Bills-Cardinals game is a sellout

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The Arizona Cardinals have announced that their home game against the Bills has been sold out, according to the team’s official website.

It’s the 69th (yep, Beavis) straight sellout of a Cardinals game at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The fact that the announcement didn’t come until today, the deadline for selling all non-premium tickets, invites speculation as to whether the 4-1 Cardinals are having trouble moving tickets — and whether the team and/or any sponsors had to absorb any remaining seats at 34 cents on the dollar.

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  1. Season ticket holder here. There have been TONS of empty seats at every game for years, especially when the not-so-desirable teams are in town (looking at you, Buffalo). No doubt in my mind that they’ve been doing the 34c game for a LONG time. When you open the season with a conference game and there are oceans of empties in your allegedly sold out stadium, something ain’t right. Nobody buys a ticket for that game then simply no-shows.

  2. @6250claimer…buffalo’s a “not-so-desirable team”? Half the stadium will be filled by Buffalo expats on Sunday. Just like every time the Bills or Sabres play in Phoenix, Buffalo always seems to take over that city. That seems to be the case every time a team from a real sports city come into town. #billsmafia

  3. cardinals fan. your stadium is ‘university of pheonix’ stadium, a place that doesn’t physically exist, but people pay money to go there and get virtual degrees. funny, cuz that’s kinda like the cards, virtual. look for your quaterbacking staff to have a loooong day sunday, cardinals fan.

  4. “There have been TONS of empty seats at every game for years, especially when the not-so-desirable teams are in town (looking at you, Buffalo).”

    And when exactly did the Cards become a “desirable” team?

    How it’s ever the fault of the visiting team when a stadium isn’t sold out is beyond me.

  5. I go to all the cardinals games, even the pre season game, they have all been pretty much at capacity. briang123, i have no clue what games u went to but it wasnt the cardinal, there were no empty sections. Ever since the new stadium was built, cards have sold out every game.

  6. Wish the stadium were as empty as people say it is for the 9ers MNF game. Flying out there and can’t even get 2 tickets together off ticketmaster.

  7. Who in their right mind would pay to watch these two teams. Unless…it’s just for comedy.

  8. @rohanaz Up until this season my dad worked for the cardinals. We had the free employee season tickets and even that section was almost always empty. Are you sure you have been to Cardinals games? I’m going to this one, but it’s to watch my Bills!

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