Tony Romo might have to hold this weekend


Should you mention the idea of Tony Romo holding for a kick, you can be pretty sure what the response will be.

Are you crazy? Don’t you remember what happened in Seattle during the playoffs?

That’s not really the end of Romo’s holding story, though. He held last year while punter Mat McBriar was dealing with an injury and the Cowboys might find themselves in just such a predicament this weekend.

Punters Chris Jones and Brian Moorman are both battling injuries, leaving the Cowboys without an experienced holder for Dan Bailey’s field goals and extra points. Jones is battling a sprained knee and Moorman strained his groin during Wednesday’s practice. Jones has been able to practice, but the team isn’t sure whether he’s going to be able to play against the Ravens.

“There’s a possibility Tony’s going to hold,” coach Jason Garrett said, via Todd Archer of

According to the Associated Press, the Cowboys also plan to take a look at former Jets punter T.J. Conley. That raises the likelihood that there won’t be a need for Romo to hold on Sunday and that the FOX crew doing the game won’t need to make sure they have a clip of that fateful play against the Seahawks ready to go when Bailey lines up for a kick.

16 responses to “Tony Romo might have to hold this weekend

  1. Oh lord, here we go again. Maybe that fateful hold will finally be out of his mind after heading back to Seattle earlier this season and managing to botch every other aspect of the game

  2. Romo will be punting as well as holding AND throwing picks?

    He’s gonna be a busy bee!

  3. What do you know, a professional athlete with the last name of Romo that was key in the end of a decisive game in which he propelled his team to victory. His first name isn’t Tony though. Imagine that.

  4. No worries. Cowboys won’t attempt an extra point unless they score which isn’t likely to happen.
    Cold-blooded. Also almost exactly what I was going to say–“This may not be an issue.”

  5. Why does Romo have to do this? Isn’t there anyone else that could do it? A backup QB? Or any other backup? I am sure someone would be willing to learn how to do it since it might be the only way they ever get on the field.

  6. Christ, how many QB’s in this league have to hear about a botched play that happened 6 years ago during his first season playing after he had played a total of 10 previous games?

    No one, that’s who.

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