Slauson doesn’t see the big deal about his hit on Cushing


Jets guard Matt Slauson has been taken aback by the reaction to his low block from behind on Texans linebacker Brian Cushing on Monday night, which left Cushing with a season-ending knee injury. Slauson says he feels badly for Cushing, but he’s baffled that anyone thinks he did anything wrong.

“Every coach I’ve ever had has taught to cut on the backside of an outside zone play,” Slauson said. “I don’t know why this is a big deal. I feel bad that Cushing got hurt, that wasn’t my intent at all, but I got to do my job.”

Slauson wasn’t flagged for the block and said he doesn’t expect to be fined. The league is looking at the hit, but the league looks at every play. And there’s no rule against blocking an opposing player in the knee from behind.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt him obviously,” Slauson said. “I must have just caught him by surprise. Unfortunately things like that happen.”

Most defensive players will tell you Slauson’s block should be against the rules. But at the moment it’s not against the rules. And as long as it’s not, Slauson is right: Unfortunately things like Cushing’s injury will happen.

45 responses to “Slauson doesn’t see the big deal about his hit on Cushing

  1. Unbiased fan but that was a dirty block. Enough stories about the Jets. They suck and yet everyday there is 10 articles on this team. Enough is enough, they suck most NFL fans know it, move on to another team.

  2. It should be illegal.

    Cut blocks can easily result in career ending knee injuries to the defensive player. I understand that it can be fundamental to OL, but it should be looked at long and hard.

  3. All chop blocks if from behind or if player is engaged with another player should be illegal! If u can’t see it commin its all bad.!

  4. I’m sure he’s be singing a different tune if he was on the receiving side of the hit but as always…


  5. More evidence this safety campaign Goodell is running is all a PR stunt. Ive seen plenty of knees blown out by low blocks in my short lifetime. I guess knee injuries are a given in a contact sport. Nothing like head injuries………..

  6. blackngold4life says:Oct 10, 2012 7:48 PM

    All chop blocks if from behind or if player is engaged with another player should be illegal! If u can’t see it commin its all bad.!

    Technically it was from the side and he wasn’t engaged with another player.

  7. remember when Gary Kubiak was the offensive coordinator for the Broncos and their entire scheme was based on cut blocks like the one Slauson pulled?

    Me too.

  8. It’s a dirty but legal play.

    Erik Williams did it to John Jurkovic in the ’95 NFFCG, and then the Cowboys proceed to run through that hole the rest of the game.

    To this day I have no idea why it’s legal, aside from a running back cutting a blitzer that can see it coming. Just seems like an easy out for OL that are too slow to square up and block their man legally. Instead they do a diving barrell roll on the lower leg, so they can take a man out of the play even though they are poorly positioned.

  9. People are bothered by the hit because it was dirty. It might be legal, it might have been the only way to stop Cushing, but it was cheap. I don’t think it was cheap because Cushing got hurt, I think it was cheap because he hit him in the side of the knee, towards the back, what else could have been the outcome of that block? Hitting someone (in football) in the head doesn’t always cause a concussion, but it makes it extemely probable.

  10. Maybe some one can help me with this. But, from what I understand Slauson has to make a reach block on Cushing on that play to cut off the back side pursuit. If that’s what happen here then I’m not sure you can call the play dirty. I haven’t played on the OL sense high school and even then it we ran the wing T so I’m a little rusty on exactly what was suppose to happen on the play. In any case I do feel bad for Cushing. I think he’s a great player. And, just listening to Slauson he seems like a decent person. I don’t think he wanted to hurt Cushing. The issue may be as simple as outlawing the block. In the meantime this looks like an accident. And, I’m a Saints fan so I don’t have any dog in the race, so to speak

  11. Defensive players don’t throw the ball or score, they don’t make magazine covers and model and sell tickets/jerseys and seats like QB’s do… therefore its quite easy to see there is no urgency to get this fixed … they keep protecting the QB’s and offense and the defense can take a helmet anywhere on thier body from a blocker besides from the back.

    Soon QB’s will have flags on their hips

  12. Ravens are the kings of chop blocking! They been doing it ever since harbaugh took over. Dirty team, city and fans..

  13. Until defenders start playing a position where they have to drop a few steps back, look down field, and then throw the ball……. I doubt any rules changes will be made.

  14. On another note..the Texans chop on every Offensive play..its part of their zone block scheme..fair to say what go’s around comes around???

  15. Wow, I would prefer someone hit me helmet to helmet then in the knee like that. That was a really dirty play. Cushing’s career might be over.

