Jaguars to “host” 49ers at Wembley Stadium in 2013

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The Jacksonville Jaguars already know their “home” opponent in London in 2013.

The NFL has announced that the Jaguars, who will become a regular “home” team at Wembley Stadium from 2013 through at least 2016, will host the 49ers in London on Sunday, October 27, 2013.

“By committing to play a regular-season home game in London in each of the next four years, the Jaguars will play a major role in helping grow our sport in the UK and beyond,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “We think Jaguars-49ers is a matchup our fans will really enjoy and a great way to start a new era in the international development of our game.”

Jaguars owner Shad Khan called playing in London “a unique and important opportunity for the Jaguars franchise, as well as for our fans and community.” The question for Jacksonville fans is whether success in London will eventually lead the Jaguars to leave the Jacksonville community.

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  1. The live games in Week 4 on UK TV (Bills v Pats & Saints v Packers) got 48000 & 43,000 viewers respectively.

    Let’s stop any silly talk of a Franchise in the UK shall we?

  2. ukdude7:

    That doesn’t take into account the number of people who watch via skygo, NFL Gamepass or just through online streams.

    The real problem is the Jags are a bad team. If you want to pull Londoner’s away from Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal etc etc etc (which is itself unlikely) then you can’t bring in a failing team who will go 4-12 6-10 8-8 their first three years.

    If you want to sell a product to a new audience you can’t give them anything other than the best, and that will never happen unfortunately.

    (And to whoever suggests the preseason comes to the UK: If Americans don’t give a crap about preseason what makes you think anyone else will. It’s ridiculous!!

  3. As generous as the NFL schedule comittee has been to us the last few years, can they at least give the 49ers a thursday night game the week before london, and a bye week after?

  4. @ukdude7:

    I bet most of those watching are US citizens abroad.

    The matchup should have been a little more even, however. Maybe S.F., being an international city, may attract more attention in advertising the game. But I wish they’d of set us up to play someone we might have a chance to beat.

    Though this year, with this team, that’s hard to find. I may be all-in, but I’ve gone all in before and then exited the tournament. 🙂

  5. Thats a very attractive home game. I would be seriously mythed if I were a Jags fan. Next year the Patriots come to Charlotte, I would flip if that was moved to London. I like to see my team take on the big boys.

  6. @kayakattack …and the AAFC and the USFL and the XFL and the UFL, oh wait….

    It’s been 6 years and still the only way the NFL gets any coverage in the week up to the game in the mainstream media is by hawking the cheerleaders around. Sad.

    There are many more US cities deserving of a franchise than London.

  7. Jaguars owner Shad Khan called playing in London “a unique and important opportunity for the Jaguars franchise, as well as for our fans and community.”

    Oh for sure. I mean, how could moving a home game to the other side of the world NOT be seen as a “unique and important opportunity for the fans and community”?


  8. ughhh.. why do the niners have to play there again! thats such a long trip and they just played denver there 2 yrs ago. retarded.

  9. The NFL did the Jags no favors. Let’s see how much London like the NFL after a 56-0 shutout. The NFL shouldn’t have sent the best team over there to play the hapless Jags. Should of sent a lower tier team in hopes of a better game.

  10. @jgrange08…Dude stop drinking the exlir from the national media…no blackouts here since 09…if you want your post to have any truth to it, then post “that” comment on the Bucs, Dolphins, or Raiders site. NOT HERE !!!!

  11. When San Diego had a London game few years back they agreed with the league that they will have an away game on the east coast on the Sunday before, so they could continue their trip from the previous weekend and have the entire week to adjust to timezone and weather. San Diego also had a bye the following week.
    I wonder if San Fran asked for the same arrangement. I’m sure they asked and got approval from the league for some schedule settings in order to agree to this.

  12. Why does London get all the love? I’m a Niner fan who just moved to Sao Paulo Brazil, why not play a game here. Props to the Jags for doing what no one wants to do, be the home team in London. Now what the the NFL needs to is make sure that the fans know that the Jags are the home team and cheer accordingly. Remember this is coming from a Niner fan. I watched my Oakland A’s play a “home” game against the Japanese owned Mariners but the fans, knowing the A’s were the home team, showed them love.

  13. 100% of the London fans will be rooting for the Niners. The stands will be a sea of red.

    If Kahn had any sense he’d realize this is going to harm his vision of a London based team more than it helps.

  14. Lets see, the Jags is the same team that went toe to toe in overtime with the Vikings in week one, and really should have won the game, has no shot against the Niners; The same Niners that lost 13-24 to the Vikes. I’m not trying to say that my Jags are playing good football right now, but it’s very silly to rule them out rule already in a game that will be played next year without knowing the future draft picks, releases, and acquisitions on either team.

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