Woody Johnson defends Sanchez, plans to keep Tebow

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One thing that has become clear five games into the Tebow experiment is that there’s no way the Jets can keep both Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez in 2013.

Well, that’s clear to everyone but owner Woody Johnson.

Appearing Wednesday morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Johnson defended Sanchez’s performance — while also saying that Tebow will be a Jet for the balance of his rookie contract.

As to Sanchez, Johnson offered some excuses.  “He had some open receivers,” Johnson said.  “He had some dropped balls.  He had some tipped passes.”

Johnson attributed the tipped passes to Texans defensive end J.J. Watt.  “We should have done a better job of  accounting for him, and keeping an I Spy on him wherever he is,” Johnson said.  “Essentially don’t throw in that area or throw extremely high.  He’s six-six, and he can jump 30 inches, so he’s probably like 15 feet by the time you add it all up.”  (Coach Rex Ryan surely appreciates Johnson’s input into offensive game planning.)

Johnson said there’s no wavering on whether Mark Sanchez is still the starter.

“Never is a long, long time period,”  Johnson was asked as to whether the Jets ever will flip the switch from Sanchez to Tebow.  “We see — I see the same things in Mark Sanchez as that I saw when I first met him.  He’s still a young quarterback.  This is a very, very — probably the most difficult position athletically and mentally that there is in all of sports.  Because you look out there, everybody’s trying to deceive you and the other guys [are] trying to get at you.”

Johnson then addressed the question of whether he’s simply saying those things to boost Sanchez’s confidence.

“It’s not bolstering his confidence,” Johnson said.  “It’s really — we think he’s that good.  He really is that good.  I wouldn’t look at the numbers too seriously. . . because a quarterback’s job ultimately is to win games.  And Mark Sanchez has proven that he can do that.  Like he pulled out a game a few weeks ago, at the last couple of minutes when we played Miami.  That was an ugly games in many respects, but he pulled it out.”

On Tebow, there likewise was no wavering.  “Are we gonna keep Tebow?” Johnson said.  “Absolutely.  He’ll be with us three years, and I think he’s gonna be a real valuable asset in helping us win games.”

And then one of the hosts asked Johnson if he knows whether Tebow is still a virgin.

And then we had to make sure that we were watching CNBC and not ESPN.

43 responses to “Woody Johnson defends Sanchez, plans to keep Tebow

  1. I’m a big Jets fan BUT…..32 NFL teams and all we read or hear about is the New York Jets?!?!?

    Give me a break …will ‘ya???

    Let’s get some posts about the Bills, Raiders or Jacksonville!!!

  2. I love me some Tebow, but does anyone really think he is gonna save the Jets season, or be an upgrade over Sanchez? NOT! They should have traded for Colt McCoy in the off-season

  3. Woody and Steve Ross should look North to Mr. Kraft…. Leave football decisions to football people, and keep quiet… Even if the football decisions are being made by Tubby and Jeff.

  4. Tebow would represent an upgrade at QB for the following teams this season:

    STL, CLE, KC, MIA, JAX, SEA, CAR, BUF, TEN, ARI, MINN, OAK & DAL all could use better QB’ing and leadership…

  5. Jets brought Tebow in for a reason and that is to replace there mistake draft pick Sanchez and also to bring heart back to their team but now they are getting cold feet. Rex Ryan is no Buddy Ryan he needs to go for the team and the fans to start taking this team seriously. Otherwise they are a joke.

  6. Don’t forget: the league wants Tebow to be only a back-up somewhere, and out of the limelight. He’s “bad for business” — the beer business, that is. If you look at the situtation from this perspective, you will understand everything said and done by the Jets.

  7. Woody is one of those owners who should be seen and not heard. Ye gods. Here’s a thought, Woody: FIRE TANNENBAUM and hire a competent GM and let that guy do his job. And cut Santurdio, regardless of the cap. As A Pats fan though, I don’t really mind if they don’t.

  8. I think there is a place for Tebow in the N.F.L. but it’s not at Q.B.. tight end, fullback running gadgets. I think this is a good kid. that said I’m glad he’s not on my team.

  9. With Sanchez guaranteed $11.75 Million in 2012 and another $8.25 Million guaranteed in 2013, Woodhead Johnson will want to salvage something out of the poor business decision by playing the “Sanchize”. There are no refunds in the NFL. Tough nuts Woodhead.

