Romeo Crennel: Chiefs fans are great, and they’re frustrated


Kansas City fans have taken a lot of criticism this week after some of them cheered when struggling Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel went down with a concussion on Sunday. Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel says Chiefs fans don’t deserve criticism, but they do deserve a better team.

“I think the majority of the Chiefs fans are not going to cheer a player getting hurt. I think the majority of Chiefs fans support the Chiefs. They want the chiefs to win,” Crennel said. “Are they frustrated? Yes, they’re frustrated, just like we’re frustrated.”

The fans who cheered Cassel getting hurt seemed to be a minority of those at Arrowhead Stadium, and Crennel says they’re not representative of the overall Kansas City fan base.

“Historically, the Chiefs fans are some of the best fans in the NFL. You can go back and you can look at that and you know that’s the case,” Crennel said. “I’ve come here and played here as an opposing team, and I can verify that. They’re supportive of their team.”

But what Chiefs fans aren’t supportive of is the way their team has played this season. For that — though not for cheering Cassel’s injury — it’s hard to blame them.

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  1. It’s funny that Crennel gave the QB job to Quinn before he was fired in Cleveland. Now his job might hinge on whether Quinn can somehow save the Chiefs season.

    Chiefs fans deserve better play at QB because they have talent on both sides of the ball.

  2. When I was watching the video of Cassel going down, it seemed to me that the cheering was for Brady Quinn, not for Cassel getting hurt. The cheering would have been the same I’m sure if Quinn would have come in and replaced Cassel without the injury. I think their cheers weren’t for the injury, it was for the replacement. My advice to Chiefs fans… be careful what you wish for.

  3. Serves them right. Chief fans deserve some frustration. You should never of ran Marty out of town like you did. 10-13 wins every year isn’t so bad now huh?

  4. I am EXCITED about Brady Quinn playing this Sunday. Cassel was just terrible this season. Hopefully Brady can play well and help us win a few games. He has never really had a shot in the league. Make the Most out of your shot Brady. Good Luck Sir!

  5. Well pinning any hopes on Quinn, is a disaster waiting to happen.
    Charles will be forced to run, run, ans run some more

  6. Mikealstott, dude Marty quit on kc. He resigned!! Do your homework moron! Marty just said the other day his biggest mistake in his life was resigning and leaving the chiefs

  7. kcflake said:

    He has never really had a shot in the league.
    Get real. Quinn is just another product of the Notre Dame (ooooooohhhhh!!!) hype machine. He got his shot in Cleveland with Crennel and failed. He got his chance in KC only because Crennel is STILL trying to justify that draft pick, years and a team later.

    Nevertheless, I wish him well. He always struck me as a decent player and person, not some “I’m so good you should worship me alongside Touchdwon Jesus” type like Jimmy What’s-His-Name, last seen as Carolina’s third-stringer.

  8. What is Crenel’s all time win/loss record? Seriously, I don’t know. But anecdotally it seems as if me might be a big part of the problem. Matt Cassel wasn’t this bad in New England the few times he got on the field for Brady, I suspect because his coaches there were better. You can’t blame a child for being dumb about science if his teachers are using the bible to teach it to him.

  9. mazblast:

    So 9 Pro games is considered getting a shot???

    I have no delusions of Quinn being the next coming. I am hoping for the best though.

    You people do not understand the QB play Chiefs fans have had to endure since Trent Green left. We are just looking for someone who can be marginally decent for us, which would be an ugrade over Cassel.

    Hopefully The Chiefs and Pioli (if he is still here) will move up in the draft and take a college QB to build the team around. That is the only real QB solution for our team.

  10. I think this stink storm is intentional – I view it as a way for Clark to grease the skids on the way out of town.

    Our fans are booing our team, the media/ fans are taking issue with our players…..

    We’ll just move…..

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