Terrell Owens: Desperate Jets need me

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Terrell Owens wrote on Twitter during the Jets’ loss on Monday night that he’s available if the Jets want him. But the Jets don’t want him. So now Owens is turning up the heat on the Jets.

In an interview on TSN, Owens said the fact that the Jets are using cornerback Antonio Cromartie at wide receiver shows that they’re desperate, and they need an experienced receiver like him.

“I’ve read a lot of tweets and everybody’s saying that I’m desperate, I’m begging for a job,” Owens said. “But it’s not begging for a job when you know you can still play at a high level, given the opportunity. When you have a defensive back playing offense and running routes, then I think that’s more desperate than my actual tweet itself.”

So if they’re desperate, why aren’t they calling Owens? According to him, it’s because there’s a perception that he’d be a distraction in the locker room.

“That’s definitely a part of it,” Owens said. “I’ve matured. There’s things I’ve done in my career that I can honestly say were said and done out of immaturity.”

If Owens wants to show that he has matured, he might want to stop calling the team he wants to play for desperate.

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  1. Yea TO and your taunting the jets for having a defensive back playing offense shows just how mature you have become. Can’t understand for the life of me why no one picks you up……….(insert rolling of eyes)

  2. Sorry, Tee Zero.. your diva ways have made you persona non grata to every team in the league.

    Try that dancing gig again.

  3. Did T.O. register a score at all on the Wonderlic?

    Owens and Ryan are too much alike. Rex has a slightly brighter bulb, I will admit.

  4. I thought he was rich from the “T Ocho Show” and didn’t need to play anymore.

  5. But T.O you WERE given the opportunity to play for the Seahawks and they cut you. They aren’t exactly flourishing at the WR position either.

  6. I say YES to T O. Bring him in at minimum salary. Put him on the field. He would be a threat and would have to be covered at all times, reducing pressure on your other receivers. Plus it would be really great theater.

  7. This is amazing, he’s as desperate a person as you’ll ever see, and he’s calling the Jets desperate.

    Guess what, Owens?

    There’s plenty of WR’s out there that don’t have the bad history you have.

  8. The Jets need a new OC (sparano is a disaster), new RBs, a few WRs who can run routes and catch (not owens), and some Offensive Linemen. Owens would make for great TV but would not help the team.

  9. At least Owens isnt one of those frauds collecting unemployment, acting like theyre looking for work..he’s actually seeking employment.

  10. Personally, with all the Jets media coverage dominating the internet, TV, magazines, blogs, twitter you name it … you might as well add T.O. to the circus…….

    Cromartie, T.O., Holmes, B. Scott, Tebow, Sanchez, Revis, Rex Ryan …. wow some real characters set-up for a great Hard Knocks next year.

  11. He got cut by a team with some of the worst receivers in the league. Seattle is definitely in the bottom 5 of WR groups. So I guess he figures his only chance to play is with the team with THE worst WR’s?

  12. I ask you this…

    Do you think that Rex would rather have TO or a woman with three feet?

  13. Well, his mouth just cost him another job. Ain’t no way anyone in the front office or on the coaching staff is going to take kindly to being called “desparate” and “needing” by a candidate for a job.

  14. Man youd think the overseas residuals and royalties alone from the TO SHOW would keep him in hos and making it rain for life. Sort of like Lucille Ball and the I Love Lucy show lol.

  15. the sad thing is that TO had talent, skill, speed, and size. Everything you look for in a WR. He could have been a hof WR with multiple SB rings if he just kept his mouth shut and played the game. What a waste of talent. I guess it just goes to show that talent without attitude is nothing.

  16. Maybe he has a point, however badly put across? Jets playing an RB at DB and a CB at WR seems like some form of desperation.

    Also, he was a model of professionalism in the short time he was in Seattle.

  17. TO will never admit it to himself that he is done, finished, never to play in the NFL again.

    Even when the Jets, who suck, who have no WR’s, and no locker room left to destroy, and they don’t want him, he still can’t admit that he is finished.

  18. (In bart scotts aggressive tone) CAN’T WAIT till this guy turns 40. Then owens will kno that these team definity wont want him anymore and this story drops quicker then his tv show.

  19. “According to him, it’s because there’s a perception that he’d be a distraction in the locker room.”

    Gee, I wonder where that perception came from? This perception is definitely reality.

  20. Yeah because calling a team desperate is a GREAT way to get them to sign you. TO has all the talent in the world, but he is as smart as a box of rocks.

  21. Sanchez, Tebow, Rex Ryan, Cromartie and his 19 kids, and maybe (hopefully) T.O.? This circus just keeps getting better and better. Maybe they can bring back that coach who trips gunners on punts for extra media attention.

  22. Yes, it IS begging when you’ve been cut multiple times by multiple teams and still NOBODY shows even a trace of interest yet you STILL won’t go away!

  23. No Terrell, Jets fans are saying “Tebow”, not “TO”.

    Sorry, but TO needs the attention more than the Jets need an over-the-hill prima donna.

