Everson Griffen leaves team after sudden death of mother


Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen will be away from the team, after the sudden and unexpected death of his mother on Wednesday.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said Griffen’s mother was visiting her son in the Twin Cities when she died. The cause is not yet known. The Vikings were in meetings when Eden Prairie contacted the Vikings, and broke the news to Griffen.

As you can imagine, it was tough,” Frazier said, via Judd Zulgad of 1500ESPN.com. “There was nothing that could have prepared him for that news. He wasn’t here [Thursday]. I’m not sure what his status will be going forward.

“Our prayers as an organization, as well as his teammates, are with him and his family. This is a difficult time for him, as you can imagine, and we’ll be there to support him as best we can. . . . He loved his mom, like we all do. And to have no clue that something like this was on the horizon it was tough. It’s still tough, obviously.”

Griffen is tied for the team lead with three sacks, but has impressed the Vikings with his maturity after some off-field issues after his rookie season.

“Everson means a lot to me, like all our guys do, and I’ve seen the maturation in his life,” Frazier said. “I told him that [Wednesday] night. I know his mom would be so proud of how he has grown up and become a young man that has made her very proud. It’s hard to see him hurting. I lost my mother not long ago, I know what that experience is like, and it’s hard. It’s hard.”

Frazier said he didn’t know when Griffen would rejoin the team, leaving that up to him.

“It’s purely up to him when,” Frazier said. “There’s no timetable. I explained that to him,” Frazier said. “He needs to go through the grieving process properly and don’t be thinking about football. Just doing whatever he needs to do away from football. His mom was very, very close to him. This is going to be a tough deal for him.”

Our thoughts are with Griffen and his entire family.

22 responses to “Everson Griffen leaves team after sudden death of mother

  1. Do what you have to do, and don’t let anyone tell you either “you have to play” or “you have to stay away”. Grieving is a personalized process that everyone has to handle in their own way.

  2. Condolences to Everson and the Griffen family. As amazing as he’s been so far this year, the guy should take his time coming back. The rest of the team’s got your back man.

  3. Really sad to hear. Its been looking like Ev has been putting it together after a lot of offseason talk about dedicating himself to the team. Its been exciting watching such an incredible athlete develop as he is (I hope). On a lighter note, it seems like Les Frazier is as good a coach as any to have at a time like this, just a great guy. Hope Ev is back soon, he’ll be in a lot of our purple tinted thoughts.

  4. My condolences go out to him and his family.

    I love Frazier’s out look on this, much better than the Chilly method of fining for those who are grieving.

    Frazier > Childeress

  5. I can’t believe that some people actually give “Thumbs Down” votes to comments that convey thoughts and prayers after the loss of a loved one. We’ve got some sick people on this board.

  6. I’m truly sorry to hear about the passing of your mother Everson. She had to have been a spiecial lady as he has raised a very thoughtful, kind and talented man! My heart felt condolences to you and you family. God bless!!

  7. May your Mother RIP Everson. Hang in their kid, you’ve made her proud no doubt! Now Vikings,,go win one for Everson!!

  8. My heart goes out to Everson and his family. I just lost my Dad two weeks ago and it’s rough. I still have an empty feeling inside and I think I can just call my Dad up or ask him to lunch, then reality sinks in. It sucks!

  9. I have stated this before about other players’ tragic life events and when people post their toughts about the family, etc. I do not understand how anyone puts a thumbs down on these types of comments. People expressing their condolences is a proper thing in our society. What kind of idiot would put thumbs down on that? About four or five of you out there at this writing are completely insane. Being a fan does have boundaries.

  10. danoj14 says:
    Oct 11, 2012 7:45 PM
    I can’t believe that some people actually give “Thumbs Down” votes to comments that convey thoughts and prayers after the loss of a loved one. We’ve got some sick people on this board.


    Pretty sure they’re all our wonderful Viking’s thread Packer fan stalkers doing that. They’re just not man enough to own up to their actions on something like this.

  11. condolences to Griffin, his personal family & vikings family. take your time, do what you need to to. football will always be there when u r ready to return & you work for a standout organization that puts family first. we will be here for you when you are ready & prepared to return to work. may you seek comfort with wonderful memories & support

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