Chiefs rule Matt Cassel out this week


Though it hardly qualifies as a shock, the Chiefs have ruled Matt Cassel out of this week’s game against the Buccaneers because of his concussion, according to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.

That leaves things to Brady Quinn, with Ricky Stanzi in reserve. Quinn’s already trying to downplay the significance of this game to his career.

But whether or whenever Cassel returns to the lineup, the Chiefs fans who booed him a week ago could be in for a case of “be careful what you wish for.”

9 responses to “Chiefs rule Matt Cassel out this week

  1. Love to hear the chifes fans excited about this, they do realize they’re cheering for a guy who couldn’t beat out Matt Cassel?

  2. Brady Quinn didn’t beat out Matt Cassel because there wasn’t a competition. Pioli refuses to let the investment he made in Cassel go to waste, so he would never let Romeo play a different QB if Cassel was healthy.

  3. @yelix:
    Even if Quinn were better than cassel I have a real hard time believing any team would start the inferior player out of spite, Al Davis died last year so those days are over.

    If you’re right though that sure sounds like a great way to run an organization, you guys are in great hands with pioli.

  4. I don’t care a bit about the Chiefs, but the last line of this article is ridiculous. Chiefs fans should be careful what they wish for??? They’ve won one game this season against a decimated Saints team, and only managed that by the skin of their teeth. With the way they’ve been playing, this looks to be a two win team this year, even with Cassel under center.

    Unless Quinn plans to spend his free time driving around the city and setting Chiefs fans homes on fire, this is hardly a catastrophic move. Be careful what they wish for? Seriously? Sheesh….

  5. @wtfpft
    Pioli micromanages the heck out of the Chiefs. He wants Cassel to be the starter. There’s a reason fans paid for that airplane banner and a former KC Star writer calls Pioli “Big Brother.”

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