Robert Griffin III: I felt sharp at practice

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Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was cleared to practice on Wednesday and said after the session that he was feeling no aftereffects from the concussion he suffered during the Week Five loss to the Falcons.

“I felt sharp,” Griffin said, via Tarik El-Bashir of “I felt good. No symptoms of a concussion or anything like that. No dizziness or [being] off balance. I’m not just saying that.”

Griffin said that he felt he would be ready to play this Sunday, although he still needs to get the green light for contact from doctors. Such a determination won’t come until they get a chance to evaluate him after each practice this week to see how he responds to the return to work. The clearance could come as late as Sunday morning or not at all, obviously, so the Redskins spent some time Wednesday preparing for the possibility that Griffin won’t be in the lineup. Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that Mike Shanahan wouldn’t divulge how many snaps Kirk Cousins and/or Rex Grossman took with the first team, but the coach did say Griffin took fewer snaps than usual on Wednesday.

Griffin also talked about the play that led to the injury and said that he knows he needs to do a better job of getting down or throwing the ball away in order to avoid hits like that.

“It’s not about being soft,” Griffin said. “I don’t have anything to prove to anybody. Everyone knows I’m a tough guy. I don’t have anything to prove. If you have to live to play another down, you live to play another down.”

If Griffin’s next down should come this weekend, you can bet the Redskins will be hoping he heeds his own words about playing safe.

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  1. He just got his bell rung a little bit. Rub some dirt on it. Jog it off. Shake off the cobwebs.
    He aiight.
    We need him to keep selling jerseys to improve the bottom line.
    Therefore I am declaring any player who hits RGIII too hard will be guaranteed a suspension, no questions asked.

  2. I get it, you’re a rookie and don’t want to appear “soft” and want to play. I admire that. But the organization should be smarter about this and just incase, losing this week wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if it allows your franchise and potential great NFL qb to miss a week.

  3. Boy. That hit sure looked hard. For a football player, he is DB size.
    Running QB’s are just asking for it.
    Good luck, kid. You will need it.

  4. If Shanahan allows him to play, he’s crazy! A “mild concussion” is still a bruise to the brain. A week rest is in order.
    Win at all costs at its finest!

  5. I love tonally misleading your quote is. The “I’m not just saying that part” was a response to second question after he said the no dizziness part. Putting it all together in one fluid statement gives it a way different tone. Gotta love the media.

  6. ‘Sup guys? I’m feeling pretty good, thanks for asking. Coach said it’s only a mild concussion. I should be good to go next week.

  7. Most people saying RG3 should take a week off are probably Viking fans. RG3 and the skins are going to snap their 8 game home losing streak. Hail!

  8. RGIII better hope he doesn’t see Harrison Smith coming at him full steam when running the ball out past the line of scrimmaige this Sunday, because he’s going to get rocked and forget who he is completely afterwards. Dangerous game Shanahan is playing here.

  9. Griffin actually reminds me a lot of an another Redskins quarterback, Joe Theismann–but Griff has a notably stronger arm and is even faster than Joe was. Their toughness is something else they have in common. Joe would gladly risk his body (having his teeth knocked out and the whole nine yards) but learned only to attempt such heroics when it meant a crucial first down or crossing the goal line. Otherwise Griff, do what Joe would do: Outrun those suckers or SLIDE!

    -Titans Fan

  10. As a Vikings fan I hope he plays, because it will make it a more entertaining game this weekend. As a fan of the NFL I hope they do what is right for RGIII long term as he is fun to watch.

  11. Just saw the new commercials for “The League”….
    Whew…. Ugly guy…
    Not sure TV is the way he wants to go….

  12. Is the red faced lawn gnome crazy? You can’t play RG tres,,,, in case you didn’t know,the Vikings are coming. You took out Ponder and AD last year in Washington, expect some vicious football from them,like they forgot??

  13. I have to agree! Harrison Smith is ready to lay the lumber to anyone coming in his territory and I feel sorry for RGIII if he runs up the middle! If he runs, he better run right to the sideline, cause #22 is a head hunter and he don’t care!!

  14. IRG3 was seen after practice skipping around and singing Barneys song, i love u, u love me………………

  15. Griffin III needs to start learning soon when to give up on a play to perserve himself. He is an amazing athlete and I don’t want to see his career cut short. Game against the Vikings is when he should start, they are hard hitting this season.

  16. If this kid is allowed to play, after that hit that he took, the NFL’s anti-head trauma program can be officially labled as a J-O-K-E.

  17. Any other decade this is a non story and he finishes the game out…is football dangerous? Yup..much like smoking people know it and still do it…i dont hear bull riders suing a bull..or extrem sports guys suing skateboard companies..its a known risk factor and they Re currently compensated as such… A pfc can take a bullet in the corps for about 15k take home a year but if a dude gets hit playing football there is a sudden problem…mma fighters know what could be..ali still reminds people everyday about the dangers of boxing..yet they still choose to make the choice as a grown man to do somethi g you know could have long term affects thats on you…

    As a long time skins fan..thank gawd he is playing cause we need a home win bad awful

  18. Wow. Judging from most of these comments, the concussion hype in the media probably has you guys wearing helmets around your house. 5 years ago he would’ve been back in the game last week. If he’s says he feels good and the doctors clear him, the Skins would be foolish to sit him.