  16. Sanchez roomed with Cushing in college right? How come nobody’s stirring the pot? C’mon, this is ripe juicy Jet soap opera circus fodder free for the picking.

  17. Cut-blocking, which is what I thought it qualified as, is perfectly fine with me, but like the defenseless reciever and illegal tackles, it needs to be done in a certain way. You can’t have a guy, who is out of position on the O-line, try to make up the difference by throwing his body weight into a part of defenders body that can only handle minimal-double digit weight. There is never a reason in football, to dive at the side or back of anyones’ knee, EVER!

  18. Ya a player is hands down looking the other way 20 yards from the play and you hit him in the side of the knee from the blind side.

  19. Matt Slauson is the newest member of the Marty Lyons Wing of the New York Jets Hall of Shame.

  20. Uhhh he was injured last week and refused to sit and heal. I’m all for heart, pride, determination, and all that. It’s one of the things that make sports soooo enticing. That being said, he should of never been playing in the first place.

  21. Not illegal. Not flagged. Not fined. Not dirty then. 100% legal play, where somebody happened to get injured. It happens every single week. Shocking…I know.

  22. I’m really surprised the NFL hasn’t banned this type of block. The player does not have a chance to protect his knee from the side/low contact. Sadly, it seems like a few more have to go down to get the attention from the rules committee.

  23. steelersownyou says:
    Ravens are the kings of chop blocking! They been doing it ever since harbaugh took over. Dirty team, city and fans..
    My fellow Steelers fans,

    Enough! This has nothing to do with the Steelers or the Ravens, and some of you are starting to sound like Yankees fans somehow being jealous of the Red Sox.

  24. The block is legal. No reason to get on Slauson for using it.

    I would have no problem if this block was made to be illegal, but until it is, almost all NFL linemen use it when needed. This really isn’t a story….

  25. Legal. Broncos won championships forcing defenses to duck for cover or get injured. other teams do it everyday. Not Slauson’s fault, but it should be illegal, just like the horse collar. Costing too many good players, teams and fans.

  26. Let me get this straight……Defensive players make a living off of and celebrate the hits they inflict on defenseless offensive players, and now they have a problem with the rules when one of their own gets hurt? As a Bills fan I hate the Brady rule more than anyone else….there are too many rules protecting the O and not the D, but, it’s because they aren’t always in a position to protect themselves. Funny how no-one questioned the forearm luanch into Fred Jackson’s Knee deliverd by Laron Landry game 1 against the Jets or the amount of concusions defensive players hand out every year… a defensive player gets hurt and we need rule changes. Pull ya skirts up men!!

  27. I don’t blame Slauson for it. The league needs to give D linemen some protection on blocks like that.

  28. Still a chickens#*$ move. It was the Jets’ best offensive play of the game….they took out one of the Texans best defenders. Hmm…didn’t the Dolphins best offensive player suffer a knee injury playing against the Jets? What did they call it again? Oh yeah…something about putting hot sauce on an opponent. Classless coach = classless players.
    This d-bag would be singing a different tune if it was his knee or one of his teammates’ knees

  29. MDS sorry to contradict you but I disagree with you with every optical nerve in my eyeballs. It was from behind and outside of the tackle’s. That is the definition of a clip.

    Of course Slausen does not see the big deal. He is not going to have to have surgery, hobble around for months of rehab just because some lazy slob couldn’t get his block so he cut you from behind at the knee.

    ahhhhm……yes I am a Texan fan.

  30. “And there’s no rule against blocking an opposing player in the knee from behind.”

    Um, yes there is MDS – it’s called “clipping”.

  31. Cut blocking is fine, every single team in the nfl cut blocks at some point in every game they play. Watch O linemen running down field on a screen pass (San Diego I’m looking at you) and you’ll see the linemen cutting defensive backs and that’s fine it’s head on its a clean effective block. What I have a problem with (and I fully acknowledge the Shanahan/Gibbs scheme in Denver used it) is when linemen cut guys from behind, that’s a dirty play, I didn’t agree with it when Tom Nalen did it to the San Diego d-lineman, and I don’t agree with it now.

  32. Most people reading this are Houston fans wallowing in thier tears. Suck it up! Any player could tear an ACL on any given tackle on any given Sunday. It was just Cushing’s turn. I hate all the talk about “making the game safer”. Cushing’s contract is for $14 Million. I don’t feel sorry for him wearing a boot & crutches for 6-8 weeks & watching with the rest of us!

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