Picking apart the Week Six picks

Every Thursday morning, we unveil the respective picks from MDS and yours truly.  Every Thursday afternoon, MDS joins PFT Live to discuss the games on which we disagree — and other games that make us nervous.

Today, we talked Vikings-Redskins, Broncos-Chargers, Cowboys-Ravens, and Patriots-Seahawks.

To see what we said, there’s only one thing to do.

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15 responses to “Picking apart the Week Six picks

  1. Dallas beat the giants in new york. No reason they wont beat a 20th ranked raven defense that is slow and awful!

  2. Don’t be over-confident, cowboys offense has been worthless this year compared to previous years.

    1 ‘Boys fan cautioning another not to sleep on an uber talented ravens team.

  3. unless you read this on the mobile app then you can’t see or hear what you said…even when they post videos they dont play…maybe its only like that on droid phones???…still love the site…i check it at least 10 times a day haha

  4. steelersownyou

    Nice job bringing up no stats whatsoever and just calling the Ravens’ D “slow and awful.” Clearly your unbiased opinion means so much, as evidenced by your username…

  5. You’re right, steelersownnothing! That pounding the steelers gave to the powerhouse Titans puts then in the lead of the division, doesn’t it?
    Oh wait……

  6. steelersownyou, the Giants are not that good. Theyve yet to beat a top 25 team. The Ravens are waaaayyyy better than the Giants, and I have some credibility here, my team’s played both of them.

    As for your Steelers…theyre just as bad as the Giants. Neither team will make the playoffs.

  7. “Dallas beat the giants in new york. No reason they wont beat a 20th ranked raven defense that is slow and awful!”

    No reason they shouldn’t win a home game against a Bears team that went 8-8 last year or go beat a Seattle team that finished 7-9 or simply crush the Bucs who went 4-12.

  8. Kudos to your ability to create a ‘tmz-gossip-esque’ website that has earned you a fortune. Cheers.

    But don’t think for a minute that you’re some expert (aka stick to the gossip and rumours) on football, because my buddy’s 8 year old daughter can ‘pick’ better than you based on ‘team pretty colors’.

    When you pick against/for/equal with the big boys in Vegas, then we’ll talk.

    Just business.

  9. @Steelersownsyou

    Nice win last night. Clear we got a chance to see your elite defense led by Ike Taylor! Lol

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