Cory Redding: I only “tapped” Cedric Benson’s head, NFL fined me


Colts defensive end Cory Redding picked up a costly unnecessary roughness penalty for a hit on Packers running back Cedric Benson on Sunday, and he wasn’t happy about it. He’s not happy about it after being fined, either.

Redding has been fined $7,875 by the NFL for the hit, which the NFL said was an unnecessary strike to the helmet of an opponent. For his part, Redding said all he did was tap Benson on the helmet.

“I tried to pull up,” Redding said, via the Indianapolis Star. “His head was there and I tapped it a little bit.”

Redding’s hit on Benson came on the play when Benson suffered a Lisfranc injury, which will force him to miss at least eight weeks. However, Redding’s hit didn’t appear to have anything to do with Benson’s injury: Redding hit Benson on the helmet, and it appeared to be Moise Fokou’s shoestring tackle (which was clean and legal) that injured Benson’s foot.

Still, Redding is understating what he did by calling it a “tap.” Benson was already down when Redding took a shot directly at Benson’s head. It was unnecessary, and worthy of being fined.

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  1. It’s all about SAFETY! Remember that. It’s all about SAFETY!

    All those lawsuits are about SAFETY!

    So, the NFL is doing the right thing. Fine fine fine, suspend suspend suspend. The next step? If you have a concussion? IR. No questions asked. I mean..this *IS* about safety, right?

  2. Seriously? Redding had to lower his helmet further to make it hit Benson’s. If he had “held up” in ANY way the illegal contact wouldn’t have happened. It was a pretty blatant penalty and, like Smith said, deserving of a fine.

  3. Sorry I should have pointed out I was being sarcastic. I do not really think it looked worse then it really was. Just the opposite. If you hit someone in the head with your head it is a penalty and you should get fined. Do it enough, you get suspended. Pretty simple.

  4. As a Colts fan, I’ll say that fine was well deserved. The only reason it was a “Tap” was because his aim was slightly off. No need for cheap shots like that.

  5. don’t dive head first into players already on the ground and you will not be fined. (usually) As a Packer fan I can say the hit had nothing to do with Benson getting hurt. That occurred before the spear that missed. He is penalized for a penalty that actually missed! How sad!

  6. Gbpackfan1990

    You don’t have to hit someone helmet to helmet to be a penalty. Perry led with his helmet therefore a penalty.


    The penalty was more for the attempt for the helmet to helmet. He did lead with his helmet and it did touch Benson’s helmet. Even though he wasn’t hurt from that action it is still a penalty. That is why the fine was less then Perry’s

  7. Now we see precisely how much the league values the shiny QB over anyone else. Their golden child, the pretty new #1 overall pick, got hit with a perfect form tackle for which Nick Perry got slapped for $15k. Cedric Benson, the oft troubled, semi forgotten running back, had a guy dive helmet first into his head when he was already down and the play was over, and that fella only got half the fine Perry got. I’m seeing a little disparity in their judgement here.

  8. Gonna have to agree with jmach. The disparity in fines involving QBs and non QBs is starting to look a bit suspicious.

  9. For those who didn’t see the play, Benson was on the ground, tackled and the whistle was being blown when Redding came into the picture. I would agree it was a tap of sorts, but to the ref, it was contact to the helmet and more significantly, after the play had ended.

    Flag and fine every time in today’s NFL.

  10. No Cory Redding, what you did was intent to injure. You deserve more than a fine, a Suspension maybe.

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