Victor Cruz won’t be happy if Carlos Rogers breaks out the salsa

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In the memoir that Victor Cruz wrote after his first full year as an NFL player, he made it clear that he wasn’t a fan of 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers purloining his salsa dance touchdown celebration after an interception against the Giants.

Rogers said earlier this week that he’ll break out his version of the dance again this year should he make a play that warrants such celebration and, as you’d imagine, such an idea doesn’t sit well with Cruz. He said that he considers the dance “sacred” because he does it in honor of his late grandmother and said it would be “a slap in the face” if Rogers were to put on his dancing shoes this year.

“I obviously won’t be OK with that,” Cruz said on a conference call with the San Francisco media, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “But it is what it is. He’s going to choose what he wants to do. It is what it is. I’m not going to try to retaliate or go crazy. That’s not me. But it obviously won’t sit well with me, as I’ve stated in the past.”

Cruz might not have anything to worry about. Rogers told Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group that he wasn’t aware Cruz did the dance to honor his grandmother and Rogers said that the information “definitely” changes his plans to bust it out on Sunday. Unless he plans to replace it with a mambo step, that should put an end to the possibility of Dancing With the Stars breaking out at Candlestick in Week Six.

46 responses to “Victor Cruz won’t be happy if Carlos Rogers breaks out the salsa

  1. If I were Carlos Rogers I’d do the “Macarena” instead and have the whole defense follow it would be worth the penalty

  2. Pretty lame…can’t dudes come up with their own unique celebration instead of mocking another player? Dumb. Tracy Porter mocking Jared Allen…Jimmy Graham and John Abraham mocking Aaron Rodgers belt…

  3. I can appreciate Cruz’s personal sentiments of the Salza related to his grandmother but he didn’t invent the salza nor does he own its exploits. He makes it sound as if Rogers does the salza it’s somehow a major slap in the face of a deceased woman he’s never met before. That’s just weak.

  4. It’s the NFL, its entertainment! One steroid cycle away from being like the WWE. If these guys didn’t make fun of everyone else, there would be less rivalry, blogs, entertainment on and off the field. I hope Rogers does it. Then Cruze catches three TD’s 🙂

  5. Im the biggest Giants and Cruz fan as one can be, but how do you expect anyone to know that Victor? And honestly why should they care? You play with fire your gonna get burned dont make it all personal homie either stop dancing or youll get danced on too sometimes

  6. Cruz is so full of BS. During an interview last year, he said his position coach gave him the idea for the salsa dance to celebrate his heritage. NOW apparently, it was his own idea to honor his grandma. Get your story strait, guy.

  7. He said that he considers the dance “sacred” because he does it in honor of his late grandmother and said it would be “a slap in the face” if Rogers were to put on his dancing shoes this year.

    I can respect Cruz for doing something in honor of his grandmother but he makes it sound like he should have the “salsa” trademarked and he be the only one who can do it. Too bad the Salsa is a dance done world wide by millions of people

  8. It’s not sacred, it’s self promotion. If you don’t like seeing other people throw your self promotion back in your face, don’t do it to begin with.

  9. Who cares! Are we not supposed to eat Cheerios because your lare grandma served them to you for breakfast? Man up Cruz, dont worry about what other people do.


  10. start the countdown to victor cruz saying he was quoted out of context on this one. because what he’s saying (that no one but him can dance salsa because it would dishonor his late grandmother) is so absurdly preposterous that he’ll have to come up with some explanation.

  11. He didn’t make up his little dance to celebrate his grandmother. His PR rep urged him to make up a little signature dance for self promotion, them came up with the grandma twist for another PR purpose.

  12. I can not stand Carlos Rogers, of course he will do the salsa dance “IF” he picks one off because he is not original at all. This guy blamed the skins on his eyes. Saying the skins never gave him an eye test. If you cant see, well bring that up to the team. Skins staff just thought you had hands like a snake. When the 9ers let him go he will talk smack about them too… BOOK IT..

