Finley reiterates lack of chemistry with Rodgers


Things aren’t going well this year for the Packers, and it’s creating frustration.  Which is leading to guys saying things that maybe they shouldn’t be saying.

The latest guy to let his frustration become verbalized is tight end Jermichael Finley.  Amid yet another disappointing season for the player who has plenty of potential, Finley blames his lack of production on an absence of chemistry with the team’s quarterback.

“It’s OK,” Finley said earlier this week, via Paul Imig of  “Not good enough at all.  Something to be worked on, and try to work on it as much as I can, try to talk to him as much as I can, but like I said, it takes two people. . . .  I need the quarterback on my side, and I need to catch the ball when he throws it to me. So it takes two things to get that going, the chemistry. I feel we need to get that going.”

Imig notes that Finley used the “C” word during the offseason.  “I’m not blaming it on my offseason, but me and the QB didn’t have chemistry,” Finley said in June, after a minicamp practice. “The routes were off sometimes, and that’ll mess with your head when the ball comes. . . .  I couldn’t get the chemistry with the QB.”

Imig also points out that, in August, Finley suggested that his numbers are a direct result of not being thrown the ball enough.  “With my ability and what I think I can do, I’d say top two, that’s my goal,” Finley said. “Those guys [Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham] did have that one hit this year when they were rolling and hot, and they had the chemistry going and their quarterback’s trust. . . . [Tom Brady and Drew Brees] threw them the ball 20 times a game. You get the ball 20 times and you catch 10 of them, you should be doing something.”

(Jermichael, if you get the ball 20 times and you catch only 10 of them, your butt will be on the bench, with someone who can catch more than half the passes thrown his way playing instead.)

In an apparent effort to build that chemistry with Rodgers, Finley clumsily threw a bouquet to Rogers on Wednesday, after Rodgers admitted he isn’t playing as well as last year.  “I would say, first of all, that’s a leader taking the blame on himself,” Finley said. “That’s what you’re supposed to do as a player, like I would say it’s on me.  So you’ve got to check yourself.  I think that’s leadership.”

And that’s where Finley should have stopped.

“I think he’s playing good, but like I said, this is a team sport, and it’s going to take all 11 of us on the field when he’s on the field with us.  I don’t put it all on him.  It’s his receiving corps, we’re dropping balls; it’s his linemen not blocking for him.  He’s got a lot to think about.  I would be scared, too, if I was getting hit like that.”

So, yeah, Finley ultimately said Rodgers isn’t playing as well in part because Rodgers is scared.

And Finley wonders why he doesn’t have chemistry with Rodgers.

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  1. Hmmm, well lets make a comparison. Martellus Bennet has only played with Eli for 5 games. He has 19 catches for 217 yards and 3TD’s. Finley has played with Rodgers for 5 years and this year has 22 catches for 198 yards and 1 TD. So either Eli is phenomenal at making chemistry with his receivers, or Finley just sucks.

  2. Way to start building “chemistry”, Finley, publicly throwing your QB and front line under the bus.

  3. ive had it with this guy…..chemistry my a$$ when the ball hits you in the hands and you drop it consistently now its on you and of course hes not gonna want to throw it to you anymore! Rodgers not palying like he was last 2 years certainly, but the drops are getting absurd….this guy playing himself right out of millions

  4. This guy has never been anything but unrealized potential. Opens his mouth too much, drops too many passes, and always finds a way to blame someone else. Why would Rodgers have chemistry with someone who is so unreliable?

  5. first of all Finley cannot hold onto the ball which is a major problem if your paid to catch passes. Secondly his attitude stinks, hes a me first guy with a big mouth. Thirdly hes never open. So yea those problems and a lack of trust now with rodgers would limit your production.

  6. I can’t speak for the chemistry thing but everything else he said is true. Too many dropped passes, a lousy offensive line and Rodgers not making good throws when he does have time. Finley probably isn’t one who should be saying it though. He hasn’t been able to catch this year when its been warm and its getting cold in GB now. Stonehands will only get worse the rest of the season.

  7. Don’t know who is more overpaid right now, Finley or Woodson. At least Woodson actually provided some valuable years and excellent play to the club.

    Barring a major turnaround I think he winds up cut at the end of the season. I’d rather pay a 30+ year old injury prone Jennings than this guy.

  8. Somehow I’m guessing Finley won’t have to worry about his chemistry with Rodgers much longer.

    But I’m sure whoever he plays with next will be a much better QB that Rodgers (sic)…

  9. I honestly can’t believe this team. From the Refs out to get the Packers to “we’re beating ourselves,” just play football like the OTHER TEAMS.

  10. Finley doesn’t need ‘chemistry.’

    All he needs to do is hold onto the ball once it’s thrown to him. When he can do that, and I’ve been waiting all year for him to do just that consistently, whatever chemical reaction he’s looking for will develop on its own.

