Wade Phillips: Slauson’s block on Cushing was unnecessary


The disconnect between the Jets and the Texans over the block that ended Brian Cushing’s season continues, with those in New York saying Matt Slauson did nothing wrong when he hit Cushing in the knee from behind, and those in Houston saying the block was a cheap shot.

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is the latest to weigh in, saying there was no reason Slauson needed to go after Cushing the way he did.

“I probably shouldn’t say it, but I thought it was an unnecessary [hit],” Phillips told the Houston Chronicle. “Whether it was legal or not . . . I think it’s just unnecessary to hit a defensive player when he can’t see you. If a guy’s coming in front and cuts me, he can see that and maybe get away from it. I think the league needs to look at something like that. He was defenseless in that case. If the guy had hit him in the head, it would have been a penalty.”

That’s been one of the recurring themes of the commentary coming out of Houston: Why is it illegal to hit a defenseless player in the head, but legal to hit a player from behind in the knee? That may be a rule the NFL changes next year.

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  1. Shut up wade. The texans offense chops & cut blocks more than any other offense in the league.


  2. If he wants the rule to be that the Defensive Player has to be able to see the Offensive player before the Offensive player engages in a block, you can kiss Arian Foster 1000yrds seasons bye-bye. Texans O-Line are the masters of the Denver chop block clubs.

  3. “Why is it illegal to hit a defenseless player in the head, but legal to hit a player from behind in the knee?”

    err…because it’s football???

  4. If you step onto the field as a professional football player, expect to get injured. Period. If you don’t like this caveat, DON’T PLAY PRO FOOTBALL.

  5. FYI: half the blocks on every play are unnecessary. Should the offense wait until his assigned block makes the tackle and then realize it WAS necessary? You hit the man closest to you until you hear a whistle. Or maybe you should tap him on the shoulder first so he can see who is about to hit him.

  6. Good point; also think you shouldn’t be able to turn the ball over if a player loses possession as a result of a concussion

  7. All this is very confusing. More than concussions I hate seeing players get their legs get blown out. Let the players play the game and make everyone where the mark kelso helmet. done.

  8. All the pundits can share their opinions, bottom line, Slauson knew exactly what he was doing on the play, and the injury that could result from his un-professional, dirty play.

    The Slauson block was cheap, classless and disrespectful to his peers he plays with.

    Karma is coming to breakfast very soon Mr. Slauson ! I wouldn’t be surprised if you are served a second helping !!

  9. For all of you morons claiming the texans are the worst offenders of cut blocks: They do it LEGALLY. Within the tackle box. Play side. Right at the beginning of the play when the defender is looking dircetly at them. Not at the end of the play 10 yards behind the play to a player who isnt looking.

  10. A lot of dumb comments here.

    Its legal to hit a player from the front or side. Slauson hit him from behind. Dont know why you guys are comparing it to what the Texans do.

    The head is where the brain is but you need your knees to walk. I dont think any player wants to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair from an unnecessary hit like that.

  11. As for Slauson, my take is it was a cheap shot on Cush. Launching oneself from behind at an opponent’s knee is the kind of stuff that puts seasons at risk, and long-term player productivity (i.e., careers) at risk.

    That stated, I could halfway forgive Slauson — except for the fact he’s defiant, unapologetic and exhibits no remorse whatsoever.

    My team is Pittsburgh, so this is not about being biased against the Jets or in favor of the Titans. Some guys consider everything is fair game in a fistfight. Sucker punches, fish-hooking, concealed weapons, biting/kicking/punching groins, etc. But you gotta know, some things just cross the code.

    What Slauson did wasn’t right. He should recognize that, and show he’s contrite and demonstrate some remorse.

  12. Players would much rather you protect their knees than their head. They would rather worry about their heads later, they need their knees to make money.

    Look at Calvin Johnsons comments earlier today. Players still don’t consider concussions and head injuries as serious as knee injuries.

  13. “If a guy’s coming in front and cuts me, he can see that and maybe get away from it.”

    So in other words, Wade only wants opposing offenses to throw blocks that his defenders can get away from. What a surprise.

  14. I think that ‘unnecessary’ is the perfect description of the block. Cushing was chasing the play but was not going to be part of it. Slauson dove at his knees. Completely unnecessary. Legal but a cheap shot.

  15. Head injuries are more important because the NFL has a pending lawsuit, no other reason. Because a bunch of whiney players are somehow shocked that after spending their entire childhood and young adult life (the majority of those years NOT in the NFL) running in to other people as hard as possible could cause them problems later in life. Why doesn’t every boxer bruing a suit against every boxing organization in the world, after all, what did they do to stop their brain injuries?

    There are reasons they get paid a ridiculous amount of money, and one of them is because you are risking long term health. Even now, with all the info that’s out there, what player doesn’t want to get back out there? If they CAN play, they will play, if they were that concerned, they would treat them like they do in the NHL, but they don’t, because they don’t care. They’d rather take a concussion and be out 2 weeks, than what happened to Cushing and miss a year, and probably not be back to normal for 2 years

  16. See: Stevie Johnson cheap hit on Eric Barry. It was a dirty play by a dirty player no two ways about it. A player wouldn’t do it legal or not if they cared about the consequence. DIRTY PLAYER!

  17. I’d like to add some wisdom here if I could. First having watched the play Cushing was injured (I’m not sure how many comments here actually have done that) I can tell you that things legal in football don’t make them right. We (players who play and have played) look out for one another and the majority of us don’t need a “rule” to dictate to us what’s right or wrong we play within the spirit of “taking care of one another”. After all, no one understands the nuances, caveats and sacrifices we make in this game, better than the men that actually play it. I am proud of the way Brian Cushing represents the NFL and approaches the game I played for 15 years!

  18. I mean it may have been necessary through a very small chance, kind of like Schiano’s bucs trying to rush the QB kneel. The offense can play hard all the time too legally.

  19. Thank you swaynesworld for your input/insight. I know a number of players past/present read this website and I always appreciate their input from someone who actually played the game.

    I know Tommy Nobis used to post here even though most people who post do not know who he is.

  20. Alright, I’ve never played football in the pros or college. I played a little guard but mostly outside LB. The one thing that we were taught to keep your head on a swivel. Also, I remeber playing in the wing T offense. We did a lot of pulling and on occasion trapping and there were times I had the oppurtunity to block a defender that didn’t see me coming. On the flip side of that I’ve been ear holed by player while running down covering kicks and running down running plays. The point I’m making is that it’s not poor sportsmanship to hit a player that’s not looking. Now because I’ve never played at the pro level and again I’m not sure if the Jets use some sort of zone in thier blocking scheems or what the play was designed to do. But, what I saw seemed to be a player trying to get a reach block. Cushing was pursuing away from him and the guy was trying to make is block. Again I don’t pretend to know what the OL responsiblity was on the play but it really didn’t see anything dirty about the play.

  21. ampats says:
    …I know Tommy Nobis used to post here even though most people who post do not know who he is.

    Are you kidding me nobody would even think of messin’ with Nobis I learned about him from the vets when I was a rook. I had my head “on a swivel” and i was on the sideline!
    Thanks am pats!

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