Report: Matt Slauson fined 10K for block on Brian Cushing


Jets guard Matt Slauson doesn’t see why people have been making a big deal about his block on Texans linebacker Brian Cushing that resulted in a torn ACL for Cushing.

If a report from Jay Glazer of FOX is correct, he probably won’t be able to make much sense of why the league is fining him $10,000 for it either. Glazer reported Thursday afternoon that the league has decided to fine Slauson that amount for the blindside cut block that ended Cushing’s season. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News confirmed Glazer’s report and adds that the league deemed it an illegal peel back block. He also reports that Slauson will appeal the fine.

There is currently no rule about hitting a player low on a blindside block, terming it a peel back block does constitute a rules violation, although Slauson could have been flagged if he hit Cushing in the head or neck on the same play. Even Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips conceded that his problem with the play wasn’t legality but the fact that the block was unnecessary in the larger context of the play. Unnecessary legal blocks, which happen plenty, don’t tend to result in fines, though.

The rule on peel back blocks is one that the league should take a look at in the offseason, because, right now, there’s a bit of a disconnect between the current rules and plays like the one that injured Cushing. If player safety is the goal, it should apply to all players on the field and all body parts, especially when players can wind up missing more time with a knee injury than a concussion.

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  1. It was a cheap play, but it was legal. You could argue that Slauson was playing hard. Kind of like the Bucs defense was playing hard at the end of the Giants game. Where do you draw the line? What if the Jets player broke tackles and Cushing was the guy in the cutback lane? Same what ifs as you could have about the Bucs rushing the QB Kneel.

  2. I know how this goes. Goodell levels the fine, player appeals the fine, Goodell upholds the fine. Judge, Jury, Executioner.

    Oh, and there was nothing wrong with that block. Lineman get paid to block, what sense does it make to fine them to block?

  3. I’m surprised this could even be called a block, legal or not. Seriously?

    Even as a casual football plan I could see from the video
    1) Cushing wasn’t even facing Slauson at the time
    2) Cushing was barely moving from his position (the play was arguably out of his range)
    3) in what world do target the back of someone’s knee when blocking?

  4. I don’t think Wade conceded it was legal. I think he said he wasn’t getting into that.

  5. It just goes to show that the NFL has it’s darlings.

    Golden Tate hits a Dallas Cowboy square in the chest and catches a tiny bit of the helmet with what they called a blindside hit. The guy leaves for a few plays and comes back… $21,000 fine.

    This guy takes a Houston Texan with a blindside chop block. Out for the season, $10,000 fine.

  6. The problem with this fine is that the league isn’t going to review all the other game tapes to see all the other questionable cut blocks that DIDN’T result in season-ending injuries but easily could have.

    They’re fining Slauson based on the outcome of the play, not the play itself.

    And let’s be frank: had he chop-blocked some no-name player who was lost for the year, this wouldn’t even be a story.

  7. At least Slauson didn’t taunt the injured player like Sapp did on his cheap shot on Clifton…low class

  8. It’s ridiculous to me that a player can be fined by the league without doing anything against league rules. I think this block should be outlawed. however, until it is, the league shouldn’t be fining people for it. As for the person who said he intended to hurt Cushing, I’m glad you know what is going on in the head of someone you’ve likely never met.

  9. Stop whining. Goodell wasn’t on the field delivering the illegal bloack. Have some chops and call it the way it is which was an illegal block by slauson.

    contract says:
    Oct 11, 2012 6:16 PM
    It doesn’t matter if it was legal or not. Goodell just does whatever he wants.

  10. If it was a legal hit there shouldn’t be a fine. It’s unfortunate that it resulted in such an injury, but the NFL should t be passing out fines for FUTURE rules that aren’t in Place yet.

  11. Goodell isn’t going to be satisfied until one of these replacement refs costs a team a game or gets a player killed on the field!


  12. Not necessarily illegal but certainly dangerous and cheap. I don’t think it’s dirty but kinda cheap just to go for the legs. Running backs do it all the in pass protection also. I wanna see guys actually make hits, not weak blocks like this and arm tackles.

  13. Did that Play get a flag?? I never liked chopping a player if you’re not engaged with that player.. that being said the Texans zone block and chop all game. Casey Hampton and Ziggy Hood missd plays vs them last year for that exact reason..NO fines NO flags..

  14. How about a year suspension. To me he should
    get the same suspension that the bounty players
    got, he may have ended another players career.
    It was an unnecessary block there fore to me
    it was a “dirty play”. 10 grand is an insult.


  15. When RBs do it the defense player usually sees’ it comming and they can try to avoid it..DL can’t see it when their engaged with another player.. that play should be illegal 15 personal foul. Now if 2 players are on each other 1on1 then may the best man win

  16. txbossman where have you been. The replacement
    guys did not do that game. Get up to date before
    your mouth runs off.

  17. Wow the amount of ignorance about rules and cut blocking and what happened in this case is impressive. And yes, I mean the half of you that think I mean the other half.

  18. I live in Houston, but the Texans and their fans whine and cry about every little thing….now that the league has a not Seattle again policy(no division winners with a losing record) the Texans get all the breaks and cry for more…it makes me sick….the last 5 games of last season were a crock…phantom fouls in the Texans favor….wins they didn’t earn and now every game this year so far thay have cried about some player on the other team being mean to them….Incognito pulled my leg, Stewart pulled my hair now they whined until this fine was made….

  19. Excessive, unnecessary blocks are only legal if performed by a member of the Steelers (e.g. Hines Ward/Keith Rivers) – then the typical response is “gotta have your head on a swivel….”

  20. lol remember that game blitz the league, when if there was an injury you had the option to fix it, sit him out, or inject steroids into the injury? brian cushing reminds me of that after hes already tested positive for steroids before.

  21. Sigh. Let’s try this again. The article is patently incorrect. It was illegal for two reasons:

    1) The location. It occurred outside of the box.
    2) Slauson made the block in the direction of his own end zone.

    Ignorance of the rules doesn’t mean we need more rules. It means folks need to be educated.

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