Aaron Hernandez appears ready to play in Seattle


Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez may be ready to return from his Week Two ankle injury, as he has practiced this week and appears to be making the trip to Seattle with the team today.

Although there has been no official word from the Patriots on Hernandez’s status, Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reports that Hernandez’s pads are packed up in his travel bag, while Andy Hart of Patriots.com reports that Hernandez was overheard asking a teammate what time the Patriots are leaving today. If Hernandez weren’t playing against the Seahawks he likely wouldn’t make the trip to Seattle.

Hernandez practiced on a limited basis on Thursday. He was injured on the Patriots’ first drive of their Week Two loss to the Cardinals and has missed three games since then.

11 responses to “Aaron Hernandez appears ready to play in Seattle

  1. I am stunned he seems ready to play so soon. Happy though, no doubt. Seattle has a nasty D and the Pats need all the weapons they can get. That said, cliche though it is, this game in particular if the Pats cannot stop the run & run the ball, I think they’re hosed.

  2. Seattle may put that big 6’4″ corner on him. But the middle of the field will be open for Welker and Gronk. It’s very important for the Pats to jump out to an early lead and force Wilson to try and beat them. He won’t.

  3. Oddly pivotal game for both teams: is NE elite enough to win in SEA, or are the Seahawks legit enough to keep pace w/ the rest of the NFC West (currently the best division in the NFL)?

  4. I would not want to be coming off an injury into CenturyLink Field to play a tough Seahawks defense. I hope Hernandez can stay healthy. He’s a great TE and he was my first choice in the fantasy draft.. I know everyone likes Gronk, but Hernandez is just a smart football player. Hope he stays healthy. It should be a good game. A fantastic Patriots offense vs. a fantastic Seahawks defense. Now, if only the Seahawks offense could get in gear… Go Seahawks!

  5. truetrue85,

    As a Seahawks fan, it pains me to say this, but I fear you are correct. 30+ points will be tough for the Seahawks to manage. Seattle’s season high was against the Cowboys and if the Hawks have any hope of staying in this fight against the Pats they will need to play MUCH better offense than they have all year (including the preseason).

    Seattle can’t rely on defense alone to win this game.

  6. This could be a smoke screen for a 2nd week.

    I’ll believe he’s “ready to play” when I see him take the field. I hope he does, but I also know this could be another little mind game BB likes to play.

  7. Seattle is gonna show the world what this defense is all about baby!! Not exactly the game to come back to Aaron!!! Tom Brady gets carted in a seahawk victory!!!

  8. After months of no rain, Seattle is getting wet this weekend. That bodes well for the Seahawks as running and defense become much more important.

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