  10. I actually feel bad for Rex Ryan for being forced into having this problem. Sanchez really isn’t that good, but the GM traded up for him. Tebow is worse, but the owner made the GM trade for him. Rex is stuck with a QB that can’t throw, and one who throws even worse than that. Sanchez’ completion pct. of 48.4 is 8 points worse than last year, the worst in the league and can only be compared to Tebow’s 46.5 of last year for ineffectiveness. Sanchez has regressed, and it is both the owner and the GM’s fault, yet Ryan would get the ax if it comes down.

    I like Rex, but he was put in a no win situation.

  11. I don’t think its clear to everyone that they can’t keep both. The question is why they would want to.

    Tebow is a terrible qb and one of the most divisive players in the league who’s tying up a roster spot for no apparent reason. If they’re going to keep him, they need to move him to another position and bring in an experienced backup who can help Sanchez. Sage Rosenfels? Jake Delhomme?

  12. Fortunately for Mark Sanchez, there are some similarities between his early career and the early years of another quarterback who happens to be thriving right now: Alex Smith. Smith went through 5 years of relative poor play, as well as one year in which he missed an entire season, most of this due to poor coaching and being “thrown into the fire” so to speak. In Alex’s first season, he completed 50% of his passes with a shockingly low 40.8 passer rating. In Mark’s first season, he completed 53% of his passes and had a 63 passer rating. Last year, in Alex’s 6th season in which he played (7th overall), he completed a solid 62% of his passes and had a 90 passer rating (as well as a 13-3 record and NFC Championship game.) We all know how Alex is doing this year, his second year with Harbaugh as HC and Greg Roman at coordinator. He is leading the league in passer rating at 108, and completing nearly 70% of his passes. Now, I realize the Jets probably aren’t going to stick with Sanchez for as long as the 49ers stuck with Smith, and Jim Harbaugh might be the only guy in the world who would have resigned Smith in 2011, but it turned out to work. It shows that a guy can play pretty poor and still turn it around the right situation. Ultimately, if the Jets want to get something out of Sanchez, they should probably fire Rex and bring in a quarterback friendly coach/coordinator that can turn it around for Sanchez just like they turned it around for Alex Smith. Or they could cut Sanchez and play Tim Tebow?

  13. Why is this man speaking about the players? The football people on this team should be the ones dealing with this not a jock sniffing owner. History proves that a team with an egotistical money man, who knows very little about actual football, will fail to help the team. Jet fans should be very worried about the future.

  14. Here is an idea, you can use Tebows running talent as a fullback, use POWELL as a running back since he can catch out of the back field, run a play action to Tebow hit Powell on a quick screen in the flat, or hell you can run Tebow as a fullback instead of wasting his run talent sitting on the freaking sidelines watching Sanchez getting killed from the lack of drafting a decent RT during this draft, I don’t know Tebow can move the ball more effectively then Greene can, Greene is a north south runner with no hole to run though at least Tebow can scramble and get something moving plus it would somehow keep the D a little honest since they would have to protect against some type of running threat, the so called wildcat is like a beating a dead horse it SUCKS!!!!, use Tebow as a fullback, hell he can even pick up blitzes and throw a block so Sanchez has more than 1 second to find one of our awesome talented receivers open, (smirking) we have a talented full back sitting on the bench try “F-ING” using him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Funny how a brand new rookies over the past several years have come in and already has better numbers than this 4 year “project.” I’d take newby Tannehill over sanchez every day of the week and twice on sundays!

    But please jets ownership, management, fans keep making excuses and delude yourself for as long as possible. You’ve got PSLs to sell afterall and you’re staved for attention.

    BTW- the Dolphins lost the game with missed field goals and not sanchez saving the day. That’s yet another weak excuse.

  16. Actually, I think Tebow is better than Sanchez at this point. Sanchez has certainly been given more coaching and chances to be a starter. Yeah, Sanchez has a better completion percentage (still lousy). Throw enough dinks and any body can get that. I look at TD’s to interceptions as being more important. Wins of course are also. That said, I doubt if Tebow is starter material, but he should be given the same chance as Sanchez to prove it. It seems that Tebow’s acceptable performance “bar” is much higher than Sanchez’s.

  17. Woody is really dumb. Typical rich guy who inherited his money he has nno clue what he is talking about. then they wonder why they are called a circus. You have the owner on TV making excuses for the QB once again throwing a red zone into. Its never Sanchise fault. of course Eli, rodgers, Brady all the good ones overcome injuries but Sanchez has his owner with ready made excuses.

    He really is the perfect Jet owner though. Like Rex Tanny & Jet fans he is really good at making excuses for his/their failures.

    Jets will be 4-12 this year cause the self proffessed genius Rex is being exposed for what he is… a mediocre coach w-no freaking clue on what to do once a little adversity sets in. he is nothing more than a carnival barker of the Jet circus!!!

