Larry Foote: We aren’t strong mentally

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The Steelers blew a seven-point lead in the fourth quarter against a Titans team that made a habit out of getting blown out in the first five weeks of the season.

It’s their third road loss in three road games this season to teams that have gone a combined 2-10 against opponents other than the Steelers. It would be easy to blame injuries for some of the Steelers’ woes as they played without safety Troy Polamalu and linebacker LaMarr Woodley on Thursday while several other players got banged up over the course of the game. Linebacker Larry Foote has a different take on the problem in Pittsburgh, however.

“We’re not strong mentally,” Foote said to Jeff Hathhorn of 93.7 The Fan. “We don’t look like a championship team right now. Everybody here’s been knocked down, everybody’s had doors shut in their face, everybody’s gotten beat.”

At 2-3, there’s plenty of time for the Steelers to get back on track this season. To do so, they’ll need to start looking a bit more like the Steelers teams we’re used to seeing than the one that couldn’t run the ball on the Titans defense and couldn’t stop the Titans offense in the final minutes on Thursday night. Getting healthy would certainly help that cause.

If Foote is right, though, it won’t take care of everything.

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  1. Coaching isn’t helping either. What the hell was Tomlin doing calling Timeout on 3rd and 8 from the 36 with 1:03 left? You MUST let it run down to 30 seconds there. If you make the first down, you have a close FG and still time left and a timeout. If you don’t and you are going to try the FG, you are going to leave too much time, whether you make it or not. Just putrid clock management!

  2. Plus, Foote, you stink.

    Your “shutdown corner” Ike T Swaggin’ gets beat by any legitimate WR he faces.

    Woodley is the best player on your D and when he is hurt, you are stirkingly average at best.

    2-3 against the JV of the league. I’m sure one of the 4 games you seem to play against Cleveland every season is coming up this season to get you back to .500, but you’re done.

  3. I don’t want to hear any injury excuses. The Titans didn’t have their starting QB, their center is out for the season, their best WR is just getting back from a bad knee injury, their best LB is just coming back from multiple games out with an ankle sprain, & their pro bowl kick returner is out for the year. No excuses, every team has injuries.

  4. The Steelers and their kool-aid-drinking fans think they should win a Superbowl every year. They’ve had great success, and should be happy with it. Most franchises would love to be them. Stop whining. Every year can’t be your year.

  5. Tintansbro, you don’t make any sense.. you mentioned a bunch of players that were on the field. The only guy that your were correct in mentioning wsd the QB. Jake Locker not much diferent then Matt. We had more players hurt in that one game then you can muster up for the while season. No excuse though. Steelers need to regroup and stop playing down to thier opponents level. And ENOUGH with the PI Taylor! Sheesh

  6. The Steeler defense gave up 19 points plus the six from the blocked punt recovered at the one.

    Before last night’s game the Titans were giving up an AVERAGE of 36 points a game. Roethlisberger sure cured what ailed them.

    And as usual if the Steeler defense gives up 20 points without scoring a defensive touchdown it is an automatic loss for the Steelers.

    Where are those 13-9 wins when you need them?

    Roethlisberger is never going to win any shootouts.

  7. Mentally strong? This whole team looks like its made of Swiss cheese. This team won’t even be in the playoffs, soak it up Pittsburgh.

  8. Defense is old & slow. They have to blitz to put any pressure on the QB, which exposes their lack of athleticism on the back end.

    Outside of #7 and Wallace they have nothing on Offense. Injuries are something everybody has to deal with. 7-9 maybe, enjoy the fall whiners.

  9. @ citizenstrange,
    I looked it up and no offense QBed by BR has ever averaged 25 PPG. Not sure how he gets mentioned with elite QBs. Their job is to get their team into the EZ. All the elite Qbs have had years where their O averages over 30 pPG and I bet none of them have had defenses that are ranked #1 in PPG as many times and in a lot of those years turned the ball back over to the O at a nice clip. BR is a better passer than he gets credit for, but elite? Not in my book. Why can’t the talking heads just say he’s good enough to win with and is capable of leading last minute drives to win and usually plays well in the playoffs? There’s nothing wrong with that. There are probably 15 teams who would love to have a QB like that. Just doesn’t mean he’s elite.

  10. Coaching, what coaching? Not going for the first Down at the end of the game was gutless an stupid. Rather try a field goal from beyond the kickers range and put the titans 15 yards. Loser to the end zone. Hailey knows one play on a first down, run right. Defense was waiting for that on every first down and stacked it up. He’s the worse OC I’ve ever seen, no wonder he’s had and lost so many jobs in the last 4 years. Just let Ben call his own plays. The D needs to suck it up and Taylor needs to get benched.

  11. Right. As a previous poster said (that he says every game), it’s all Ben’s fault they lost. Isn’t that obvious? The blocked punt leading to a 1 yard TD, the goal post that smacked the Titan’s FG right through, the injuries to the top 2 RB’s, the injury to Pouncey, Adams’ rookie mistakes, Ike’s lovely defensive plays, dropped interceptions right in the bread basket, Harrison being invisible except when he chased the WR 25 yards down the field on the last drive,…..yep, pretty clear it was all Ben’s fault. And don’t forget Troy and Woodley being injured, that apparently was Ben’s fault as well. Pretty obvious what the problem is here, so Ben should take his 300+ yard passing, his 10-2 TD-INT ration, his amazing scrambling ability and his tough as nails attitude and go sit on the back of the bench for the rest of the year. It was all his fault they lost, as the smart person above said. The rest of the team was spectacular, especially the coaches.


