Bucs are blacked out again

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To no surprise, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ home game against the Chiefs will be blacked out.

The team has announced the fact that the game won’t be televised in the Tampa area, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Even with the Bucs taking full advantage of the reduction in the minimum percentage of non-premium ticket sales to 85 and doing all sorts of other things to make it cheaper and/or more enticing to attend the home games, people aren’t.

The only way to turn the tide is to once again become a winning team.  Despite being 1-3 through four games this season, the Bucs can pull to .500 by winning consecutive home games against the Chiefs and the Saints.

Of course, they won’t have nearly the kind of home-field advantage that they would if/when they become a winning team again.

28 responses to “Bucs are blacked out again

  1. People in Tampa obviously want to see a winner before they show up; true but I think they can’t stand shiano. Kind of like not going to your company picnic, because you can’t stand your boss.

  2. A little off topic.

    Take a gander at the two guys in the photo. What would possess two grown men to leave home looking like this? Do they think they look cool? I can understand wearing the uniform, but come on, get a life boys. You look like idiots.

  3. Try reading the buisness section instead of the sports section, it’s not the best time to go blow money on a ticket, parking, $4 a gallon gas to the game, food, etc.
    Winning isn’t the only variable.

  4. Support your team jerk offs. Look at browns fans. I mean week in and out they show support. They even have the ugliest unis and fans still go. Loser fans. You dont deserve a team

  5. The Tampa Bay fans better be careful or their current team will leave town and move to LA. If they want that, then continue not to show up. It can happen overnight, literally.

  6. went to the skins bucs game a few weeks ago..there were significantly more skins fans than bucks fans there..had a blast. HTTR

  7. Tampa only supports winners. Their effort in supporting these winners stinks
    The Rays domed stadium is like a tomb
    Until December, who wants to sit in 90 hot, sticky weather, drinking $8.00 beer. At halftime, most are under the stands, out of the sun. A crappy place to watch

  8. You can’t compare the rays and bucs. The rays are in st pete. Not tampa. It’s at least an hr drive for most people. If not longer. And you have to cross a bridge that if there’s 1 accident can turn that 1 hr into 2 hrs. Move the rays closer and they’ll do much better

  9. Really read the business section. I guess the state of Florida is the only place that economic problems. Most of the other cities have plenty of fans on waiting list to get tickets. Anyone putting a professional team in any sport in the state of Florida must expect not to have fan support unless they are championship caliber. And even then support will be iffy.

  10. I go to as many games as I can afford (about 4 games a year.) I went to the Carolina game, but had to watch the ‘skins game by “other means.” The Skins game definitely hit the 85% mark to not be a blackout, but the team claims many of the ticket sales came on game day, hence the blackout.

    There are so many factors that go into why sales are bad in FL, but I think it is telling that the Tampa area is in the top 10 in terms of NFL merchandise sales, but not necessarily *Bucs* merchandise. We have FAR too many transplants who do not embrace the local teams. I don’t necessarily blame them, but the across-the-board labeling of FL being a “bad sports fanbase.” is simply ignorant.

  11. They deserve to be because of their stupid moves, but those fans now no longer deserve a football team.

    The anti-Los Angeles people can’t use “they didn’t support (the Raiders or Rams) back then. Why should they get a team now” argument!!

    The Tampa and St. Petersburg area does not even support the team when it is competitive, but Jacksonville and Los Angeles get over criticized for not supporting their team enough when clearly there’s a bigger problem in the Buccaneers’ home area!!!

    Glazer family, get moving trucks ASAP!!

    Your fans are horrible!!!

  12. Eh who cares ill be at work hell if they Win and are blackout that’s all that matters to me a huge a Bucs fans and well lotta fans a re Bandwagon fans here just think if they were 3-1 it would make a difference

  13. I’m no Bucs fan, but the high n’ mighty types here making condemnation of Bucs fans should take a gander at the attendance numbers around the entire league, it’s far from being just a Tampa problem. NFL games simply cost too much and end up being more hassle than they’re worth with ridiculous parking and concession costs, the NFL’s insistence upon eliminating the tailgate experience from stadium parking lots, and then the vile and obnoxious drunken idiots in the stands. Not to mention the sweltering Tampa heat in this case.

    Get over yourselves, and get a life.

    And with regard to this weekend’s blackout…..can’t say not being able to watch the Bucs game is any kind of loss.

  14. The Tampa Bay fans better be careful or their current team will leave town and move to LA. If they want that, then continue not to show up. It can happen overnight, literally.
    From what I understand, the Bucs have an airtight lease and can’t leave without paying an obscene amount. Sorry, LA football fans (all 10 of you), this isn’t a Disney production, you can’t just wave your magic wand and have it happen.

  15. 1-3 Record
    30th in Offense
    30th in Defense
    Worst local economy of any city in the NFL

    If / when the economy ever turns around people will show-up again if they put even anything close to decent product on the field. The area didn’t suddenly forget they like football — they’re broke and the NFL blackout rule isn’t due much to keep people interested in the Bucs when they’re on TV 8 times a year.

  16. Also a quick note since people love beating up the Bucs fans – last game the Bucs did surpass the 85% rule by gameday with the walkups. It’s not like nobody is there, it’s just not sold out but it’s fairly close.

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