Stephen Ross calls getting a No. 1 receiver the top Dolphins offseason priority

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We aren’t even at the halfway point of the 2012 season, but the Dolphins are already putting together their plans for the offseason.

That was the message owner Stephen Ross sent to team employees at a meeting last month, according to Mike Beradino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Ross told the crowd that acquiring a No. 1 wide receiver would be the team’s “top offseason priority” and that they would do “whatever it takes” to land such a player because it would help quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

As Beradino points out, the last time the Dolphins wound up trading for Brandon Marshall the last time they made similar signals. With a fair amount of cap space and five picks early in next April’s draft, the Dolphins would seem to be well positioned to make a big move.

Ross’ comments came before Brian Hartline’s 253-yard game against the Cardinals. While the team is trying to sign Hartline to an extension, that probably wouldn’t stand in the way of bringing a top receiver into the fold to round out the offense. The fact that Tannehill has made such a quick transition to the pro game and that Hartline has flourished in his current role only makes the possible acquisition seem like a better idea because it would accelerate the offense’s growth without needing to be the only option on the field.

It would be interesting if Wes Welker, who can be a free agent after the year, winds up on their radar. Welker’s career really started in Miami after a brief stay in San Diego, but the Dolphins wound up dealing him the New England for a pair of draft picks. You know what Welker’s done since then, but he’s hardly the only potential name on the market. Dwayne Bowe, Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings, who played for head coach Joe Philbin when both were in Green Bay, could also be on the open market.

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  1. I thought they had a number one wide receiver. Oh yeah, they traded him to the Bears. Kind of makes you wonder why they take one step forward only to take two steps back.

  2. I really want to keep my head in the clouds about Dez Bryant. But his play this year has been sub-par. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since the days of Danny White “Hutch” uniforms, but I don’t think I can say that he’s improved much since his rookie year. In year three, the light is supposed to come on. But that light is barely a flicker. Ship Dez to MIA, wish him luck, grab an extra early round pick, and move for someone like Mike Wallace.

  3. Brandon Marshall sucked as a Dolphin. And Philbin & Co won’t sign a free agent WR. All offensive improvements will be done through the draft or by resigning their own. Draft a shut down corner in the 1st, a WR and LB in the 2nd and best available after that. This team has two of the better lines in the game, just have to improve the skill positions

  4. And the Raiders should focus on getting a number 1 CB, the Jets a number 1 QB, the Packers a number 1 RB and so on, so forth. Every team has a huge need, atleast the Dolphins see and achknowledge their greatest.

  5. Greg Jennings hasn’t been healthy but he’d be an ideal fit as a field stretcher and the fact that he’s familiar with Philbin would make it a slam dunk once he hits the market. I don’t honestly see the Packers giving him a big deal considering his injury history and their WR depth.

  6. Odd that he’d make these comments so early on… but not surprising. I like the commitment Ross has to making this team a winner but the manner he’s gone about it is flawed.

    A good number 1 would help this team, that is already showing signs of growing and being very good, tremendously.

    I think we draft a CB and maybe MLB for aging Dansby and Burnett? Of course this is dependent on the team keeping Bush, Long, Clemons (possibly gone), etc.

  7. Great idea! Build your team around a diva who is involved in a small percentage of offensive plays. A player who will be overpaid and need constant attention. Dumb move by a man who knows nothing about the game. Don’t listen to the coaches Mr. Ego. Who needs solid line play when we can streeeetch the field as the saying goes. Maybe you can get T.O. to help you find the miracle man.

  8. The phins only traded welker for a pair of picks because he was a restricted free agent and new england signed welker to a contract that the phins couldnt match (poison pill) the phins were getting a second round pick no matter what but the trade got them an extra six round pick.

  9. Not interested in Welker again. We have a good slot in Bess and need a bigger receiver for the outside. They have positioned themselves well for the upcoming draft.

    Those commenting about Marshall must not have watched many games. He dropped way too many Td’s and the Dolphins will not mess with head cases any longer.

  10. Wallace an Jennings would only be ideal if we don’t over pay for them. We need to find a playmaker in the draft. Number 1 from WV looks like a beast…. There are hardly any first rd worth wr’s this year. That TE from ND looks like a beast too!

  11. When will these old farts learn that when you show your hand it hurts your cause?! Now if I’m a top WR on the market next offseason, I’m probably asking for more money from the Dolphins only because I know that they have to find a good player at the position. Also if I’m a team that needs a WR as well and were picking couple spots behind the dolphins in the 2013 draft I know exactly where to trade up because that geezer blabbed about the team’s strategy. Keep your mouth shut and stick to counting your money and paying your personal eye-glasses cleaner!

  12. I love how cryboy fans are already trying to her rid of dez after making all that noise about how he was the steal of the draft. bust, and now they want to shop him back to the team that called him out before the daft. people who don’t know football make me laugh. I hope we get bowe, I think he would be the best fit. dolphins need a redzone threat.

  13. 1st round receivers next april: Justin Hunter, Kennan Allen, Robert Woods, Tavon Austin. What the Dolphins did right, they picked a good, young quarterback who is ready to play in the NFL. That’s all a team really needs to do, study prospects and pick the right quarterback and a team can become really interesting and competitive in a year. Ponder, Dalton, Luck, Tannehill, RG3.

  14. I don’t see how acknowledging an obvious need hurts their position in the draft or with FAs. Any agent/exec worth their salt knows their competition’s needs and saying it out loud doesn’t make it more obvious. Where they need to get it together is in drawing quality talent in after the Manning, Harbaugh & Fisher debacles.