    But first, he must catch the ball.

  11. Finley drops passes more than anyone else in the NFL. There was a list I read the other day of the 10 most overrated players in the NFL right now and Finley was real high on that list, deseredly so.

    The guy has talent, but his production hasn’t met that talent mostly because of the drops. I’ve gotta believe if he wasn’t dropping more than 20 percent of the passes in his hands, the chemistry between him and Rodgers would be much better.

  12. All the talent in the world, but not mature enough to know when to shut the hell up! Between his fragile body and ill-timed/inappropriate remarks, he will find himslef out of Green Bay. Who knows, maybe that is what he wants. With the road he is taking, his career is going to end up on the s**t heep a la Kellen Winslow Jr. He needs to remember that the Pack won it all without him in 2010 and can do it again.

  13. I’ve watched every Packer game in Finley’s career and read all the quotes over the years. If you watch sports long enough you realize the big-mouthed self-centered ones are like spoiled kids — they always look for someone else to blame for their own shortcomings. Finley is a head case — a head case that leads the NFL in drops over the last two seasons. The Pack will be better off without him, just like they were when they won the Super Bowl two years ago: without him.

  14. What TE is going to get 20 thrown his way?

    As a Bear’s fan, I’m loving this, but the Packers need to cut bait after the season. All this guy has is excuses….oh wait, he dropped those too.

  15. Not to worry Pack fans. As you, and your team, so eloquently explained it to the Giants and their fans, you aren’t really losing these games. You’re beating yourselves.

  16. Kind of hard to create chemistry with a TE who drops passes all the time.

    He keeps comparing himself to Gronk and Jimmy Graham as if it is deserving. It isn’t

  17. As usual, you guys’ job is to take a player’s realistic appraisal of their situation and headline into massive team dissension.
    I guess it means you do it well ’cause you got me to read it, even tho’ there’s not much to it.

  18. If Finley wasn’t a dropaholic Rodgers would throw to him more.. If you can’t trust a guy in the end zone (4 drops in the endzone this year alone i believe) then how can you trust him every play?

  19. This team just isn’t that good. Neither is the QB. People want to act like it’s Favre ourt there but it isn’t. Those days are over. One career year for a QB and one SB do not make a dynasty. Get over it.

  20. This guy doesnt even have the potential to be a Graham or Gronkowski. And he sure wont be a Tony Gonzalez or Vernon Davis. But at least he thinks so highly of himself. If he actually watched himself play this year, he would not talk about his qb. He would be silent.

  21. If you are really really good and you talk like this, you are a “diva”. If you are a hot mess of unrealized potential and misplaced faith, you are just a jerk.

  22. I enjoy when he gets all bent out of shape on Twitter because people comment on his drops. He’ll remind the “haters” how great he is. At least he’s a legend in his own mind. The Packers need to cut the cord.

  23. The minute Finley stops tweeting every 5 minutes…..catching big 3rd down balls and doing his stupid chicken dance every time he gets a first down……is the minute Finley becomes a real pro bowl Tight End. Oh wait….that ship has sailed……this dude drops more big balls and spends more time on twitter rather then his nose deep into the play book and practicing his craft then anyone in the NFL. I would have said Ochocinco and TO but they are not in the league. Trade this dude immediatley! I’ve said it for years he is a cancer for the team!

  24. As a football fan I wish this guy would close his mouth and realize his insane potential. He’s got one of the best in the game throwing him the ball.

    As a Bears fan I’d like to see Cutler throwing passes to him but it will never happen because his crazy ass would throw Jay under the bus for targeting Brandon Marshall more instead of him.

  25. Finley has read far to many press clippings about his “potential” and his perception is that potential = greatness. How many years has he been playing with Rodgers and yet no “chemistry”. Can’t wait to see how his comment about Rodgers “being scared” goes over in the clubhouse.

  26. He is the Martellus Bennett of the NFC North. Dallas couldn’t wait any longer and he leaves and catches 3 passes and he’s a superstar. Same thing will happen with Finley. He’s an idiot with immense God given athletic ability but too stupid to know that catching 10 passes out of 20 is terrible. LMAO

  27. this guy is not that good .. overrated. many have cited that he has tremendous talent and potential .. i don’t see it .. what has he shown to demonstrate this enormous talent?

    you know which TEs have talent? gronk, graham, heath miller .. guys like that. reliable.

  28. Being a huge Oklahoma Sooners fan I got to see plenty of Finley at UT and thought he was going to be an absolute freak at the nfl level. Unfortunately, he’s spent the first several seasons of his pro career feeling entitled and not improving his game from year to year IMO. Similar to Vernon Davis before he changed his habits. If I were the packers I’d seriously consider moving him in the offseason and either drafting a new TE or signing a solid veteran that will be less concerned about himself than he is about his team. Rodgers has tons of weapons on the outside. Legit 4 deep good to great receivers. Finley simply seems to be the one that causes much of the “chemistry” issues.

