I was just watching our game tape,” Ryan said. “I’ll say this — we got rolled up a few times in our game, and sometimes in this game you gotta be fortunate to avoid some injury. I don’t know what happened in Brian’s case. Obviously he’s a tremendous football player and I hate to see any player suffer a serious injury.”

Texans fans hated it, too. And many of them now hate Slauson.

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  1. So if low hits can be extra dangerous but legal do you still want to pretend that incentives to injure aren’t conduct detrimental?

  2. Practice this line rex,
    “I’m not going to get into that. Everyone can make their own opinions.”
    Please feel free to NOT give us your opinion on everything and use a little judgment. This is an obvious case where you can not say the right thing no matter what.

  3. Rex Ryan says, ‘ I don’t remember that specific play,” but it wasn’t a dirty shot.

    Hey Rex, you’re commenting on a play you did see, right?? How can you comment???

  4. This type of play is crap and cheap you got beat so the best thing is to just throw yourself at his knees… Someone needs to have a played destined for rex and just accidently slip trip and fall into his leg (kind of how payton got rolled up for the saints). This slauson guy is as bad as the guy who took out freeney earlier this year for the bears (that play was just as dirty). I dont pay money to watch idiots play football i watch bc i want to see every star play.

  5. You fools!!!! Your haughty arrogance will be your ultimate unraveling. You cheered when he was injured. You taunted, vaulting your weak minded gridiron heroes with statements of their grandure and presence will stop the greatness, yet come Sunday you will be forced to look upon the glory, the greatness, the courage, the Demi- god himself, Rg3!!!!!! The division has flipped!!!!!!!! You’ve been Warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Still don’t understand why they didn’t have Tebow run out on the field and lay hands on him to heal Cushing’s knee on the spot…

    But I do understand why he wouldn’t do that for Revis or Holmes.

  7. Of course it wasn’t dirty, he doesn’t play for the Saints. Only the Saints can be dirty, everyone knows that.

    Every single player and fan of any other team in the NFL should get on their knees and thank the Saints organization for taking the bullet from this psychopath of a commissioner. The only thing “the shield” needs protection from is his gestapo tactics and underhanded backdoor dealings.

  8. Slowly but surely Rex Ryan is being exposed for the ass that he truly has been, is and always will be. Hopefully his honeymoon with the national media is over.

  9. Very disappointed to see his coach wouldn’t call that play what it was: A dirty hit. Then again, Rex doesn’t want to start alienating his own players so that they would purposely throw the games and cost him his job.

  10. Right…this is coming from the coach who said they were going to put some hot sauce on Reggie Bush. This is the team who’s players laughed when Bush went down with a knee injury. The Jets best play on the offensive side of the ball was hitting one of our best players with a cheap shot. That’s TWO star players they’ve taken out via knee injuries.
    But yeah…it was a clean hit. Just like Sanchez is a good quarterback.
    Guess what, Sexy Rex? The Texans will still make the play-off’s and your team will still suck.

  11. In order to be dirty Slauson would have needed to broke a rule, 100% legal block hence it’s not a dirty play. This has been part of the game forever. Chop Blocks are ugly but are still part of the game.

  12. These coaches are all dopes. Hitting a guy below the knees from behind and ending a season is a good deal. I wonder what he’d think if Revis, Holmes, and Crowmartie all got blown out in the same game with this kind of cowardly hit?

  13. Slauson missed his initial attempt to block Cushing and tried to recover by cutting him. He was able to do it. Bad break for Cushing and an ugly play for sure, but Slauson didn’t look like he was trying to be dirty. He was blocking high to begin with.

  14. Worst Franchise in NFL history, with the worst QB in the league, with the worst backup QB in the league, with the worst coach in the league says what?

    Oh right I couldn’t care less about what filth from the Jets says about any subject.

  15. evinnie says:
    Oct 10, 2012 10:33 AM
    In order to be dirty Slauson would have needed to broke a rule, 100% legal block hence it’s not a dirty play. This has been part of the game forever. Chop Blocks are ugly but are still part of the game.