  15. This idiot talks out of both sides of his mouth. Nothing he says can be counted on. He had Brandon Marshall, but said he no longer needed him. Now he needs him, or someone like him. He’s crazy. What he needs is a new GM who will bring in a quality, competent coaching staff. And who will quit trading key pieces without replacing them.

  16. “austinoxford says: Oct 10, 2012 11:00 AM

    Ship Dez to MIA, wish him luck, grab an extra early round pick, and move for someone like Mike Wallace.”

    “billymc75 says: Oct 10, 2012 11:24 AM

    Long for Dez Bryant?”


    LOL at Cowboys fans for thinking that anybody would trade an early-round draft pick or All-Pro left tackle for a wide receiver with:

    1. Off-the-field behavior concerns
    2. Drop issues
    3. Injury concerns
    4. Poor mental focus (his failure to run his hot route on a blitz directly led to a pick-6 in the last Cowboys game)

    Cowboys fans – Dez is all yours. Nobody else wants him. So Jerry Jones’ security staff will have to keep babysitting him for the time being.

  17. Never mind that you need at least 2 corners and a safety in your defensive backfield. Just keep drafting on offense. It worked so well for the Lions from 2000 to 2010………..

  18. I’d much rather be a Dolphins fan than a Jets fan right about now, that’s for sure. The future looks bright.

    As much crap as we’ve given Jeff Ireland for his draft picks and offseason moves, his résumé his looking better and better with each game. Many of the young players are performing and having career years. Goes to show you that Tony Sparano and his staff simply weren’t getting the job done developing these guys. Philibin and his staff are getting the most out of these guys.

  19. Meanwhile Phins fans feel their top offseason priority is to get a new owner for the team.

  20. The Dolphins don’t need a true #1 WR. The $60 million in cap space will likely go to re-signing Starks, Long, Hartline, Sean Smith, and maybe Chris Clemons, so I don’t see them signing any big name free agents this offseason (Maybe Jermichael Finley if he’s a cap casualty in GB). It’s more likely that they’ll continue to build through the draft, following the blueprint that great teams like the 49ers, Packers, Texans, and Patriots have used.

    The Dolphins will need to address WR, FS, TE, and CB in the offseason and they can certainly address those needs with 5 picks in the top 3 rounds. This years WR class is very deep so it’s not a shoe-in that they’ll take a WR in the 1st RD. I’d like to see them take 2 WR’s and a TE with those Day 2 picks and use a 1st RD pick to put their defense over the top.

    I personally would love for the Dolphins to draft MLB Manti Te’o of Notre Dame. LB’s not really a major need for the Dolphins but Kevin Burnett is expendable and Te’o is Junior Seau reincarnated. They can slide Dansby over and place Te’o in the middle. He’s exactly the kind of leader the Dolphins need. That’s my two cents.

    Go Dolphins!

  21. I understand Greg Jennings makes sense but Mike Wallace should be the target. The Fins have two second round picks. I am sure they can trade with the Steelers if they franchise him. It is apparent no one is giving up a 1st rounder for Wallace. I also think James Jones will remain a Packer.

  22. lucky5936 says: I thought they had a number one wide receiver. Oh yeah, they traded him to the Bears. Kind of makes you wonder why they take one step forward only to take two steps back.


    Head-case prima-donna wide receiver’s and rookie QB’s don’t mix.

    Marshall should be much happier dropping TD passes and screaming on the sidelines in Chicago… where the QB is also a head-case.

  23. Dwayne Bowe to Miami sounds like a match made in football heaven.. Draft will depend on where we finish, but Miami should target WRs, CB,TE(only if Tyler Eifert is available), DE.. A young, fast MLB would be nice too

  24. Why would Miami keep Marshall who is a head case with terrible hands and who will eventually meltdown in Chicago like he has everywhere else, when they don’t need him? They got 3 draft picks out of underachievers in Vontae and Brandon and they got a steals in RT Martin, 4th round pick Lamar Miller and 7th rounder Kheeston Randall.

    They won’t trade for another team’s droppings. They will do their due diligence in the free agent market and then sign the best talent available in the draft. Like the Packers do.

    Besides I think Hartline, Jabar G, and Bess will make an excellent West Cost trio over the next few weeks.

  25. The Dolphins supposedly have the worst WR in the NFL. That is being proven false each week. They do lack a true #1 but that is less important in their style of offense. A playmaker like Marshall could make this team better but Marshall was good when it didn’t matter. His drops were end zone plays and third downs. That is when you need the star players to step up and he consistently let the team down when it mattered the most. His attitude was detrimental to developing a rookie QB and his off-field stuff is unacceptable and will eventually get him suspended. Trading him was the right move for the future. The Dolphins are growing up quickly. They are already a tough out and will only get better as they gain experience together. I like where this team is headed and I think they have a very good coaching staff. Next year they will be a force and even this year is not out of the question. Proud of my Dolphins after all the stuff that has happened the last few years.

  26. FOR ONCE I FEEL CONFIDENT SAYING THIS…….leave the draft up to Ireland!!!!! Only a hand-full of people knew about Tannehill at this time last year. I did thanks to and Bucky Brooks but most of these fans criticized Ireland hard for picking “a wide receiver trying to play QB with less than 3 years of experience”. Now the whole world seems to be a Tannehill fan and seems to know whats best for the Fins. Half of these fake fans make me sick. Stop all this Dwayne Bowe talk too…half of you look at his stats and nothing else…he takes off plays constantly and would be in his hometown which might not be a great idea for him and all the night clubs in Miami. BUILD THROUGH THE DRAFT….simple as that!!!! FINS UP!!!!!!!!!

  27. I don’t think Miami will spend a ton of money in free agency, but if Miami continues their success in the passing game and proves they can be a contender, dont be surprised if a couple of these top free agents come asking Miami for a job and willing to work for cheap.

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