Chargers’ AFC West clash with Broncos will be televised in San Diego


The Monday night battle for first place in the AFC West will not be blacked out.

The Chargers announced today that their upcoming home game against the Broncos will be shown on local television.

However, the game is not a sellout: The team said some tickets remain available. As of Monday, there were 3,500 tickets left.

The Chargers also announced that there are nearly 12,000 tickets still available for their next home game, on Thursday, November 1 against the Chiefs. Perhaps if the Chargers beat the Broncos to take firm control of the AFC West, that will be enough to get the fans in San Diego to fill the stadium for the next AFC West battle.

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  1. For those of you watching Monday Night.

    OT Jared Gaither is “unlikely” to suit up Monday for San Diego with a groin strain, putting UDFA Mike Harris in the starting lineup.

    Mike Harris will square off against Defensive Rookie of the Year, Von Miller and pro bowl defensive end, Elvis Dumervil.

    Rivers has a quick-enough relief and Matthews can rip some gains (as I expect him to), but this is going to be very troubling for the Chargers to manage throughout the entire game.

  2. They couldn’t sell out if they hosted the SB. Same with Oakland, they won’t sell out unless they increase the range of their house arrest anklets.

  3. I thought Monday nighters are televised no matter who’s playing. Well im glad the broncos are the away team this game, probably would’ve been blacked out if it was played on Sunday. This game here could decide how the west is gonna shape out, broncos win they go into the bye in first place being 2-0 in the division. Looks like games are only gonna get easier for the two teams so let’s see if the chargers can hang in there and not choke, whereas let’s see if the broncos could continue to get better and not fold. I assume we can count the raiders and chiefs out, too many problems to overcome.

  4. Denver and san diego fans are both worthless. Oakland has one win and we still pack the house. Black and silver all day. Bronco fans are just bandwagon cry babies. When manning goes down it will be another blowout and abunch of denver fans putting their milk money together to buy a billboard. Denver will win but they will be first round playoff team and out for the next two seasons. Then the regime will take over and be smashing the all you fools.

  5. Dear DUMBolt,
    Riddle me this, What NFL team yaps the most and has never won anything? Hint, it’s fearless leaders are Norv and Phil “I enjoy throwing to the other jerseys” Rivers.

  6. 3,500 tickets available!!! Move them to London. Obviously nobody cares in San Diego about football. How dare that city have a team.

  7. Philip Rivers v. Peyton Manning: 4-1
    Philip Rivers v. Denver Broncos: 9-3 (10-2 if you count who really won the Hochuli game)

    Chargers vs. Manning without 2 tackles, roidman or anyone else that can play defense – 0-1 after Monday.

    I dont understand the logic in comparing old records of other teams. The chargers teams that beat the colts were completely different and that was when Rivers wasnt scared. The colts also have a weaker defense and arguably less talent at the skill position then the Broncos.

    The chargers team that beat the Broncos recently did so without Peyton Manning. Chargers fans will be whining come Tuesday just like Phyllis Rivers

  8. gpry says:
    Oct 12, 2012 5:31 PM
    How sad cant even sell out a Monday night game??
    Not just a Monday night game, but against a division rival too!

    Just move, baby.

  9. lol @ Broncos fans

    when you guys end up 2-4 there will be no ability to call for Tebow.

    Cause you traded him.

    The LAST QB to have a winning record for you guys.

    Rivers is gonna absolutely dismantle that over rated and old secondary.

  10. This is an easy game to call. Chargers have been beating bad teams, and losing to good teams this year. Broncos are NOT a good team. Add to that, the fact that San Diego’s 3-4 and CB’s absolutely own Manning, and there is no room for doubt. Chargers win by at least 14 points.

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