  13. Nice to see Cruz showing his true colors. Didn’t have a reason to not like the guy before, just hated NBC for their over-the-top promotion of the guy. But, I guess all the attention is going to Cruz’s head now.

  14. He should go Joe Horn and hid actual chips and salsa under the goalpost. Then when he Pick 6’s Manning he can have a mid-game snack in the end zone.

  15. Who cares? Players do other players celebrations all the time. Nowadays, I would be a little nervous if I were a player to come up with a new celebration. You never know what will draw a flag.

  16. All of this Cruz hate is 100% sour grapes. Primadonna? The guys a genuine hard-working player that busted his ass just for a shot in the pros. Hes a devoted father and husband and great to fans. The fact that hes still playing on an UDFA contract and not demanding a top 5 contract, im sure that chaps fans of teams that draft Darrius Heyward Bey and Jeremy Maclin in the 1st round.


  17. 1. Do something arrogant.
    2. Come up with a fake sappy story after the fact to make yourself look less arrogant and make people who call you out on it look like jerks.
    3. ???
    4. Profit

  18. Best 500K player in the league can salsa in honor of his grandma all he wants.

    Anyone catch the clip of Rodgers begging for some help against Cruz last year??? Good stuff.

  19. how about crossing the goal line and handing the ball to the ref or placing it on the ground in celebration of the GAME OF FOOTBALL. nobody ever got there by themself. I kind of like the high school rules after scoring.

  20. So it’s okay for Cruz to do it in a defender’s face after scoring a TD on them, but it’s not okay if that defender makes a play on him and then does the same dance? Can’t have it both ways dude. Either cut the dancing out or be prepared to be mocked for it if/when an opposing player makes a big play on you

  21. Victor, you seem like a nice guy, but the bottom line is you don’t do any kind of celebration in pro sports and then say that it’s sacred and unable to be mocked because you say so.
    Sorry that isn’t how things work.

  22. I think Cruz is playing great, but really, honor your grandma by acting like you’ve been there before. I bet Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders’ grandma’s were proud too.

  23. Stupid or cool, say what you want. I just hope To see Cruz continue dancing in opponents end zones all yr long.
    Go Gmen!!

  24. Oh waaaaaa says Cruz. Tough. Doing a celebratory dance like that in itself is arrogant, insulting and self aggrandizing. Most people don’t celebrate by doing a dance just because they’ve done the job they’re paid to do.

    Its great he loves his grandma, but I have no sympathy at his feelings getting hurt if someone does the same dance after he or his team screws up.

  25. I’m a huge Cruz/Giants fan, but this was a huge mistake on Cruz’s part. To date, only one player had mocked “his” dance, and now that he kinda came off as sounding like a baby about it, trust me more players will start mocking it. Players in this league don’t care if you consider it a slap in the face or not. They want to get into your head, and now that you made it apparent that it bothers you more people will mock it. Smh

  26. Cruz should just take some pointers from apple….Patten the dance celebration and sue anyone that tries to do it.

  27. People from every team playing the packers get in a discount double check. Seriously, I see one almost every week, and have since the Super Bowl win.

    Which is funny, because only the Gmen have the right to do it.

    Cruz needs to stop being a drama queen. You can’t celebrate the same way every time and not have it come back to haunt you.

  28. Respect your Grandmother and dance after the game. While playing and scoring a TD, show her that you have matured into a respectable player and hand the ball to the ref, high five your teammates and go to the sidelines.
    If Rogers does the dance on you, just remember, there’s no crying in football.

  29. He said he didn’t know, but… come on. Something so tastefully and dignified could only be a tribute. Every player should be doing something tacky to honor someone when they score a touchdown. I cry evertime I see it.

  30. adamc0nley | Oct 11, 2012, 10:50 AM EDT
    He looks like a moron dancing like that.

    Hands down the dumbest celebration in sports.

    1. Talking smack about a player on a board that will never be seen by ’em.
    2. At least he’s a professional at a sport. Get over yourself.

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