  12. citizenstrange, where have you been since the Eagles game? Guess in that game, Ben caused you to go on a little vacation, huh? In your opinion, the only thing wrong with the Steelers is Ben. Broken records make more sense that you.

  13. Ben has played with the worst unstable inconsistent offensive lines in the league year in year out (last season the o-line had 25 distinct configurations, the most in the league the entire season) and has been to 3 of the last 7 Superbowls. Of course there were high ranking and performing Steelers defenses along the way, but he still makes the clutch plays usually running for his life behind a paper o-line.

    What Foote is talking about could have something to do with the loss of key player leadership in the off-season, that many predcited would happen.

  14. 3rd and 10…under a minute to go…Ike “Holdin” Taylor strikes again. He was only called for 3 last night 1 putting the ball on the Steeler 1yd line leading to 7pts, and the other cost them the game. Mike Wallace can only run the deep route and catch the ball in the bread basket, other than that 1 catch with his hands. Pouncey goes down, hopefully he’ll be back quick, both tackles go down(surely tired of getting beat all night) No running game..1 word for you…FULLBACK. Horrible clock management. Dropped interceptions (when it would’ve counted most). Steelers have problems on both sides of the ball. To blame Ben alone, just shows haters. Lifelong Steeler fan and I hope I’m wrong….8-8 at best.

  15. Oh.. forgot to mention Tomlin is coaching a core from the Bill Cowher teams, time to change, with youth comes change, I wouldn’t be surpised if this is the last we see of the Labeau Zone Blitz packages that we’re so used to, as Tomlin is a stundent of the Tampa2, hopefully a hybrid would be nice. Get ready for a few years of rebuilding, all the haters will be happy because they can’t stand consistency.

  16. CKL:
    You ought to know by now that any quarterback who is on the winners’ side of one or two Super Bowls is automatically declared “one of the greatest of all-time” by the “talking heads.”
    I have to dispute your claim that Roethlisberger “plays well in the playoffs.” He has saved some of his worst perfomances for the postseason: 2004 against both the Jets and Patriots; 2005 in Super Bowl 40; 2007 against Jacksonville; and he was clearly outplayed in the 2010 AFC title game by Mark Sanchez. He also wasn’t so hot in either Super Bowl 43 or 45.
    I truly believe the fans and media alike are so enamored with and mesmerized by his highly-entertaining ability to “extend plays” that they are willing to overlook the fact that the guy can’t finish drives with TDs. That’s called “style over substance.”
    Against the Titans, and before his offensive line wilted via injuries, Roethlisberger and his offense produced just 10 first-half points. A Tom Brady would’ve had 30 on the board before halftime against such a putrid defense.
    BTW: Do you happen to notice that on the pass that broke Bradshaw’s yardage record, the “play-extending” Roethlisberger was clearly beyond the line of scrimmage? Check out the replays. That’s something he gets away with on a regular basis.
    Even the officials are mesmerized.

  17. Ben is having an nvp year and hall of fame career. In the history of the nfl which includes bobzillas mancrush of brady. Big ben was 2nd fastest Qb ever to 25,000 yards! Remarkable. And he continues to play at an elite level. Too bad the defense is awful and cant hold a 4th qtr. Lead..ever..ive seen people like bobzilla constantly. They bash ben and continue to believe the defense is elite..i know..delusional..

  18. Bobzilla’s hard on for Ben is enormous. He resorts to rewinding Ben’s record-breaking plays to find something to criticize. The Packers would love that kind of support this year.

  19. The Steelers Fans been “Hood Wink”! This is not the real Steeler Team we normally witness on any given Sunday that show up and handle their business. This is a product of horrible draft picks , terrible coaching and smoking mirrors. Losing to 2 cellar teams (Radiers/Titans) within the first 5 games is totally unacceptable.

  20. @bobzilla

    I don’t hold 04 against him as he was a rookie. But you are right, none of his SB performances have been MVP worthy, and even the QB centric folks who vote for SB MVPs haven’t given him the nod. He’s played well leading up to them in most series though.

    Interesting point about the record breaking pass.

    I hate that the QB automatically gets MVP in most SBs. Eli has the NYG DL’s MVP for SB 42, PM has the OL and running backs’ MVPs for SB 41, etc. Heck I think Brady has Mike Vrabel’s MVP for SB 38. 🙂 By that point in Brady’s career, I expected him to complete a very short drive starting at his own 40 in about a minute to attempt a FG. I don’t argue his SB 36 MVP since the magnitude of that drive was an amazing thing for a guy who had started about 17 NFL games to accomplish. The rest of the game he was just average though.

  21. Ben missed 2 big throws that would have ended the game. The one to Sanders down the middle of the field, and the one to Batch on his third down scramble. He had two options on that play being Batch and Miller were both open but he couldn’t deliver an accurate pass. After the Timmons Int. Ben and the offense had a great opportunity with excellent field position to put the nail in the Titans coffin, but once again they failed. Now you stiller fans see just how great your QB is with an average defense.

  22. Before you Roethlisberger Obsessives start clamoring for league MVP honors, don’t ya think maybe his team ought to first have a winning record? Such a minor detail for you giddy, little schoolgirl grupies.
    As for the Steelers’ defense: It allowed FOUR field goals and one TD against the Titans. By today’s lowered NFL defensive standards, that’s not terrible…
    The fact of the matter is, the Steelers’ offense has scored 116 points thru five games. That’s still well below average for good offenses in today’s weekly NFL scoringfests.
    In fact, the Steelers have scored the third FEWEST points within their own division. Only the hapless Browns are behind the Roethlisberger-led Steelers offense.
    Andy Dalton for league MVP?

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