  29. First off… When the ball is perfectly placed and hits you in the HANDS you catch it. The drop is NOT on the QB. Secondly… You just said leaders take the blame (which Rodgers did) and then you blamed everybody else. Sheesh. Do You still wonder why the QB won’t hang with you and doesn’t trust you? Martellus Bennett is showing you up for crying out loud! lol

  30. The only chemistry Finley needs is between his hands and the ball. You need to catch the damn ball when it hits your hands. Shut up and play Fin. Too much talk, not enough walk dude.

  31. jonny42671 says: Oct 12, 2012 8:48 AM

    Soon everyone is going to realize that Rodgers is nothing but a crying BABY!!
    jonny42671, you seem to have the same problem Finley has; somehow dragging Rodgers into your incompetence, and in your case, stupidity!

  32. If it comes down to the team deciding between Rodgers or Finley, I wonder who they’ll decide to keep?

  33. Am I the only one that really doesn’t have a problem with any of his comments?

    I know he’s a talker, but let’s not make non stories into something bigger.

  34. This guy is as sharp as a bowling ball. Maybe the chemistry is a bit off because of the butter on his fingers. SHUT UP ALREADY!

  35. I hear ya, Fins… I struggled with chemistry in college, but then I decided to shut up, stopped complaining and started studying. Got a B…

  36. I remember a tight end, caught everything in sight, hands like glue, played for the Lions in the 50’s.
    One game he got creamed big time. Missed the rest of the season. The following year, he dropped most of what was thrown to him every-time he went up the middle. The term the announcers used was ‘hearing footsteps’.

    When Finley got hurt I remembered the old days and thought, I wonder if it will happen to him. You watch him go up the middle now and his mind is on who is going to hit him and not where the ball is.

    The chemistry is not there because he is running the route that takes him away for contact and not where he is supposed to be.

  37. As a Lions fan, I’d take him any day. Believe it or not, Finley is dropping significantly less passes than Pettigrew right now (and over the past three years).

  38. Mjs2012. Aside from the chemistry thing which not being a teammate I can’t judge, I think everything he said is absolutely correct. He just isn’t the guy who should be saying it.

  39. Now that that is out of the way…Finley or Pettigrew…which would you rather have? I am a Lion’s fan…and this is an honest question…as we know…Pettigrew drops just about everything…and apparently Finley does too…so which one would you rather have on your team?

  40. While a Vikings fan, I still have respect for the Packers organization. So it comes as a surprise to see all the whining and back-biting that is going on every week now.

    This isn’t a team about to turn it around. It’s a team that looks about ready to pack it in for the year.

  41. He needs Rodgers on his side? Are you kidding me? When Finley was a struggling rookie, it was Rodgers who kept talking up Finley and saying what a weapon he could be. Rodgers isn’t having the year he had last year, but Rodgers can’t be expected to throw and catch the ball. Gronkowski is everything the Packers thought Finley could be. Finley has the ability to be elite, but he has to catch the ball. A lot of his drops aren’t exactly of the “trying to make a spectacular catch” variety.

    For a guy who is in danger of being cut at the end of the year, maybe he should shut up and do his job or end up like Barnett who couldn’t keep his mouth shut either.

  42. Things to do day after season ends;

    1. Sign Greg Jennings.
    2. Put away pen.
    3. Wish Jermichael all the best in his new home.

  43. This guy has said one ridiculous thing after another to the media. I am surprised McCarthy or Thompson hasn’t sat this guy down and told him what was acceptable and what wasn’t acceptable in talking to the media.

    He is a poor reflection on the organization.

    He’s mentally weak. All he does is drop balls and then cry for a yellow flag whan he doesn’t catch it.

    He has too much T.O. in him (throwing teammates under the bus).

  44. Its a sad truth that being physically gifted merely means great potential; unfortunately, when that is combined with poor judgment, mediocre ball skills, a questionable work ethic and a propensity for injury – its a tough trap. Glad I’m not a general manager.

  45. TO is busy calling Finley right now with advice on how to give public statements about your QB.

    “That’s my QB, man *sniffle*. That’s my teammate….”

  46. The Packers are imploding and they shouldn’t be. I am not a Packers fan, have no use for them, and enjoy seeing them crumble but they should have had strong enough leadership in that locker room to rebound from the 49’ers loss, pull through after the Seattle game, and beat the Colts last Sunday. Houston is going to put them in a bad position.

  47. Finley didn’t say Aaron’s name not even once! He referred to him as “the QB” the entire interview. Sounds like there’s trouble in the locker room.

  48. Am I the only one who always assumes great players are also smart, and then I’m disappointed to learn that I’m wrong nine times out of 10 when then open their mouths?

