Suh responds to anonymous G.M. criticism

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh currently isn’t dominant.  After one G.M. reportedly spoke out anonymously regarding Suh’s recent performance, Suh opted to respond.

True men [go on the record],” Suh said, via Anwar Richardson of  “I don’t know who he is.  I couldn’t tell you if he’s one.”

But then Suh sort of agreed with the criticism.

“Personally, I believe I had an average quarter,” Suh said.  “I had some good things.  Some not okay things, but it’s a work in progress.  It’s early in the year.  Still have a lot of time to play at a high level and stay consistent.  That’s the biggest thing I want to focus on every week.”

“I have listened to the media hype about Suh since he got in the league — what has he done?” an unnamed G.M. told Pro Football Weekly.  “Even the year he had all those garbage sacks, the guy took a million plays off and got pushed around in the run game.  I have never thought he was a very good pro player.  I liked him coming out and thought he had a chance.  But I also never thought he was going to be the second coming that he was labeled.  I am not sure who bestowed that on him, but it is kind of a joke.”

“People have their opinions,” Suh said.  “That’s basically what it is to me.  I don’t really pay attention to it.  He’s a G.M. He’s supposed to be knowing what he’s talking about.  That’s on to you guys’ discretion whether he’s right or not.”

Suh and the Lions would seem to have far bigger problems than whether an unnamed G.M. thinks Suh takes “a million plays off” or some lower amount.  Suh and the Lions are 1-3 and facing the Eagles in Philly this weekend, which could make them 1-4, soon.

And if the Lions don’t turn things around, soon no one will be talking about the Lions at all — on or off the record.

19 responses to “Suh responds to anonymous G.M. criticism

  1. Nate Burleson said the team should play with a chip on their shoulder like last year. Well he just got his bulletin board material.

  2. Suh is a reflection of his Head Coach , both men are writing checks they’re mouth can’t cash …!!

  3. He hasn’t done much since his rookie year, especially considering the lions having added additional talent on the DL and in the LB corp. Makes me wonder about his work ethic and overall skill set. It seems like the rest of the NFL has cought on to his pass rushing moves.

    I got tired of lions fans acting like he’s the next Cortez Kennedy or John Randal, glad to see some of that unearned praise is starting to fade.

  4. I am in no way a Suh fan, but I think I agree with him on this one. As a G.M., it’s pretty irresponsible and mean-spirited to take cheap shots at a guy’s career behind the veil of anonymity.

  5. A real man doesn’t stomp a helpless opponent when he’s down, either…That said, the GM should not hide behind the cloak of anonymity.

  6. One of the main problems is the Lions got a lot of hype about being a deep playoff team if not possible SB and believed that hype. Way too much talent on that team to be this bad

  7. I’m not a Suh fan, especially since he tries to deny every dirty move he makes. Everybody saw the stomp, to keep insisting it never happened is just stupid.

    As for his current play however, the fault is not just on him. Vanden Bosch is visibly slower, and losing speed quickly. This defensive line over-pursues terribly. A back with some patience watches as the ends run 15 yards up field and then runs through the gaping hole, since Detroit’s LBs don’t seem inclined to step up and fill them. Avril on the other hand looks very comfy with his new contract. The poor play of the rest of the line is allowing O-lines to key on Suh.

    Look at the draft, none of their top picks from this past year are contributing. Drafting “best player available” in early only works if you don’t have glaring needs.

  8. Interesting that as the smoke settles the best DT to come out of that draft came out in the 4th round. Geno Atkins. Beast, and consistent.

  9. The Vikings best runs were right up the middle when they beat the Lions, and Suh was nowhere to be seen.

  10. The rookie season is over for Suh now everybody knows to expect him to play dirty. his size is normal the man is a DT. His skills are average most of the time. Its the DIRTY PLAY that made people pay attintion to him in the first place. Now all he has left is his mouth an he need to shut up. Suh is about to answer a GM an he dont know who it is… so the only way to answer is to send a genaral message to all GM’s …a BAD Message…. SHORT CAREER

  11. purpleguy says:
    Oct 11, 2012 10:17 AM
    The Vikings best runs were right up the middle when they beat the Lions, and Suh was nowhere to be seen.
    The Vikings scored 6 points on offense. So clearly their best runs weren’t all that special.

  12. i can’t stand suh but in this circumstance he’s right. if you’re going to go on the record and criticize someone, have the balls to place your name beside your comments.

    there’s too many “unnamed sources” out there.

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