    Ah big brother indeed it is really fun watching the implosion we all knew was coming

  18. Come on. Just realize Sanchez is not as good as the Jets are making him out to be. He’s just not.

    Let Tebow come in and have his try already. While he is not a prolific passer by any means, the kid is a winner. Do the Jets really have anything to lose at this point?

  19. Why can’t somebody just see that Tebow is a natural fullback?

    Work with him, teach him to run lower, teach him to block, and he can be a Mike Alstott type player for 10 years.

    He says he will do anything to win so just do it.

    Well, it is the Jets we are talking about and they are not very smart in getting the most out of their personnel.

  20. Who else “deserves” a chance to start? Is that just a Tebow rule?

    He can’t throw and in spite of what his followers keep saying (over and over and over again) he hasn’t won many games in the NFL and certainly not as many as Sanchez. Actually its hard to think of anyone in his third year who has played in FEWER victories than Timmy. Can you name ONE?

  21. Personally I think Woody is a great owner and Tanny is doing a great job builiding the roster.

    I hope no changes happen within the Jets organization for many years. Maybe Woody should stand next to Rex or Sparano and help call plays with his insight?

    Sanchez,Tebow,Tone with their guaranteed contracts for next year 2013.

    Can’t Wait !

  22. I say lets get real crazy and move Tebow to the other side of the ball. How about making him a linebacker or defensive end? I mean as long as he’s on the field…right?

  23. “We see — I see the same things in Mark Sanchez as that I saw when I first met him.”

    Hey Woody: thats not a good thing. Your fourth year in the league shouldnt look exactly like your first.

  24. Listen, Tebow was brought in by the Jets to help create harmony in the locker room.

    That’s all.

    This team was imploding the end of last year, and now they are all pulling together.

    Of course, you need to start winning games, but listen its a long season and injuries aside, if the NY Jets are all getting along, and they are, kudos to Tebow for helping to fix that problem first.

  25. As bad as Sanchez has been, it’s surprising they haven’t used Tebow more. Having him run the option would be better than yet another Sanchez incompletion.

    Can anyone explain why they signed Tebow? For the year he’s 1 of 2 passing and has run the ball 14 times in five games. He hasn’t been used enough to make it worth the effort. It’s hard to believe they wasted the time drawing up plays for him if the end result was going to be his playing a couple random plays per game.

  26. I love how everyone thinks they can just slot Tebow into any position. He may be a great athlete but you can’t just put someone as your fullback who has never played that position before. If you don’t want him as QB why pick him up. He would be starting right now if he went to the Jags (not saying he would be good.) the coaches need to grow some balls and start him @ QB…..he’s GOT to be better than Sanchez!!!!!

  27. Hey crappygovernment;
    Can’t speak for the other teams you mentioned but, uh NO TT would not represent an upgrade in Miami. Our QB is just fine, but thanks for your imput. No go crawl back under your rock.

  28. Woody Johnson should do his franchise a favor and not talk to the press ever. He just sounds like an out-of-touch, clueless dullard who should not be owning a football team. Stick to what you know Woody. Q-Tips, Band-Aids & Baby Powder.

  29. These Jets haters are tired of reading about, hearing about the Jets, Tebow, Sanchez, Rex et al.
    Yet they run to reply to anything Jets.

    I’d love to see their team records. One thing I know – – they’ll be at home watching the Super Bowl with 94% of the rest of us.

  30. Common Woody fess up. Try being honest. Tebow is there so you have someone in place when you pull the plug on Sanchez. The facts are, Sanchez did not lead the team to the playoffs last year and he is being called on it.

    When you have a player on thin ice like Sanchez its just a matter of time before he is done, set match.

    Why is he being evaluated every single game. Your receivers are pathetic, the pass protection is only fair at best, the running game could be good but you abandoned it but were going to use Sanchez as the scapegoat each week.

    How about the piss poor play calling and coaching decisions pal.

  31. “One thing that has become clear five games into the Tebow experiment is that there’s no way the Jets can keep both Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez in 2013.”

    Based on what? Your individual opinion? Your wish for more controversy?

  32. Sanchez isn’t the jest problem. The offensive line, lack of enough quality receivers, and mediocre defense are the team’s problems.

  33. Out of the endless media exposure St Timmy gets how come not one analyst has ever commented on Tebow s grasp of the offense? Never a word of how smart a qb he is? He cannot read defenses he stare down primary receiver and then runs. It’s amazing 24 hr coverage and the truth never surfaces he would be a great republican candidate looks good in a suit with nothing to say

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