Greg Jennings staying cautious with groin injury

Getty Images

Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings stopped short of ruling himself out of this week’s game at the Texans because of his groin injury, but he still sounds like a man who wants to err on the side of caution.

“I’ve kept things the same, making sure I don’t rush it back like I did before,” Jennings said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m trying to make sure we do the things we need to do before we go out there and attacking it physically when it comes to actually running on the field and different things like that so that we won’t have a setback.”

The initial injury came Week One, and he missed a week afterward. He aggravated the injury against the Saints, and now continues to rest. He hasn’t run full speed since that game.

“That’s been the game plan, not to do that too soon to allow a setback, a potential setback,” Jennings said. “But again, only time will tell. It doesn’t really matter when you do it. The only thing that really matters is after you’ve done it. Physically, I feel good. Physically, I felt good before. But only time will tell.”

The drop-off is evident, as he’s averaging just 6.5 yards per catch in limited action this season.

“Creating the separation, I think anyone can create a little separation,” Jennings said. “But when you’re accustomed to creating a lot of separation or a lot more, it’s frustrating when you watch yourself on film and it’s like, ‘OK, that was OK but it’s just not what I’m accustomed to seeing.’ That’s the frustrating part so that’s what we’re trying to get back to.”

The only thing that will make a significant difference is time, but with the Packers floundering, it’s worth monitoring how much of that Jennings is willing to give himself.