    Stop it already. Chop blocks are illegal. Cut blocks are LEGAL but with several stipulations, one them being that the cut block must occur in between where the tackles lined up and 3 yards on either side of the line of scrimmage. This cut block occurred at about 4 yards outside of where the tackles lined up. Hence, it was ILLEGAL.

  16. Some of you guys on here are pretty darn intelligent when it comes to football logic. Can one of you please explain why chop blocks at knees are legal? That could end someones career like blow to head.

  17. Roger Goodell says there’s nothing there, so there’s nothing there. There was nothing there in the bounty programs that Rex Ryan’s dad ran and taught to Gregg Williams. There was nothing there in Tennessee or Washington when Gregg Williams ran his programs for those teams. And there was nothing there when Rex Ryan ran the same bounty programs in Baltimore. And there is nothing there in Dallas where the other overweight and underachieving Ryan is running his bounty programs. And finally, Goodell said there’s nothing there when the J-E-T-S took out Reggie Bush and admitted to trying to do the same. And today there’s nothing there two games later when the Texans lost their best player to a cheap shot. I’m just starting to wish Goodell wasn’t there.

  18. He we go again Houston Texans Fans calling dirty plays again.
    They play in a weak a– AFC division. Please stop crying and play football , starting to sound like Houston Oilers fans did way back,
    Oh wait y’all are the same fans. You may go 12-4 based on you schedule but will choke in the playoffs again and again
    Just Saying

  19. Chop block, Cut block. It was neither. It was a CLIP plain and simple. A blog initiated from BEHIND. Why Slauson should be suspended is that he purposely when after the man’s knee. He was in perfect position to give Cushing a hard football hit anywhere from the thigh to the shoulders. He could have ROCKED him, and I would have applauded the hit. Instead he chose go after the back of his knee in a move that was likely to cause an injury. For that he should be punished and shamed

    Generally I hate the pussification of the NFL and the over protection of the QB and WRs, BUT in this case, the book should be thrown at Slauson. There is no place in the game for this kind of crap.

  20. Houston Texans fans are ungracious winners and really sore losers…..they are 5-0 this season and have cried about some player on the other team being mean to them each week….Incognito pulled Smiths leg…Well Smith was kicking him…..Stewart pulled Brook Reeds hair…well I thought that issue was settled with Palumolu. Now Slauson blocked Cushing with the same type of block utilized regularly by the Texans themselves……I live in Houston been a pro football fan for 50 yrs…..but with the Media hype each week and the crybaby fans…I can’t abide the Texans the owners or the fans

  21. mdd913 says:
    Oct 10, 2012 10:25 AM
    Of course it wasn’t dirty, he doesn’t play for the Saints. Only the Saints can be dirty, everyone knows that.
    Lol…bitter people are hilarious.

  22. When you apply the strict terms of the rules a lot of blocks, hits etc are illegal…..and with each telling the yardage outside the box that this block occurred gets greater… time it will occur on the sideline…speaking of sideline I saw a Texan player in the first quarter drive a jet all the way to the bench a good 10 yards beyond the sideline…no penalty on that….

  23. Rex Ryan has some vision problems: he also sees a Super Bowl contender in his little pee-wee league team.

  24. It’s a dirty play but it’s a legal play that needs to be addressed. Thats the bigger issue here.

  25. Not a dirty play but may have been illegal. I think that an offensive lineman can’t cut a defender if the offensive player is moving towards his own goal line?

  26. To be perfectly honest, I doubt Slausen was “trying” to injur Cushing. But the fact is, he committed an illegal clip from behind that ended a players season. He was beaten on the play, wasn’t athletic enough to recover so he did the only thing he could do which was dive at Cushings’s knees. It’s irresponsible and it deserves to be punished.

  27. Rex Ryan is a loud mouthed bozo who doesn’t know when to shut his trap. I wonder how the Ginger Hammer will deal with this one. I smell a suspension.

  28. i don’t like cut blocks. hopefully this will move things toward cutting them back. that said. slauson’s first contact was thigh high. if you want to be a douche keep flappin your gums. the play wasn’t ‘nice’. but it was legal and clean.

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