Brandon Weeden: I have to get rid of the ego


Heading into the draft there were questions about Brandon Weeden’s age leaving teams to make different decisions than they might when considering a typical rookie quarterback.

Through five games, Weeden has shown one clear similarity with many of the more traditionally aged rookie signal callers. He’s throwing too many interceptions. Weeden has thrown nine picks already this year, tied with Matt Cassel for the most in the NFL, and his picks have really hurt the team in four of the five losses. Whether it is a matter of being a bit older or not, Weeden, who turns 29 this Sunday, has zeroed in on what he needs to do in order to cut the picks out of his game.

“It’s an ego thing and I think I just need to get rid of the ego and take what they give me and move on and not be as stubborn,” Weeden said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Just throw the football away and move on.”

Weeden’s failure to do that against the Giants was very damaging. On a third-and-one inside the Giants’ 30-yard line late in the second quarter, Weeden waited too long to try a pass to Josh Gordon. He wound up throwing too high for Gordon, Stevie Brown picked off the pass and the Giants scored 17 points from there to the half to grab a 27-17 lead that they wouldn’t relinquish the rest of the way.

Weeden’s had some good moments through the first five weeks, but it takes a mountain of positive plays to overcome two interceptions a game. It won’t be easy to cut out the negative plays, but Weeden and the Browns don’t really have any choice.

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  1. One of the dumbest draft picks in the history of the NFL. Just given his age alone, he probably would’ve been available in the 5th or 6th round. I’d be pissed if I were a Browns fan. At age 29 he should be in his prime, not a rookie.

  2. i read in an earlier article about Brady Quinn starting that he’s 27 – a year younger than Weeden. I don’t get it at all – they give up on two young QB’s Quinn and Mccoy after one season each – and draft a guy who will be in his mid 30’s by the time this train wreck is turned around.

  3. I don’t care how old he is. He’s still a rookie. A rookie’s first job is to leave the ego at the door.

    He’s actually just realizing this now?

  4. Weeden just needs to learn how to throw the ball away. He actually has turned up multiple 300+ yard games this season, and almost had another last weekend. When was the last time Cleveland has had a QB that has done that? Weeden has a much better arm than McCoy, and is making throws McCoy could never make.

  5. I know I’d have an ego too if I set the all-time QB mark for futility in my pro debut.

    As a Steeler fan, I’d like to thank Mike Holmgren for setting the Browns back another 5-10 years. Thanks Mike, we’ll miss you next year.

  6. Weeden actually meant “age” and not “ego”. It’s a typo. That happens to him a lot when he is hunting and pecking with one finger on the keyboard and can’t remember where he left his reading glasses.

  7. Don’t worry about it too much, Brandon. All I’d really worry about at this point is your inevitable competition next year with Colt McCoy for who will be Geno Smith’s clipboard holder.

  8. only the Browns…
    could of had Julio Jones last year, kept Mc Coy as starter, who is better than weeden, still drafted Richardson most likely..That would be a solid core.. Weeden is awful…Sure he is throwing for a lot of yards, but it’s the 3 to 5 awful passes a game that he throws… matt barkley or geno smith ? only in Believeland

  9. Translation for the uninformed. By “ego” he means that thing QB’s do where they’re too stubborn to realize that some plays just can’t be made so they try to play superman. If you look the term up in the dictionary it’s right next to an 8×10 of Mark Sanchez.


  10. When he says ego, I believe he means that he thinks he can make any pass, so instead of throwing it away or taking an easier checkdown, he is forcing passes. While he was great at throwing passes that most couldn’t see in college, the windows are even tighter and close faster after the pass, so an adjustment is necessary.

    The Browns most likely drafted him because they thought he has what it takes for a “win now” direction. Clearly that hasn’t been the case due to injuries and turnovers, but he doesn’t have a Julio Jones to throw to (sigh…). He is still putting up solid numbers minus the INTs in key moments, so if he can eliminate those mistakes like he is referencing, we could see some W’s on the board this season (ask any of the teams we have played if we are a bad team… just young, and with that comes growing pains). I think Weeden will only need 1 year of learning and we should get 4-6 solid years from him. Go Browns!

  11. All NFL rookies have egos, maybe he’ll lose his as he grows up and matures a little bit.

    Seriously though, there’s a new owner, Geno Smith and Matt Barkley both look pretty great, Trent Richardson is a monster, and Mike Holmgren will be watching games from home in only nine more weeks. Now’s starting to look like a pretty great time to buy low on the Browns bandwagon and get in before they start turning things around.

  12. I think virtually everyone on this page has understood what Weeden means by “ego.” It is “an exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit,” and for Weeden to think he is entitled to one at this stage of his “career” is a joke.

  13. If he wasn’t given the starting QB job before training camp even started and, you know, actually had to do something to ‘earn’ it, ego wouldn’t be his problem. No vet leadership on this team. Rookie QBs more than anyone need to earn the respect of their peers. I’m sure none of the coaches told him his role is to take the team on his shoulders and go out an wins games. The sad thing is, he doesn’t have the time to learn these rookie lessons and thinks that because he’s 28, he’s somehow above other rookies. Go Browns?

  14. Clearly Weeden misused the word, ‘Ego’. Overconfident would have been a better choice. It’s actually normal for many QBs, regardless of the level of football. Brett Farve made a living with it. Every QB should have confidence in their arm, it’s just necessary for them to learn the opposing talent of DBs.
    Another lesson to Weeden…stop talking to media reporters about such psychological issues…they will take it a run.

  15. I was rather impressed with him in the Thursday Night game vs. Baltimore. Brought Cleveland along fairly nicely towards the end.

    I just didn’ t understand throwing the ball 10 yards out of the end zone on the final play.

  16. I know many would say that he doesn’t have the time with his age and all, but seriously, give this kid a year under his belt and he will become a huge weapon for this Browns team. Yes, interceptions are a QB’s worse enemy, but I bet every time he throws one, It will get burned into his head not to make that throw again. He is a smart Quarterback, he will get it done. Good QB’s last into their late 30’s, this one has low mileage, expect him to be around for a while.

  17. Don’t worry about your ego, Brandon…a couple years in Cleveland will take care of that. Go as Tim Couch. Colt McCoy, Derek Anderson, Kelly Holcomb, and Charlie Frye if their egos are getting in the way of things these days.

  18. I am glad he recognizes this, the jury is still out on him. Although he is making rookie mistakes and clearly costing games that I do believe McCoy would have won, Lets stick with him and see where it leads, the Browns biggest problem has been an inability to commit to a QB that dates back to Couch/Holcomb.
    Even though when Couch had a running game and took the Browns to the playoffs, Butch couldn’t help himself and started the QB carousel that now tortures Browns fans year in and year out.

  19. you guys are idiots if u think colt mccoy is better than weeden. its clear he is way more talented when you watch him. It has only been 5 games and weeden has improved each week. yeah he has made some stupid ass throws but rookie doesnt let alone seasoned qb. lets give him a chance atleast. 3 years from now we will know if he was a flop or not, not 5 games. tired of our fans wanting instant great players there rookie year

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