Redskins won’t change offense to protect Robert Griffin III


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III appears set to return to the starting lineup on Sunday, a week after he was knocked out of a game with a concussion. And the Redskins see no need to change their offense to protect Griffin from another concussion.

Washington offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan says he’s going to continue calling plays the same way he did before Griffin’s concussion.

“If I went into a game thinking I had to call a different game because, if he got hit, he’s going to be hurt, then he shouldn’t be playing,” Shanahan said, via “If he’s cleared, he’s cleared, he’s okay. That’s my assumption.”

Shanahan said Griffin has looked sharp and ready in practice.

“He’s been great at practice this week,” Shanahan said. “Sounds like he’s going to be alright. Once [he gets cleared], you go into the game assuming he’s healthy.”

The question, however, is how long Griffin can stay healthy with all the hits he’s taking. Griffin is a spectacular athlete, probably the best athlete ever to play quarterback in the NFL, but he seems to trust his athleticism so much that he thinks he can make a play with his feet any time he wants. And as long as the Redskins’ offense has Griffin making a lot of plays with his feet, he’s going to keep taking a lot of hits.

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  1. I can’t tell if Kyle Shanahan is an idiot or a future coaching genius. All signs point to idiot, but I respect his vision. At least he won’t change his ideals for anyone. No special treatment. And credibility for players on the injury report. I like that.

  2. RGIII is developing a little rep for being a whiny bitch. I can’t remember a time when a player whined as much as him about getting hit.

    Who was it that told him he’s not in the Big XII anymore where nobody actually plays defense.

    This is the NFL, they are going to hit you. If you don’t like it, go play soccer.

  3. and redskins still wont win anything either, but a top pick next year, which will go to the rams, u guys couldve had a real QB in barkley but yr stuck with akili smith 2.0 IRG3

  4. It’s Shanahan and son he is not capable of change,this is what he was taught and thats all he’s capable of running

  5. Say what you will but if Shanahan keeps running the option RGIII is going to end up with many more concussions.

  6. Ok, looked Kyle up. He went from College Grad Asst. to NFL OC in 7 years! lol What has dude accomplished to deserve that quick of a rise to the top?

  7. Randall: yeah, it looks like Kyle is saying to RG3 “this is what you wanted so get out there and play” haha.

  8. You guys are ridiculous, this kid has shown he has the talent to play in the pocket. He’s already outplaying 95% of other qbs as a rookie. And he hasn’t even ran that much, the play he got hurt on was his first run in the game for god sake. These articles keep talking about running him less, news flash he has been running less in the last 3 games. Hate on the guy all you want but he is going to be a great qb. And apparently none of you know how interviews go, its not him whining, its him answering the questions the media asks. The kid has shown he has no fear on the field. Hence him wanting to go back in when he didn’t know where the hell he was. You guys kill me with your so called football knowledge

  9. RGIII has barely ran the past two games. The play he got hit was his only “run” and it wasn’t designed. He just missed his read and then didn’t slide soon enough. It’s happened to many other QB’s. Shanahan saying he’s not going to change his plan means he’s not afraid to run a wildcat or a designed run, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to call a bunch of them. They’ll adjust during the game and call whatever they need to to win.

  10. kyle played reciever at texas ( college)

    he was a very good coordinator with kubiak in houston although prolly had alot of help. he def had talent.

    he is doing a good job in dc. but he does need to protect rg3 somewhat.

    but if he says that teams will gameplan so dont believe everything you hear.

    in the last two games he already scaled down the running plays and hits rg3 takes

  11. Yes they will. The real work in making the changes will be done simultaneously with the weeks they will be getting Kirk Cousins’ ready to start.

  12. RG III is a good player. I will tell you this though, the Vikings defense is a whole new brand of animal with the new coordinator and draft picks. They are fast and hit very hard. Love to create mismatches and rotate fresh d linemen,,,,best protect your prize qb,he is getting hit!

  13. Used to be players just shrugged off concussions as part of the game. Those players are now suffering early dementia and other problems. RGIII is only a rookie and gets head-knocker #1 (and who knows if he had any concussions in college). He won’t last long in this league at this pace.

  14. Actually, I’m salivating at the thought of this game. A running QB vs The Hillbilly Headhunter Harrison Smith….train wreck a coming

  15. The best thing Kyle could do to protect him AND win more is give Morris at least 25 carries and Royster 15 every Sunday…

  16. He could’ve stepped out of bounds but he tried to cut back inside. He probably had a concussion before that play.
    He got greedy.

    No 5’11″‘ 185lb football player makes a living avoiding sidelines.
    Next step, Subway.

  17. How long does Shanahan and the Redskins intend to use the option, which basically invites the opposing defense to lay-out your QB whether he keeps the ball or not?

    Won’t be too many happy campers in Redskin-land when they find they’ve leveraged all their draft picks for who knows how long for a QB who can no longer play football.

    Hopefully this is Shanahan blowing smoke to keep defenses guessing, while he really intends to be smart with RGIII running the ball. Then again, this is Shanahan, so don’t count on it.

  18. I’ve seen that Viking defense a couple games this year…..they will flat out punch you in the mouth and have alot of speed. I feel for RGIII if he gets happy feet and takes off running…..he won’t make it to halftime.

  19. tell me this doesn’t sound familiar? mike vick, vince young, cam newton, now robert griffin iii. each was “superman” at the beginning of his career, and each was “better than the last because he can throw from the pocket”

  20. KIR says: Oct 11, 2012 6:20 PM

    Ok, looked Kyle up. He went from College Grad Asst. to NFL OC in 7 years! lol What has dude accomplished to deserve that quick of a rise to the top?
    2007- Houston Texans rank 17th in the league in offense
    2008- Kyle Shanahan becomes offensive coordinator, Houston Texans rank 3rd in the league in offense
    2009- Kyle Shanhan’s second year, Houston Texans rank 4th in the league in offense (first in passing)
    2012- Houston Texans are considered early Super Bowl favorites, offense still uses Kyle Shanahan’s system.

    These are facts.

  21. Sometimes these readers have no objectivity whatsoever.

    RG3 proponents say he’s John Elway mixed with Steve Young. Nope, maybe in 5 years.

    RG3 haters call him Akili Smith and have him in a coma in two years. Nope.

    The reality is he’s a promising, young ,exciting, smart QB who still has a lot to learn about the NFL. But what team would not love to his future (or Andrew Luck) after what we’ve seen in 5 games. The reality is, he’ll be prone to injury unless he figures it out, but in the meantime, the skins did the right thing to obtain him.

  22. I absolutly love all these Griffin haters for the simple reason in the next few years they will be eating tons of crow! Of course we wont be hearing from them because their mouths will be full.

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