  19. dear RG3, you have nothing to prove in high school football or college football, but in the NFL you have a hell of a lot to prove. You were already whining about being hit to hard in the second game of your career. Find a video of Brady, Roethlesburger, Rodgers, Brees etc complaining about getting hit too hard; they don’t exist. Maybe that kevlar vest Vick is hiding behind would be of some help.

  20. Rg3 is a Republican, so his mental status is already suspect. ——- Just like a Democrat, preferring to sit on the sideline and collect a check for nothing.

  21. h1ndrix says:
    Oct 10, 2012 7:42 PM
    Wow. Judging from most of these comments, the concussion hype in the media probably has you guys wearing helmets around your house. 5 years ago he would’ve been back in the game last week. If he’s says he feels good and the doctors clear him, the Skins would be foolish to sit him.


    5 years ago we didn’t have guys shooting them selves in the chest to preserve their brain for concussion research. Because it was good in the past isn’t a good argument, part of evolution is being smart enough to learn from past experience.

  22. The hit was bad but it wasn’t that bad. There’s a hit Tom Brady took in like 01-02 that was way worse. It’s on youtube. He got up and played the next play. RGIII haters are hilarious.

  23. I love the comments about Shanahan, or the team letting him play. Do yourself a favor and read the story, and educate yourself on how a player is allowed to come back from a concussion.

    The team has nothing to do with it. It is an independent doctor that has to clear him.

    I agree with the posters that point out the obvious. If this was 5 years ago, he wouldn’t have even come out of the game, let alone spending a week going through testing. Ridiculous.

  24. Suffering a concussion just days after suffering your previous concussion can have serious damage on your mental & physical health! Also your more susceptible to a second concussion days after having one… The redskins are not going to playoffs so just let RG3 play it on the safe side! Really dumb decision on org side if he plays

  25. Wasn’t he knocked unconscious? Yet some posters still are ok with guys playing after a brain injury. Yes, as long as the Redskins faithful get a win Sunday, who cares if this young man has dementia at age 40! If you want him to play for your team long term he should sit out short term. It’s not like the Redskins are going to the playoffs this year.

  26. Shanahan needs to quit calling those stupid QB draw plays. He fumbled at least once, and gets hit really really hard on the rest. Tom Brady doesn’t need to run for a score, why the hell does RG3? He has a great arm, quick release, and is smart. You don’t need to run for 100yrds a game. Just get him some franchise WRs is all.

  27. Seriously, you seriously think its an independent doctor? That’s the most naive statement I’ve ever heard, yeah that’s why players flunk their baseline to play when concussed and teams are allowed to throw players like Schaub back out there on the next play after vicious hits to the head, those are the same “independent” doctors too, and anyone with any inkling of knowledge knows it takes ten minutes for concussion symptoms to show. RGIII is an exciting player, so many young QBs coming up this league is going to be incredible, but guess what? Best judgment for his long term health is to keep him out as a precaution, there is no such thing as a “mild” concussion as anyone with any bit of knowledge about them knows, player given a choice will be out there, but that choice should be take away from him, why? Because five F’ing years ago the league wasn’t on the verge of being ruined by ex players suing over permanent brain damage from concussions. Ignorant people on here man, it’s one game.

  28. mjkelly77 says:Oct 10, 2012 9:49 PM

    duncanthecat says:Oct 10, 2012 6:05 PM

    Half Beast and Half Man

    With only a Half Brain.

    And a bruised one at that.

  29. tennesseeoilers says:Oct 10, 2012 6:33 PM

    … Joe would gladly risk his body (having his teeth knocked out and the whole nine yards)…

    If griffin got his horse teeth knocked out they’d need a forklift to pick them up.

  30. h1ndrix says:Oct 10, 2012 8:11 PM

    Rg3 is a Republican, so his mental status is already suspect. ——- Just like a Democrat, preferring to sit on the sideline and collect a check for nothing.


    Blue states pay more taxes than red states, and have a higher median income. Feel free to look it up.

    Adults realize you have to pay your bills. You want a strong military and roads, you have to pay for it. It’s and adult thing, someday you’ll (maybe) understand.

  31. the vikings will come and rock your world redskins will be going down again
    you better hope allen greenway or smith dont get to your quarterback
    go vikings
    lets get another win and also they are not pretenders how many games do they have to win for you to see they are a legit team and they are better than last year

  32. baloneyjohn says:
    Oct 10, 2012 5:55 PM
    Boy. That hit sure looked hard. For a football player, he is DB size.
    DB size?
    Robert Griffin- 6’2 3/4, 225
    Michael Vick- 6’0, 215
    Tony Romo- 6’2, 230
    Aaron Rodgers- 6’2, 225
    Eli Manning- 6’4, 218
    Matt Ryan- 6’4, 215
    Drew Brees- 6’0, 209

    These are facts.

  33. miguelc2012 says:
    Oct 11, 2012 1:23 PM
    Looks like another W on Sunday for the Vikes. RGIII is good, but the Vikings D is BETTER…
    Both Griffin and the Vikings defense are impressive, but it’s more than a bit of a stretch to call it an easy win for the Vikings. Griffin has won , or put his team in a position to win every game he’s played four quarters in this season. It’s the league’s 7th best offense (3rd best until Griffin was knocked out) playing against the league’s 7th best defense.

    The point is, this isn’t a good game for anyone to bet on. It should be a lot of fun, regardless of result, and a hell of a better match up than anyone would have predicted when they announced the schedule last summer.

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