Demaryius Thomas trying to focus on the little things

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Even though Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is among the best receivers in the league based on recent stats, he’s still being treated like an unproven one.

Thomas is walking around the Broncos facility with a slip-covered football bearing the initials M and M. Those are for receivers coach Tyke Tolbert’s daughters Madison and Morgan, sending a simple message.

I’ve got to treat this like the precious things that they are,” Thomas said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

Thomas has fumbled three times this season, the kind of big mistake that can undo a lot of the good work he’s done otherwise.

Over his last 12 games, going back to last season, Thomas has 65 catches for 1,258 yards. His 513 yards this year are second in the league, and he leads the league with 11 catches of 20 yards or longer.

But he also leads all receivers with those three fumbles, which has him carrying around his latest accessory.

“I agree with that big time,” Thomas said when reminded of how close the Broncos are to having a better record. “It’s the little things that would take us from 2-3 to 4-1 or maybe 5-0.”

Little things like holding onto the ball, and capitalizing on chances.

12 responses to “Demaryius Thomas trying to focus on the little things

  1. As a receiver those aren’t the little things those are your main priority. its gotta feel like crap when you have a huge catch just to fumble it

  2. Wait, when did not holding on to the football become a “little” thing to worry about? Last time I checked it was the most important thing in football. Someone glue a football to his hand for the week or make him sleep with the ball. Hold on to the damn ball Thomas!!!

  3. This guy has fumbled 2 sure TDs and has had a fumble in 3 straight weeks, none of them forced. dude needs to learn to hold onto the ball. Broncos could easily be 3-2 or 4-1 if this guy held onto the balls.

  4. At first glance at that headline, my initial assumption was that Demaryius was focusing on the Gramatica brothers.

  5. Somewhere a village is missing it’s idiot. Comment on the topic dumbass.


    Re: miguielc2012

    Manning is DONE… he is and always was overrated. 1 ring…come on… Tom Brady had a way better career. Eli is better than P.Manning

  6. Hey claymatthewshairplugs, allow me to check your bs stats for you….

    DT had ONE bad fumble in the raider game on what would have been a wide open TD. Broncos went on to crush.

    He had one “fumble” on the last play of the Texan game which was a bunch of laterals as the clock expired.

    He had another last week against the pats, that was by all means forced, great play by the D. As coach Fox likes to say, “they get paid too.”

    DT is rapidly turning into a stud’s STUD. Worrying about his fumbling “problem” is surely missing the point.

  7. Thomas is swiftly becoming one of the top WR in the game….he will get “it” soon.
    he should make Broncos fans forget about Marshall…if they hyave’nt already

  8. It would be funny if a story had came out that John Fox came into Thomas’ house drunk and taped the ball to his hands like Friday Night Lights. Disturbing but funny.

  9. so by the headline I gather that D. Thomas is NOT focusing on P. Manning’s forehead?

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