Rex hasn’t lost confidence in Shonn Greene

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With all the problems in New York, one of the most glaring hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention.

Shonn Greene, the supposed centerpiece of the ground-and-pound offense, has been doing more grounding than pounding.

But coach Rex Ryan, who may or may not have confidence in starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, definitely has confidence in Greene.

“Have I lost confidence in Shonn Greene?  The answer is no,” Rex Ryan said Thursday, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “I think we keep giving him the ball.  He’s working extremely hard.  I just think it’s a matter of time before he really starts popping.  We all know once he gets rolling, the whole team is lifted when your big back is running.”

Greene hasn’t been popping yet this year.  His numbers are CJ0.2K-ish, with 79 carries for 217 yards and a 2.9-yard average.

With Greene five games in to the final season of his rookie deal, he needs to step up.  Especially since the Jets have Bilal Powell available to take some of Greene’s touches.

Of course, the fact that Ryan has confidence in Greene likely means that owner Woody Johnson doesn’t.  We’ll find out the next time Johnson is interviewed by CNBC or Bloomberg or some media outlet other than, you know, an actual sports station.

26 responses to “Rex hasn’t lost confidence in Shonn Greene

  1. When are these idiots going to face reality and cut their losses instead of preaching game after game about how certain underachievers (SANCHEZ) are going to magically start performing at a high level?

    I’m a Jets fan but I’m more a realist and enough is enough, time to clean house.

  2. IMO Rexy’s biggest mistake is his blind faith in wrong offensive personnel… sanchez, holmes and shonn greene… sanchez is back up quality at best and greene is a decent no. 2 back… but they are not center pieces to any successful offense… should have made a run for manning or atleast orton…

  3. Less than 3 yards per carry is beyond poor…this is among the worst offenses I’ve seen in quite some time.

  4. Why wouldn’t he be confident ? Isn’t this the best Jets team Rex has had since he became Head Coach?

  5. Tebow may be the best runner on this team and that’s why he AND Sanchez should be starting.

    If Timmy really put the team first and just wanted to do anything to help, he’d change positions.

    However, we all know that the narcissistic one really wants to throw Sanchez under the bus, get handed a starting job he didn’t earn then have the other 25 guys on offense change everything they do to accommodate him. So he can call his own number every time they get near the goal line so he can call another press conference to talk about how humble he is.

  6. ProFootball Focus says Shonn Greene has broken 1 tackle the entire season, and they believe it might have been by accident since it happens so rarely.

  7. Jets Factoid: in 79 carries this season Shonn Greene has broken a whopping 1 tackle!

    News Flash to Rex: These aren’t the stats of a ‘big back’ they are the stats of ‘crap back’.

  8. Apparantly Rex is still living in the 09′ season when Greene had a bust-out playoff game against the Chargers and hasnt done squat since

  9. I feel like there’s a pattern where Rex announces he hasn’t given up on players that everyone else realizes are terrible.

  10. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

    Been a Jets fan when daddy Buddy was a coach there.

    Never saw a more screwed up front office. Everybody coddles each other down to the 53rd man.

    Fans want results, not quotes of faith.

  11. I think Rex really means it, and it just shows how incompetent he is with offense. He really thinks that Greene will eventually “pop” when he only gives him the ball in the first three quarters? Not including week one when he got 27 carries and almost broke 100 yards, he’s averaging just over 12 carries per game. Almost no RB can look good with that kind of opportunity. Some dominant RBs can dominate in the first quarter, but most good backs dominate in the 4th quarter after the D is worn down. If he gives Green 30 carries per game, he’ll break 100 yards most weeks.

    Rex, like Wade Phillips, is a great defensive coordinator, but a bad head coach. This is just the latest example…

  12. Referencing the headline, of course he hasn’t. Rex still thinks he’s a successful HC.

  13. Jet fan here (as if you couldn’t tell)

    I’ve lost faith in Shonn Greene. He can’t find holes or doesn’t make a decision to change the route when there isn’t one. He keeps constantly running up the middle into the hands of defenders. Seems like plays out of Shotty’s old playbook.

    In any case Rex, or any coach for that matter, will not say anything bad at all about his players to the media whatsoever.

    …In a conference room somewhere is probably an entirely different story

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