  49. contra74 says:
    Oct 12, 2012 12:29 PM
    The Green Bay Whiners is a very amusing circus this year hahahaha


    The Minnesota Vikings 51+ years of failure is amusing to some I suppose too…

  50. The fact that he thinks catching 10 of 20 is acceptable explains why Rogers won’t throw it to him in the first place.

  51. I was so big on him at one point and I thought he would take over but this guys drops to many balls. I am ready to trade him or cut him. Either way I don’t want to hear from him.

    The Packer fan.

  52. meytonpanning says:Oct 12, 2012 11:42 AM

    In all fairness, he’s competing with probably the most complete group of receivers in the game.

    Cobb, Jones, Jennings, Nelson, Driver.
    Lucky the Packer fans aren’t the coach of the team becuz if they were, there wouldn’t be any problems to fix even though they have lost 5 of their last 9 games played. Driver hasn’t did anything for the last 3 years, Jones is another “hands of stone” guy and is only playing becuz of Jennings injury. Cobb hasn’t played but a couple of games, and Jordy Nelson is thus far showing he was but a one-year wonder. I can think of quite a few teams who have better overall wr’s. Packer fans like to tell us that Rodgers is the best QB, their WR’s are the best, etc…… why aren’t they performing better this year.

  53. His mouth is getting too big, he has talent and athleticism. He just lacks concentration, I think thats why he drops so many balls.

    Its also hard for “chemistry” when you have little time to throw and, your best reciever is all banged up. So things aren’t going to work out the way Finley wants them to.

    P.S. You look even sillier when you catch a ball for a first down do a big dance, and drop the next 3 that hit you in the chest.

  54. seanje says:
    Oct 12, 2012 10:27 AM
    As a Lions fan, I’d take him any day. Believe it or not, Finley is dropping significantly less passes than Pettigrew right now (and over the past three years).


    Frankly, I’m shocked – to think that LIONS, of all teams, would have absolutely NO standard of conduct for their players whatsoever, and that they would just pick up any selfish, immature, trouble-maker that comes along without batting an eye?

    Nah…I can’t see that happening with the LIONS.

  55. “I’m not blaming it on my offseason, but me and the QB didn’t have chemistry,”
    Clearly he is blaming it on Rodgers’ offseason. He’s probably right too. It takes a lot of time to shoot a bunch of bad commercials.
    I hope when I’m 50 I see Rodgers’ in person so I can be the 1,000,000th person to give him the discount double check and then the bird. Make him regret taking that State Farm money.

  56. Chemistry? Get open, and catch it when he does throw the ball your way. I would bet that his production would explode if he just does those two things.

  57. That’s just like a TE who havent lived up to his talent level to throw an all-Pro QB ” HIS QB “under the bus for his shortcomings!!!!!
    As a Bears Fan, I love it …keep up the turmoil in the locker room while we runaway with the division, lol!!!!!!!!!

  58. evilmajortom says:
    Oct 12, 2012 2:55 PM

    Make him regret taking that State Farm money.


    And….he’s played NFL ball for almost a decade and has a Super Bowl ring, an MVP Trophy, a Super Bowl MVP Corvette and countless millions in the bank….he could give 2 skips what you think, dude.

    There should be an intelligence test prior to some of you logging on here….I’m frankly amazed you’re bright enough that you can even tie your own shoes.

  59. he won’t be missed after his contract expires at the end of next season.
    everytime he does catch it, he’s a klutz and falls to the ground after a step or two!
    he hasn’t been the same since that game against the skins that sidelined him for the rest of the year in 2010

  60. Anxiously waiting to hear Aaron Rodgers rip into his tight end with a bunch of insults that no other QB could get away with, and then hear Packer fans and media commend Rodgers for his words.

  61. I had a black guy on my softball team who kept on talking about “Building team chemistry.”
    So what is it with blacks being obsessed about chemistry?
    It’s either there or it isn’t. It cannot be forced upon a player or a team.
    So if Finley ain’t got it with Rodgers, it ain’t there and it’s not fair to blame Rodgers if it’s missing.

  62. The biggest problem with Finley’s drops is that they all seem to be on 3rd down, drive killers.

    Now from the Packer side, I don’t think lining up in 4 WR sets and using Finley as a WR is really the best use. It seems like he’s best in more standard 2WR formations where they can move him around for an obvious mismatch.

    All that said I don’t mind Finley because of the mediocre TEs we’ve had over the past 20 years.

    -Jackie Harris had potential, but left right when he started to show it.

    – Keith Jackson was talented, but was at the end of his career and wasn’t the most motivated guy in his whopping 25 games in GB.

    -Chmura had one decent season, was really an over-rated dirtbag.

    – Tyrone Davis, not good

    – Bubba Franks was useless except for inside the 10.

    – David Martin, walking injury

    – Donald Lee, was OK for a guy picked up off waivers

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