Jahvid Best hopes to be cleared for return Friday

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Lions running back Jahvid Best has missed a full year after suffering two concussions early in the 2011 season, but he hopes he is less than 24 hours away from being cleared to return.

Best said on Thursday that he has gone through a battery of tests and felt good about it all, and he thinks doctors may tell him on Friday that he can play football again.

“When you take the concussion test, it’s a lot of stuff that goes on,” Best said. “I took it Monday, and so they don’t know how it went until Friday. It’s a lot of, I don’t know if you’d call it grading or not, but there’s a lot of stuff that goes on, so I can’t give you my opinion on how it went. But I’m just hopeful for the best, for tomorrow.”

Best sounds optimistic, but then again he sounded optimistic over the summer that he would be cleared for Week One, and that didn’t happen. So until the official word comes from the doctors, we just won’t know when Best might play again.

But if the word from the doctors is positive, Best could be on the field as soon as the Lions’ Monday night game against the Bears on October 22.

15 responses to “Jahvid Best hopes to be cleared for return Friday

  1. RG3 was back after taking the concussion tests in like 2 days. There is a reason Best’s aren’t back yet, and it’s not because he’s been cleared.

  2. If this guy is never able to play again, which seems possible at this point, does that mean he has permanent brain damage?

  3. This is not a good story. The guy’s suffered a lot of concussions, the infamous one at Cal being very, very serious.

    He should retire, period. But if he comes back, I don’t want to hear about any lawsuit in 20 years, when he’s wandering around a soup kitchen and doesn’t know his name.

  4. Why would anyone clear him at this point? in 5 days it’ll be a year since he got knocked out against SF. he has a history of concussion problems. I don’t know why any doctor would clear him to play.

    I’m a fan of his too, didnt think he’d be out this long.

  5. The question is, what kind of football shape is he in? It’s been so long since he played. I feel bad for the guy, but the Lions can only keep him around for so long before having to face the music.

  6. Someone needs to protect this kid from himself. I know the money is good and all, but this guy is willing to ruin his life for the chance to play. Cut him an injury settlement and move on while he can still think coherently.

  7. As a Lion’s fan, I hope the best for this guy. After seeing him go down last year I thought he was done for good. I just hope nobody on the field has a bullseye on him because you know that could be a possibility due to his health history.

  8. Hey if the guys gonna play he’s gonna play…this lions fan has his fingers crossed that he gets back on the field.

  9. He is no different than Sidney Crosby. Crosby came back and has been strong and I hope the same can happen for Best. He just needs to take time and make sure he is FULLY recovered. Once that happens I hope the best for him, no pun intended.

  10. just like i posted before, no one can make this decision for him. It is easy for Joe six pack to sit at his computer and tell everyone what to do but it is his life, his health, he knows best what his situation is and what he wants to do. Simple

  11. I agree with richc111.
    Jahvid is the only one who can make this decision. He clearly has the desire to play and if he is medically cleared to play I say go ahead… he knows the risks.
    But if he’s suffers another concussion down the line I hope he has the wisdom and courage to walk away from the game. I know it would be hard but in the end it’s only a game.

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