Daniel Thomas concussed for second time in five weeks

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Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas suffered a concussion in the second quarter of the regular season opener. He sat out the following game before returning in Week Three.

Thomas suffered another concussion in Miami’s Week Five win over Cincinnati, exiting in the fourth quarter. Although he was initially listed with a “head” injury, the Dolphins confirmed via their Wednesday injury report that Thomas was indeed concussed.

So that’s two concussions in a five-week span.

Thomas was nagged by a hamstring injury for much of his rookie year, but multiple concussions are a much bigger deal and ultimately a long-term concern.

Thomas was a second-round pick in 2011. He’s largely been a disappointment in Miami.

8 responses to “Daniel Thomas concussed for second time in five weeks

  1. If only Thomas could stay healthy… He’d be a great workhorse/short yardage type of running back.

  2. How many stories do we have to read like this before we understand that concussions and head injuries are not like ankle or hamstring injuries? Just because a doctor CLEARS you, does not mean that you are HEALED. The difference is when you re-injure an ankle you are out 3 weeks, take your time and heal up. When you injure your brain, you can’t remember your wife’s name or we have a Ted Johnson situation. My opinion is that brain injuries must be treated like Jason Witten’s spleen injury. Both are very vascular organs that need to heal completely before resuming activity. Stories like this are the reason why it’s unbelievably crazy that the Redskins are even THINKING of putting RGIII out on the field on Sunday. You’ve given away 2 more years worth of draft picks, and you’re putting him in a position to become Sidney Crosby… except without the championships or gold medals… just crazy.

  3. It’s to bad about the concussions, especially the number of occurrences in such a short span of time. I hope someone in that organization considers his opportunity for life after football when determining if he can play. Other than that….The Dolphins have largely been a disappointment in Miami.

  4. I was never big on this guy. When he was in college he either turned the ball over or was hurt which has been his case in the NFL although he hasn’t fumbled yet this year. And the thing about concussions, if there are this many in the NFL how in the world is the NHL going to survive?

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