Chargers’ Melvin Ingram fined $15,750 for hit on Drew Brees


One of the biggest plays of Sunday night’s Chargers-Saints game came when Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw an interception that Chargers linebacker Demorrio Williams returned for a touchdown — only to have the touchdown called back on a roughing the passer penalty on Melvin Ingram.

That play was incredibly costly for the Chargers: If the touchdown had counted, San Diego would have led 31-14. Instead, the touchdown was wiped off the board, the Saints scored on that possession to narrow the deficit to 24-21, and the Saints ended up coming back to win the game 31-24. And now the play has become costly for Ingram, too.

The NFL has fined ingram $15,750 for the hit, saying that Ingram lowered the crown of his helmet into Brees’s chin.

Some Chargers fans have taken issue with the flag, saying that Ingram was just rushing straight ahead at Brees and trying to do his job, but Chargers coach Norv Turner noted that Ingram also had a costly roughing the passer penalty in Week One against the Raiders, and said Ingram needs to get it straightened out.

We’re going to fix that issue,” Turner said. “It’s coaching and it’s technique. It’s him understanding the way the games are officiated. There’s no question that we addressed it after the Raider game, and it’s something that we’re going to have to deal with. . . . You look at the great pass-rushers in this league and they’ve all learned how to handle it. We’ve got to get Melvin to do the same thing.”

Losing 15 grand may help Melvin learn that he has to be able to generate pressure without drawing flags.

37 responses to “Chargers’ Melvin Ingram fined $15,750 for hit on Drew Brees

  1. I seriously doubt this kid meant to nail Brees on the chin, any other QB would have gotten hit in the chest. Brees is kinda short after all.

  2. Didnt agree with the penalty, dont agree with the fine. Running at full speed he couldnt hit him any other way and barely grazed his helmet. Give these defenders some slack.

  3. He led with his left arm. Brees’s head didn’t even get jarred back from the collision…. But it was called….

    But what do you expect from the
    National Flag-football League.

  4. …this just in – the commissioner’s office has declared that the SAINTs must pay that fine for the player – just because he said so – or Drew will be suspended for making himself a target for such a hit!

  5. The NFL started to turn this league into flag football the second they started overly protecting QB’s guys were worried about hitting QB’s in certain places then people are throwing more passes and then more rules were put in to stop people from hitting guys in a “defenseless” position it’s garbage quarterbacks should be football players they shouldn’t get singled out

  6. And I guess he won’t even pick up the $10 grand in bounty that his defensive group had on Brees’ head.

  7. NFL should start making players wear braes,give each other complements ,and hug each other during the play.Lets also change the football into a balloon and change the NFL’s name to sarcast-a-ball.Micheal Vick never fumbles.

  8. brees is holding out for a larger fine… he is also claiming bounty system is not real… like santa claus…

  9. Slauson fined $10K on cheap shot to Brian Cushing. Cushing is done for the season.

    Ingram fined $15K on technically correct flag thrown during a hit to Drew Brees – in which he got up from immediately.

    Really NFL? Really??

  10. Ooh blood. Must have been a fineable offense. How bout just get it over with and put flags on the QB. It’s to the point where I’m surprised when there’s not a flag or a fine when a QB gets hit

  11. “Elite” QB’s will always be protected and certain teams will always get the benifit of the doubt… did the Philadelphia Eagle get fined for blatently jumping in the air and driving his cleats into the back of the Pittsburgh Steeler Pouncey? Even Keshawn had it on C’mon Man. Did the Titans coach get an unsportsman like flag for his team for throwing an object at a Steeler running back running down the sideline last night? No. But a NY Jets coach was fired last year for interfering with a runner on the side line…although it was a little different. When a penalty changes the outcome of a game it does effect the fans.

  12. As a “crying Charger fan”, I actually watched the game. I thought the hit was a good, hard hit to the upper chest, and Ingram’s helmet slid up to Brees’s head. I was dismayed by the penalty, no matter who was playing.
    Alex Karras is laughing at these rules.

  13. wow, no viking fan still bitter about 2009, which the Saints were actually called for more penalities in that game than the vikings were, but viking fans blatantly ignore that fact. isn’t using the same lame stupid line drew brees demands an explanation? must be busy watching prince videos

  14. I agree with the call during the game but not the fine. The player should have gotten the flag and the call was correct, but he was not trying to hurt Brees. There was no intent to injure so there should have been no fine.

    The hit on Cushing should have resulted in a fine and a suspension. That hit had intent to injure written all over it.

  15. Well at least they are consistently tooling the team, players and city. That Drew Brees love fest last Sunday was sickening and now a player is paying for the party room that Sean Payton and his gang used.

  16. To be fair, a fine is not enough. It should be labeled as a bounty system and Norm Turner should be suspended for a year. Or do we wait 3 years and then do it? How does that work under the new rules?

  17. So your mad Drew that someone cheapshotted you and tried to take you out? But yet you think it’s ok for your team to go and do that to other people every game? How does that make sense? Oh yeah because you don’t have a shred of moral fiber, you dirty liar.

  18. The problem I have is that the QB is a moving target.

    If Brees stands up straight up and steps into the throw, the facemask gets buried right between the numbers. When he leans back and doesn’t step into the throw, he exposes his chin and suddenly a clean hit is worthy of a flag.

  19. Wow, the refs are still getting the Chargers.

    The “real refs” come back and all of sudden the Ain’ts start getting all the calls. Hmmmm….

  20. I’d love to have heard the discussion where somebody lobbied for a fine of $16K only to be overruled because $15,750 was better. It’s like the league thinks it’s more serious if it’s not a round figure.

    Waiting for a guy to be fined $19,999.99 because that will make him feel like he’s getting off easy, just like how gas prices work.

  21. While I think Norv is a horrible head coach and the penalty and fine were questionable, I do appreciate that he didn’t whine or complain about it. The refs are going to call it, so you have to be able to adjust or you’re going to hurt your team. Like it or not, that’s the reality.

  22. Hey, if the commissioner says he did it, then it must be true, right guys? The players agreed to this system in the CBA, so he’s got nothing to complain about, right guys?

    “We all know he did it. He should just shut up and take his punishment like a man.” Right guys?

  23. By the way, for those who think it was a bad call to begin with, Chris Collinsworth’s reaction to the play was: “Good call, fine coming.”

  24. Saints fan, saw the game – agree with the penalty, bottom line – he hit him. Don’t agree with the fine. It was clearly not intentional.

    bathroomben7 says:Oct 12, 2012 9:15 PM

    So your mad Drew that someone cheapshotted you and tried to take you out? But yet you think it’s ok for your team to go and do that to other people every game? How does that make sense? Oh yeah because you don’t have a shred of moral fiber, you dirty liar.

    Wow, bathroomben – hate much? Where in the world do you get Drew being mad someone cheapshotted him? There isn’t even the slightest comment from Drew in the article, or any mention of his feeling on the hit whatsoever.

    And now it’s his team does that to other people “every game”?? Dirty liar without a shred of moral fiber? Wow…what’s the weather like on your planet?

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