Colts quickly lose waivers dibs


One of the few benefits of a disastrous season, apart from getting the first pick in the draft, is the fact that the worst team in the league has the first crack at every player who is waived, through the day after the Super Bowl through the third week of the regular season.

The Colts “earned” that privilege this year.  And the Colts took full advantage of it.

But by winning two of their first four games, the Colts have slid down the waiver pecking order, which currently is dominated by the 0-5 Browns.  And the Colts are doing so well that the team that used to employ Peyton Manning doesn’t even have dibs over Peyton Manning’s current team.

That’s right.  With the Broncos at 2-3 and the Colts at 2-2, Indy lost a head-to-head effort to claim former Texans kick returner Trindon Holliday.  PFT has confirmed that only the Colts and Broncos made a claim for Holliday, who was cut earlier this week to create a roster spot for linebacker Barrett Ruud.

So while the Colts lost out on Holliday, the fact that through five weeks they’re already doing better than Peyton’s new team is yet another sign that Indy is moving in the right direction far more quickly than anyone would have imagined.


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  1. The Texans put Cush on IR to open up room to sign Rudd. They cut Holliday to make room to bring up a OL named White from the Practice Squad.

  2. The Broncos are a better team than the Colts. They’re playing a first place schedule and they’re paying for that. They can thank Tim Tebow for that. 🙂 But there is no reason that they won’t be winning the AFC West again either. The Colts are in good shape for the future.

  3. I said it before the season, and I’ll say it again…

    Colts are a playoff team…This season.

    I’m a GB fan, but w/ the improvement of the offense, Arians in-house, and a weak schedule and rest of AFC…They’ll sneak in as the 6.

  4. Browns get first dibs on the waiver wire – big deal. The Holmgren clan running this team is too pigheaded to pick up anyone who could remotely help. They’ve had the worst receiving core since draft day.

  5. Glad he went to Denver and not Indy. Holliday hasn’t performed well as of late, but we know it’s in there, and what better time for the beast to get out than back on Houston’s home turf.

    Only way we’re seeing Holliday is if the Bronco’s make the playoffs.

  6. The final comment of this article is simply ridiculous logic and a very poor statement to make concerning whether the Colts made the right decision with Luck.

    First of all, if they has the same Colt roster without changing half of the team during the offseason, they was probably be 4-1 or 5-0. I do think they made the right choice moving forward, but I would never use that statement to prove anything. That just makes me believe the writer to lack any common sense and credibility. Nevermind that Denver had a tougher schedule, or that Peyton is learning to run a new offense & team entirely, etc.
    The reason it was a good idea to move forward with Luck instead of Peyton is that while Peyton has a few good years left in the tank, Luck has an entirely new career. At any point, it would be tough making the choice to move on from Manning; so with the chance to draft an Andrew Luck at the same time that Peyton is recovering from an injury (also coming upon the realization that we had a very mediocre team without Manning that required an entire dismantling apparently), there was no better time to move on.

    But if someone wants to be popular among Colts fans, don’t ever insinuate that we moved on from Manning because Luck is a better player. Thats just stupid.

  7. all4patriots says:

    Last year the Colts rarely even TRIED to make claims. Maybe now they are not intending to lose?


    I think that has more to do with a completely new front office than a lack of trying. Bill Polian never was a player in the waiver world or free agency frankly, but Grigson has shown a high propensity for grabbing new players every other day.

    I expect better from Patriot fans. Read up.

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