  24. On another note, before pursuing Owens,the Jets have to make sure the doorway at Florham Park locker room is big enough to fit Owen’s head thru.

  25. calling your prospective employer desperate is probably not a good idea…

    all joking aside, the Jets should call him in… the guy can still play and they’ve already got the circus going so why not add another act?

  26. Once in a great while, T.O. is right.

    The Jets actually need him.

    I love when egos get in the way, Rex Ryan.

    Take note of what Joe Girardi did last night, doing what was right and pinch-hitting for A-Rod.

  27. Jets had Braylon Edwards, he gets cut from the Jets. Seattle signs both Braylon Edwards and TO to tryouts, Braylon makes the Seahawks, TO is let go. Simple logic, if the Jets didn’t want Braylon who is younger and knows that locker room then why would they take a chance on TO who is a lot older and viewed as locker room cancer?

  28. T.O. to the Jets is a great idea. His legendary work ethic can only help the young receivers there.

  29. If it’s a news item whenever TO says he is needed by a team, or whenever the Jets have personnel issues, you should be setting up a new forum solely devoted to such stories so they don’t crowd out the other items.

  30. This is just getting embarrassing. T.O. Needs the Jets more than the Jets need T.O.

    Where’s the dignity Terrell?

  31. Not sure I would call a guy trying to get a job back in the NFL desperate, no more than I would call a person going company to company looking for employment desperate! Just a thought. I think we all need some form of employment. For those guys it’s the NFL that’s their profession. They are no more desperate than people standing in the unemployment line.

  32. TO needs money so he can pay child support and see his kids…

    Hey, maybe he can bring back the TO/Ochocinco show for some extra cash! But this time they can call it the “2 washed up WRs that can’t catch a ball” show.

  33. Even though he is the ultimate doofus and diva, it’s sad to see somebody sink this low. Somebody throw this guy a life saver, and I don’t mean a team to play for. he is on the cusp of being self destructive.

  34. Please sign him. That would be amazing. It would then be like the biggest thing ever. Get your popcorn ready… the circus is about to begin.

  35. It is sad to see him sink this low but he cannot portray himself as a victim given how little emphasis he cared regarding his image and reputation. If you’re going to undermine the system, then be prepared to be discarded like yesterday’s trash once your skill set diminishes.

    He honestly could still help a team out there but considering his poor rep as a team “cancer,” it appears that his NFL career has finally come to a close.

  36. Why so much hate for T.O.?….All he does is produce. He may complain, but will still produce, even at his age. Besides child support, never been in big trouble. Im honestly not sure if he’s ever held out. He’s a prick, but there’s a lot of those….Dude is still a beast. Did more in his 1 year at Cinci than Moss has the last 3 years…

  37. I couldn’t imagine a team with Rexy, Tebow, and T.O. The New York Times would have to create a new daily section just to cover that circus

  38. T.O. – look behind you at the trail of bridges you have burned… and you wonder why they don’t want you? Some people just don’t know when the party is over and have to be asked to leave… and are never invited back.

  39. Teams don’t want you T.O. They would rather have a DB play your position than have you on their team!
    You don’t even have to read between the lines here. You are done. Please let the current NFL players have their time with the media. You had your time, it’s over.

  40. TO will be 50 years old and still think he can play WR better than someone who’s 20. Let it go and go away TO. You had your opportunity in the spot light.

  41. The owner must have given Rex/GM mulligans for this season. If they were on the hot seat, they’d be bringing in whomever will help them. What they have will is not/will not work. Their CB is their best WR and their 2nd best DB is a RB.

    They just have to give the appearance of not giving up (even though they have) and they’ll both be back to rebuild next year.

  42. The Jets will continue to cut off their nose to spite themselves if they don’t at least give T.O. a try. The Jets are the joke of the NFL with the Tebow experiment, which is not working. Bring T.O. in for a month, get him on the field as quickly as possible. If he doesn’t have an impact cut him. Right now the Jets look like idiots for not doing that.

  43. The funny thing is that the Jets without Holmes and Revis and by adding Tebow now have a locker room that is much more coherent.

    TO would ruin that in a hurry. Not a buyer.

  44. He still hasnt learned to stop talking. For his kids sake I hope he gets another shot

  45. Owens is just another old washed up WR that thinks he still can get the job done. Bro there is a reason you are NOT on a team. YOUR DONE… and not to mention, Sanchez and Tebow both suck…lol… and thats a fact.

  46. T.O. is the only player thats disruptive to a teams chemistry even when he isnt on a team.

  47. “…when you know you can still play at a high level, given the opportunity. ”

    You’ve BEEN given the opportunity, multiple times, in multiple leagues over the past 2 years. In all instances it was found that you couldn’t play at a high enough level to make the cut (even in the Arena League for cryin’ out loud). Get the message, and go away.

  48. TO is another example of an old athlete who thought the job and the money would last forever. Now he is broke and desperate, looking for one last payday. He should of saved some of his money.

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